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Best Manual Pole Saws 2021 – Top Pick & Buyer’s Guide

Best Manual Pole Saw

Let me start by saying this. Nothing makes me happy like a properly pruned lawn. And while this may look easy to do, several people still miss out on it. Why? You may ask. But the reason is simple – many people don’t set that time aside, and even if they did, they lack the proper tools to do the job.

And what are these proper tools for grooming your yard? There are several tools. However, for a homeowner who intends to prune overgrown tree branches, the recommended tool is the best manual pole saw.

This is the right type of tool if you want to trim or prune overgrown tree branches in your yard. I understand that most people might not understand how to get this tool, and that’s why I have included the best manual pole saw reviews here.

In this post, I have again added a simpler buying guide that you can follow to land the best rated manual pole saw. Please take a look at what I’ve got for you.

Our Favourite Choice Manual Pole Saw 2021

Model Price Blade
Weight Editor
Fiskars 92406935K
Fiskars 92406935K
Check Price 15 Inches 12 Feet 4.34 Pounds 4.8/5
Gilmour 20-18
Gilmour 20-18
Check Price 16 Inches 6 Feet 9 Pounds 4.7/5
Fiskars 93016059J
Fiskars 93016059J
Check Price 15 Inches 14 Feet 5.8 Pounds 4.5/5
Silky Zubat 272-18
Silky Zubat 272-18
Check Price 13 Inches 13 Feet 4 Pounds 4.5/5
ameson LS-6PKG-6
ameson LS-6PKG-6
Check Price 16 Inches 6 Feet 8 Pounds 4.4/5

Manual Pole Saw Buying Guide: Consider Before Buying

Now that we have gone through our top rated manual pole saw reviews, here is a simpler buying guide that you can follow to land a top rated pole saw of your choice.

Pole Length

At the top of the list is the length of the telescoping pole. Every pole saw comes with a telescoping handle. Knowing the length of this handle is very important. That’s because the length determines how far the pole saw will elongate.

If the saw can pull up to 12 feet, then that becomes the overhead reach. Nonetheless, this reach is not constant since the user’s height varies and thus changes the reach when it’s included in the telescoping handle.


A lighter manual pole saw is easy to control than a heavy manual pole saw. Lighter saws can be used for extended cuts without having any signs of fatigue or exhaustion. Such a weight again plays to your advantage when moving around the saw to different locations.

Pole Material

What’s the material of the pole? Most poles are made out of light metallic alloys. For the best professional manual pole saw, the material used determines the weight of the pole saw and the durability.

The best models are again designed with fiberglass handles. This type of material is equally light in weight and easy to work with.


What’s the capacity of your saw to perform more work other than what it is designed for? A pole saw is designed to help in pruning overgrown tree branches. Even so, a versatile model could offer a 2 in 1 functionality.

This means that the saw will easily convert from a pole saw into a handheld chainsaw in minutes. And when this is done, the saw can be used for normal lumbering instead of cutting the tree branches.

Durability and Construction

In normal circumstances, the use of top-rated materials such as hard plastics and metallic alloys will provide you with top durability. But that’s not all; certain technologies, including bar and chain designs, enable the saw to last longer.

A tri-cut saw blade technology, for instance, prevents the blade from bending. It helps with smooth cutting and enables your saw to last longer.

Pole Saw & Pruner

While pole saws are designed to cut overgrown branches, pruner blades are designed to help in grooming orchards. A good pole saw should offer these two functions differently, and doing that leaves you with an easy experience.

The best pole saw manual designs would ensure that the pruner gives you the right result during the pole a smooth cut.


I have said something about the blade up here. Nonetheless, the blade must be easy to replace or fix. A maintenance-free blade is better and ensures that you enjoy the softest landing spot at any time.


Get a budget down, and don’t spend beyond your means. This is a rule of thumb when buying the best pole saw with a manual design. Once you do that, you can shop around your budget to get the best pole saw.

Tool Quality

Tool quality is the general outlook on how the design of the pole saw compares to the other models. If you rate it higher, then that’s good for you. Just remember to incorporate all aspects when looking at tool quality.

Top 6 Best Manual Pole Saws 2021

1. Best Overall: Fiskars 92406935K Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

Fiskars 92406935K Tree Pruning Stik Pruner

Fiskars 92406935K 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner is the best manual pole saw for both learners and seasoned yard owners.

