If you want to trim overgrown tree branches in your orchard or yard, look for the best cordless pole saw. These types of saws are designed for this kind of work. They are reliable, efficient, and easy to use.

So do you know how to choose a suitable cordless power saw for your home use? Don’t worry; I have prepared the best cordless pole saw reviews to help you. But, first, look at the best battery-powered pole saws and a straightforward buying.

Let’s start with reviews of the best battery pole saws.

At A Glance Cordless Pole Saws

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Greenworks 20672 8.5″ Cordless Pole Saw Brand: Greenworks
Weight: ‎‎8.36 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches): 107 X 7 X 7.5
Power Source: 40 Volts
Bar And Chain Size: 8 Inches
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backpac Worx WG323 Cordless Pole Saw Brand: Worx
Weight: ‎‎10.03 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):5 X 7.5 X 9.5
Power Source: 20 Volts
Bar Length: 6 Inches
Chain Pitch: 3/8 Inches
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backpac BLACK+DECKER LPP120 MAX Pole Saw Brand: Black & Decker
Weight: ‎‎10.33 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):25 X 8.13 X 44.5
Speed: 375 Rpm
Power Source: Battery-Powered
Cutting Bar And Chain: 8 Inches
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backpac GO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Brand: Ego
Weight: ‎‎4.17 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):25 X 8.13 X 44.5
Power Source: 56 Vlts
Color: Silver
Bar And Chain Size: 10 Inches
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backpac Greenworks PS40B210 8″ Cordless Pole Saw Brand: Greenworks
Weight: ‎‎7.8 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches): 106 X 6 X 4
Power Source: 40 Vlts
Color: Ps40b210
Bar And Chain Size: 8 Inches
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Types of Pole Saws

Before we continue, let us look at the types of pole saws that we have today. Here is what they are.

  • Electric Pole Saw
  • Manual tree Pruner
  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Corded pole saw
  • Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • Cordless pole saw

Cordless Pole Saw Buying Guide

I have taken you some of the best cordless poles saw reviews. With that done, here are the top considerations when looking for an ideal cordless pole saw for your needs.

Size and Weight

The first thing you need to consider is your pole saw’s size and weight. A lighter and maybe smaller pole saw is easy to handle and control. It is portable and allows you to hold it above your head for longer without any signs of fatigue.


Another important factor is balance. Make sure that your pole saw is balanced. This cuts across the bar whether you are using the best battery-powered pole saw or not. Proper balance means better control.

In addition to that, with proper balance, you will enjoy smoother cuts as you can quickly change the direction and type of cut.


For these pole saws, the power is generated from the battery in voltage. More power means faster and better cuts. You could easily trim more branches if you have a powerful battery capacity.

Nonetheless, when looking for more power, you should ensure that you can easily handle the speed that comes with it. The more energy you get, the better the rate of revolution per minute.


A bigger battery capacity means better power and more runtime. Longer runtime means more cuts in one charge. So look for a large battery capacity. More importantly, you can look for a backup battery.

With a backup battery, you will get continuous power when using your pole saw for extended pruning and trimming.


As the best cordless pole saw reviews suggest, overhead reach is significant. How far can your pole saw reach? This will depend on the length of the telescoping handle. In contrast, the spread you go for depends on how tall your branches are.

For the best battery pole saw, the average reach when the handle is fully extended should be 12 feet or thereabout. Even so, the length of overhead reach could be more when the user’s height is incorporated.

Angle of Head

Next, for the best battery-operated pole saw, the angles on which the head can sit are essential to think about. Some saws will offer up to 5 adjustable tips for the lead. This provides you with easy cuts, controls, and better twits.

You can choose to have setups that will allow you to get the best cuts. And depending on how the branch sits, you can still prune it with so much ease.


Easy maintenance means more value, better efficiency, and satisfactory results. So again, it is a good way of ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Most cordless pole saws are, however, easy to maintain.


Look for the best safety measures too. If you find models that won’t protect you from harm, you should avoid them. The best measures include shoulds, easy push switch on and off buttons, and, more importantly, chain covers.


I often suggest that pole saw users look for auto-oiling and auto-tensioner. When combined, these two will help keep your pole saw system running smoothly. In addition, they improve efficiency and the level of speed.

Bar Length

Finally, we have the bar length. A good model should have an 8-inch bar or more. Such a model will cut thicker branches easily. It will help you speed up and maximize the efficiency of the cut.

Top 5 Best Cordless Pole Saws 2022

1. Greenworks 20672 8.5″ Cordless Pole Saw (Best Overall)

For this best cordless pole saw reviews, I want to start with the Greenworks 20672 8.5″ Cordless Pole Saw partially because I own it and again since it is one of the best models that you can find.

So what makes this pole saw a great cordless model to go for? Let start by saying that this is a cordless pole saw.

At 8.4 pounds, you can easily hold this pole saw above your head for extended amounts of time without feeling exhausted. This makes it an ideal model for learners and longer pruning of branches.

Again, the Green Works GMAX 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Pole Saw has an 8-inch Bar and Chain for more cutting efficiency.

And thanks to this, since the saw offers a 2 in 1 cutting technology, you can quickly transform it into a chainsaw.

Combined with the 2.0 amp motor, you will easily get 60 cuts on 4×4 lumber within a very short time.

Its 3-piece aluminum shaft offers a maximum of 13 feet in overhead reach. Thanks to its ability to extend out more.

Apart from all these, the saw has an automatic oiler. The oiler applies maintenance oil to the bar and chain and, in doing so, provides continuous lubrication.

