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Band Saw Uses

11 Band Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

A band saw is the first stationary power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal extended between two or more wheels to cut material. As a woodworking tool, these band saws are used for woodworking and also for metalworking. A band saw is also used for lumbering, and this saw is especially known best for this.

Some Information About Band Saw

Most of the band saws have two wheels that rotate in a similar plane continuously, but three wheels are also available for some models of band saws. The blade of the saw also rotates along with the wheels, and it can come in a variety of sizes and tooth pitches for which the machine is able to be versatile and able to cut a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and so on.

The matter of concern is that the blade should be matched with the core. The blade has a blade guard which covers the rear end of the blade inclining to protect the user from any contact with the risky blade.

For running the saw, a motor is used. Between the pair of wheels, the lower wheel is used to connect the motor. It is used as a system of crane or pulley. The other is the upper wheel, which is adjustable and allows you to control the tension of the blade.

There is a miter gauge in a band saw as a table saw. This miter gauge helps to get crosscuts. Most of the band saws come with a fence, which is used for re-sawing. These kinds of information about the band saw will help you when you work with the saw.

Some Band Saw Uses:

A band saw has a great appeal because of its versatility.  It is so excellent that it is one of the most using power saw and found in almost all woodworking shops.

1. Straight Cutting

A straight cut is the easiest among all cuts and also one of the basics of woodworking. With a band saw, you can get a straight cut easily. To make a straight cut with the band saw, you can use a pencil or marker to draw the straight line first. Then hold the cutting piece firmly and grip it with strong hands. That way, you can get the perfect straight cut.

2. Relief Cutting

A relief cut is a preliminary cut made by a band saw and also jigsaw. The purpose of making a relief cut is to prevent the saw from binding when cutting a curve in a piece of wood. It is one of the unique cuts offered by band saws. To do a relief cut, make a straight in the waste material right up to the line that drew before starting cut and then straight back out the blade. In this process, you should always stay on the outside of the drawing line lest you destroy the pattern design by cutting your guarded material.

3. Curve Cutting

Not many saws have the capability of making a good curve cut. Only a few can do this. The band saw is one of the saws among all that good at making curve cut. Before making a curve cut, you have to make relief cuts, or else you can’t get a perfect curve cut. After drawing the design on the board, you need to make relief cuts in the waste part of the right up to the line. Then you can make curve cuts piece by piece.

4. Lumber Cutting

The band saw is famous for making lumber cuts. You can cut down a bigger piece of wood into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces of wood will be similar in size. A band saw has the capability of making lumber cuts easily, and it is better than any other saws in doing so.

5. Metal Cutting

Besides cutting wood materials, you can cut metal things as well, by using a band saw. For cutting metal materials, you have to use a sharp blade. You can make it in a very simple way and also quickly by using a band saw, although it is quite challenging for other saws because metals are harder than woods.

6. Meat Cutting

Meat cutting is another use of band saw. There is a kind of band saw which is used to cut meats or, to be more precise, bones because bones are very hard and cutting bones are risky with a copper but easier with a band saw. So besides in woodworking shop, band saw is also used in slaughterhouses.

7. Re-Sawing

Re-sawing is very challenging for other saws but not for a band saw. Re-sawing means to cut a board according to its thickness and turn the board into a thinner one. Re-sawing is one of the most popular uses of the band saw.

8. Making Veneer

For making perfect veneers, a band saw will be the best tool. It is also a process of chopping boards on their thickness, which is almost similar to re-saw. The slight difference is the pieces made after cutting is very thin than that of the re-sawing process. Veneer is very useful as it is used as decorative coverings on doors, cabinets, and tabletops.

9. Rip Cutting

Rip cutting is also related to re-sawing. A rip cut is a process of cutting across the grain, while re-sawing is a process of cutting across the thickness.

10. Circle Cutting

A band saw is the best choice if you want to make good circle cuts. To make a circle cut, first mark down the circle on the wood and drill a hole through the center located before. Then make a tangent at the starting point of the cut and drive a nail or something like that down the hole, which was made earlier. After that, turn the cutting material into the band saw blade allowing the stock to pivot on the nail.

11. Multiple Pieces Cutting

A band saw can be used to cut multiple pieces. A lot of wood or metals can be cut at the same time by piling them together or locking them with tape.

You can use a band saw for some purposes that cannot be fulfilled by other saws. So it would be convenient to buy a band saw.

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