It is a pruner that makes your work around the yard and orchard easy and one that you can comfortably rely on.

Unlike what the manual pole saw reviews say about regular pole saws of this type, this one is powerful and will give you clean cuts.

More importantly, this pruner is light in weight. At just about 4 pounds, this pole saw is easy to carry around, control, and use for longer periods without any signs of fatigue.

Again the pruner offers a rope-free design that gives you the best two-handed control and enough power to cut through some of the thickest branches.

That’s not all. The pruner uses a power-stroke chain-driven gearing technology that provides you with maximum cutting power at any given time.

And unlike the double-ended models, this one will give you a fully hardened steel for a pruning blade.

Its blade comes with a non-stick coating which enables it to stay sharp and keep your cuts clean at all times.

Use this saw to get up to a 1¼” diameter of smooth cuts while you enjoy the best lifetime warranty.


  • 9-12 Foot Extendable Handle
  • 4 pounds
  • 1¼” diameter cuts
  • Steel alloy design

    • Rope-free design
    • Power-stroke chain-driven gear
    • Fully hardened steel
    • Non-stick coating


    • Complex user manual

2. Runner-Up: Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw

Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw

The Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw has a 16-inch cutting blade. The blade is efficient and will make your work easy.

Nonetheless, this best professional manual pole saw uses a curved blade to make angle cutting easy and on point.

And unlike the other regular pole saws, this one is beefed up with some cool features. The model has a durable cast aluminum saw head. The saw head is easy to work with and best for tighter spaces.

Apart from being curved, this pole saw blade has a nonstick coating. This is the best coating if you want smooth cuts. It is easy to work with and will slice through fast.

But its best feature is the 6 feet by 1-1/4 inch diameter fiberglass pole. It is strong and can last longer. With a fiberglass model to provide it with enough strength, you are guaranteed the value for your money.

And to make your work easier, there is an additional hook that you can easily use for pulling down the cut branches.

However, this best pole saw manual requires assembly, and holes must be drilled through the fiberglass pole when you want to attach your saw.


  • Fiberglass pole
  • 16-inch curved saw blade
  • Nonstick blade coating
  • 6 feet by 1-1/4 inch diameter
  • Cast aluminum saw head

    • Hook for pulling cut branches
    • Lightweight design
    • Easy handle
    • Safety on the grip
    • Paintbrush holder


    • Assembly required

3. Premium Pick: Fiskars 93016059J 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

Fiskars 93016059J 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

For the best manual pole saw reviews, another model that you can go for is the Fiskars 93016059J 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner.

Like its sister above, this one is reliable, efficient, and easy to use on some of the thickest branches too.

The pole is light in weight and weighs just about 4 pounds. This makes it easy to handle, use and hold for longer.

Even better, the model allows you to control it with ease. It takes limited storage space, which enables people with smaller spaces to own it easily.

Unlike the normal cutting saws, this one is ideal for cutting high branches without climbing a ladder.

And according to the manual pole saw reviews, the saw uses a power-lever technology to provide you with the maximum leverage.

This is important if you want to get more or twice the regular cutting power that the traditional tree pruners will give you.

For newbies, this mode is the best and even offers you a 15-inch WoodZig saw blade for maximum power on tougher and thicker branches.

Buy this saw and get a maximum cutting capacity of 1-1/2 inch diameter from the pruner blade and an additional lifetime warranty.

Nonetheless, the most important thing is to learn this best rated manual pole saw before you can use it.


  • 14 Foot Power-Lever
  • 4 pounds
  • 15-inch WoodZig saw blade
  • 1-1/2 inch diameter

    • Maximum leverage
    • Cuts thicker branches
    • Light and less exhaustive
    • Easy to control
    • Durable metallic alloy


    • Shallow user manual

4. Silky Zubat 272-18 13″ Pole saw

Some people will find Silky Zubat 13′ Polesaw 330mm hard to use. However, it is not. The saw comes with an easy manual to follow.

It is one of the best professional manual pole saws that you can make use of at any given time without overheating problems.

While this is the case, the most important thing is this. The Silky Zubat 13′ Polesaw 330mm offers numerous features that make it a darling for yard owners.

It has a 13-inch blade length which is ideal for quicker cuts. The saw is also hand-powered and, as such, enables you to enjoy the smoothest control too.

But what’s the main catch when it comes to this best pole saw with manual operating technology?

Well, this saw has a single extension and 2 sections on its telescoping pole model. As such, this saw model easily extends to about 13 feet in the easiest way.