In addition to that, you will get an easy-adjust chain tensioning too. This is a great technology when you intend to eliminate any breakage of the chain and maximize how the saw operates.


AMP :2.0
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip technology
  • Cordless technology
  • Longer telescoping handle
  • Works as chainsaw
  • No shoulder straps

2. Worx WG323 Cordless Pole Saw (Runner Up)

Worx WG323 20V Power Share Cordless 10-inch Pole Saw is maybe the best battery powered pole saw today. While it uses lower voltage, its efficiency is like no other.

And according to the best cordless pole saw reviews, the one reason why this type of saw is powerful is its ability to provide better freedom of movement.

It only weighs 10 pounds which is a highly manageable weight if you are looking for a pole saw that you could use for long.

Nonetheless, this best battery pole saw again has so much to offer. For starters, it provides 12’ extra reach.  You’ll be able to get to branches and limbs that are higher even before they become a problem.

Again, this pole saw leaves you with fast and clean cuts. With no gas and no cord, this 20V will leave you with much less muss and fuss. You will get to the best position and have the cleanest cuts.

As if that’s not enough, the Worx Power Share is highly compatible with the remaining Worx 20v and 40v tools. This makes it easy for you to enjoy multi-use accessories.

Finally, the two most important features of this pole saw that you would love are the auto-chain tension and the auto chain lubrication.

The tension system is an automatic, tool-free chain tensioning system that ensures that you have the correct tensioning at any time.

Auto-chain lubrication, on the other hand, is an automatic chain lubrication system that provides a smoother, efficient cut with an extended chain lifespan.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES) :97.5 X 7.5 X 9.5
  • Portable
  • Auto-chain tensioner
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy movement
  • Cushioned grip
  • No chain covers

3. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 MAX Pole Saw (Heavy Duty)

The next best battery operated pole saw in line is the BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V MAX Pole Saw.

Like the previous models that we have seen, this one is another top-of-the-range cordless pole saw for homeowners.

It is easy to use and provides you with maximum freedom of movement when you are trimming your yard.

At about 8 pounds in weight, you can easily move around when cutting branches without restriction. More importantly, this pole saw is highly portable and will provide you with easy control.

As if that’s not enough, the battery powered pole saw will provide you with up to 100 cuts of 1 1/2 inches pine branches in a single charge.

This is a great number which means that you can comfortably cut through a large lawn in a very short time.

To maximize the efficiency of the pole saw, there is the 8″ cutting bar and chain. These two work together to provide a maximum cutting diameter of up to 6″ or thereabout.

Again the saw has a 2 in 1 operation technology that enables you to easily transform the tool into a handheld chainsaw when the need arises.

With a high-capacity 20V Li-ion pack, this is a pole saw like no other if you are a newbie. It will give you the best results and keep the chain running smoothly.

Thanks to the pole saw’s oiling mechanism that keeps the bar and chain running smoothly all through.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES) :8.25 X 8.13 X 44.5
  • Lightweight
  • You will work longer
  • Less strain
  • Auto chain oilier
  • Simple user manual
  • The faulty battery must be replaced

4. GO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw

When looking at the best cordless pole saw reviews, you will realize that in most cases, the GO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw sits at the top.

This is not without reason. According to what we looked at, the GO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw is one of the most powerful pole saws.

It has an Oregon 10 inch bar and chain, which will provide you with a wider cutting diameter and more cuts in a shorter timeline.

In addition to that, there is the narrow-kerf sprocket nose and the double guard bars, which maximizes the lifespan of this too.

This means that while you will be getting better efficiency, you will be getting more value for your money too.

But that’s not all. This pole saw is highly competitive. It gives an automatic lubrication system for the bar and chain system that keeps the chain rolling smoothly.

And the one reason why I highly recommend this best battery powered pole saw is its high-end water-resistance technology.

The saw has genuine EGO parts that will ensure that you get the best compatibility, quality, and performance.

Use this 8-pound best battery pole saw and get the most incredible branch pruning system for your use.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES) :8.25 X 8.13 X 44.5
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy oiling
  • Double-guard bars
  • Wider cutting diameter
  • Portable
  • Shorter shoulder strap

5. Greenworks PS40B210 8″ Cordless Pole Saw

Finally, we have the Greenworks PS40B210 8-Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw. This is our last best battery operated pole saw.

As the name suggests, this pole saw is a 40V cordless pole saw. As such, it is a powerful pole saw model like the others that we have seen.

Even better, this best cordless pole saw works with an 8-inch bar and chain. It gives a reliable cutting diameter that ensures quicker success in cutting any branch.

In addition to that, this saw is arguably the lightest in this group. It hardly weighs 8 pounds and will provide better control and less fatigue if you need an extensive cutting spree.

The battery-powered pole saw again offers a 2-in-1 technology that you can easily rely on. Due to that, the saw can be used as a pole saw and, at any given time, a chain saw.

The bar and chain system has an auto tensioning and auto oiling system which keep the chain in good shape for a long period of time.

If you plan on getting something affordable, easy to work with, and extremely efficient, this is your best shot.


  • Auto tensioning
  • Less fatigue
  • Auto oiling system
  • Wider cutting ability
  • Stronger handle
  • Shallow user manual


The best cordless pole saw is easy to find if you have all the tips at hand. Even so, you should choose a model that suits your needs. Once you have done that, look for proper care, and maintenance tips that you can apply for your pole saw to last longer.

While you can clean, do checkups, or follow the user manual, the best battery-powered pole saw requires you to change the battery when the lifespan runs out. You can do this by following the same manual.

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