However, the extension ranges between 7.7 feet and 13 feet, while the maximum working reach is up to 18 feet (depending on your height).

In addition to that, this pole saw has a 13-inch (330mm) blade with 6.5 teeth per inch. This teeth configuration makes it powerful and ideal for quicker cuts on thicker branches.

The product is highly versatile and will provide you with better pruning and trimming for your lawn, yard, and garden.


  • Steel alloy design
  • 13-inch blade length
  • Single extension
  • 18 feet maximum reach

    • Higher overhead reach
    • Light and easy control
    • Best for thicker branches
    • Pruner and trimmer functions
    • Durable design


    • It can be exhaustive for beginners

5. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw

The Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw is another great saw for people with large or medium lawns.

It is one of the best manual pole saws that you will find to be very handy today. Thanks to its strong build and easy operation.

But what makes the Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper a great tool to own? Simply put, the pole saw is very versatile.

At just 8 pounds, this pole saw is light enough to use for long and strong enough to provide you with absolute durability.

It has a 3 pole system that makes trimming at a variety of heights possible and easy to manage at any given time.

The head design is a low-profile head that allows for easy maneuvering through any type of dense foliage.

Nonetheless, the one thing that makes me love this pole saw is its aluminum ferrules. According to the manual pole saw reviews, these ferrules come with an external leaf spring and a locking button.

The saw has a 16-inch Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade that’s durable and which is a deal if you intend to gain a quicker, cleaner cut.

It has a 6-foot base pole and a 6-foot extension pole that works with your height to give you up to 18 feet of overhead reach.


  • 8 pounds
  • 3 pole system
  • Aluminum ferrules
  • 16-inch Barracuda Tri-cut saw blade
  • 6-foot extension pole

    • Light in overall weight
    • Manageable extension
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Smooth angled cuts
    • Best for learners


    • Rather costly than others

6. Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner/Pole Saw

Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner Pole Saw

Finally, the next best rated manual pole saw that you could turn to again is the Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner/Pole Saw. Like the one above, this one is equally powerful and gives some of the smoothest cuts.

You won’t experience any mishaps when using the pole saw, and if you are a seasoned yard owner, this pole saw the ability to go through tighter spaces would amaze you.

The other thing that makes me fall in love with this saw is its weight. The saw hardly weighs above 12 pounds. This makes it easy to use, control, and hold for long during extended pruning.

And more importantly, the saw’s pole extends to a towering 16 feet high, which is a big plus for people with taller branches to cut.

For smooth cutting, the pruning head can easily snip branches that are thicker and at 1.25” or more.

The 14” saw blade is also reliable and will cut through thick branches thanks to its curved head design.

The blade is again durable and is made from 1.2mm thick high-carbon SK5 steel. It is easy to sharpen on 3 sides and, as such, provides you with the smoothest of cuts.

Remember, this pole is made from high-grade fiberglass, which makes it a lightweight and easy to handle model. It is still strong and durable and will last you through the years.

The double tackle compound pulley system is again a huge plus and easily helps you to cut through the thick branches with less effort.


  • 16 Foot Extendable Tree Pruner
  • 12 pounds
  • 2mm thick high-carbon SK5 steel
  • High-grade fiberglass

    • Top-rated extension
    • High portable
    • Durable design
    • Easy to use for newbies
    • Simple user manual


    • Not best under heavy winds

FAQ: What You Must Remember

Finally, here are some of the common concerns that most people often have when looking for the best rated manual pole saw.

Why Choose a Manual Pole Pruner?

It is easy to handle. More importantly, the model doesn’t present any dangers as its usage is limited to manual operation (control by the user).

What’s the Ideal Pole Saw Length?

The best pole saw length should be at least 10 feet. This enables it to cover more overhead reach when the user’s height is put into consideration.

What’s the Ideal Blade Length?

Anything between 13 inches and 16 inches is fine. This means that you will get a good cutting diameter with an even better performance too. Such a blade trims thick braches with so much ease.


When looking for the best manual pole saw, it is important that you get a top-rated experience. However, for a good saw to do that, it must be able to address your needs. The best way to find out if it does is by following the user guide that I have given you above.

In addition to that, looking through top-rated manual pole saw reviews again helps you to have the same experience as you can easily gauge what works for you. Ensure that you take proper care of your best rated manual pole saw if you want it to last longer.

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