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Best Pole Saws 2021 For Every Yard- Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Pole Saw

If your orchard is giving you sleepless nights due to overgrown tree branches, I’ve got the top solution for you. Choose the best pole saw and get your orchard pruned in no time. With this tool, pruning overhead branches is no sweat.

Pole saws have been used for such a long time now. And if you’ve got to choose the perfect pole saw for your use, here is the rule of thumb that top-rated pole saw reviews recommend that you follow.

How to Choose the Right Pole Saw?

To choose the right pole saw, there are several factors that you’ve got to remember. Well, I will highlight some of them later on. Nonetheless, the rule of thumb when choosing the right pole saw for your use is this.

Always pick a pole saw bar length that is bigger than the thickest branch that you plan to trim. In other words, go for the best pole saws with about 8″ of the total bar length.

Longer pole saw bars are effective if you are working on the thickest tree branches. Nonetheless, if your yard or orchard is full of thinner branches, going for a shorter pole saw bar is highly recommended.

Is that all? Well, not quite. I will talk about factors that you need to remember when buying a pole saw after I’ve reviewed the best rated pole saw models that I have rounded up for you here. Meanwhile, here are types of pole saws.

Types of Pole Saws

Whether you are looking for the best pole saw for the money or not, knowing these types of pole saws will help you to make the right choice. Here are the top types of pole saws.

  • Electric Pole Saw
  • Manual tree Pruner
  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Corded pole saw
  • Hydraulic Pole Saw
  • Cordless pole saw

At A Glance Pole Saws 2021

Model Price Bar
Scotts Outdoor PS45010S
Scotts Outdoor Power Tools PS45010S
Check Price 10 inches Corded 15 Feet 3 Years
Oregon PS250
Oregon Cordless PS250
Check Price 8 inches Battery-Powered 15 Feet 2 Years
MAXTRA 90-180
MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw
Check Price 10 inches Gas powered 15 Feet 1 Years
VonHaus 40V
VonHaus 40V Max
Check Price 8 inches Battery-Powered 10 Feet 2 Years
WEN 4019
WEN 4019
Check Price 8 inches Corded Electric 7.3 Feet 2 Years

Pole Saw Buying Guide:

Now that we have seen the reviews, the next thing that we should look at is the buyer’s guide. Take a look at what we have.

Working Height vs Actual Length

The first thing that plays a key role when choosing the best pole saw model is the working height when compared to the real length.

While the working height comprises the user’s height, the actual length is the length of the pole saw when the handle is fully extended.

Any top-rated pole saw should have an actual length of over 8 feet. This will give a taller guy about 14 feet of overhead reach.

But if you are shorter, going for an actual length of about 10 feet or more will be ideal for a better reach.

Cutting Bar Length

The best pole saw reviews insist on a cutting bar that’s longer, and there is a reason for that. Longer cutting bars will help you to trim thicker branches easily. They are easy to handle and provides better cutting weight.


Another thing that you’ve got to keep in mind is the weight. The actual weight of the saw determines how easy you can control the saw, how portable the saw is, and for how long you can handle the saw.

If the pole saw is light, it becomes much more portable, easy to carry around, and ideal for extended cuts. You won’t feel any fatigue or sustain any painful wrists.

Removable Chainsaw Head

More importantly, a removable chain saw head is essential when dealing with pole saws. If the pole saw has a chainsaw head that you can remove, then it means the following.

First that the pole saw offers a 2 in 1 working technology, and secondly that the pole saw is safer when in use and when in storage.

More importantly, the chain saw will take a smaller space when stored, and that makes it ideal for tight spaces too.

Oiler Type

There are manual oiler types and an automatic oiler type. The best oiler type is an automatic type. This model keeps the bar and chain in shape by ensuring that they are constantly oiled.

By doing so, the system remains highly efficient and ideal for longer or more demanding pole saw uses.

Top 8 Best Pole Saw Reviews 2021

With that said, here are the best pole saw reviews. Later on, I will include a simple buying guide to help you with making the right choice.

1. Best Overall: Scotts Outdoor PS45010S Corded Electric Pole Saw

Scotts Outdoor PS45010S Corded Electric Pole Saw

For the best pole saw users, the first model that I’d love us to look at is the Scotts Outdoor PS45010S.

Unlike the regular pole saws that you will get today, this model is one of the most powerful and highly reliable pole saw that you could go with.

The Scotts pole saw is a pruner with a highly powerful 8-Amp electric motor. The motor is reliable and will serve you well if you are pruning tree branches or limbs.

When fully extended, the pole saw falls squarely at 9.5″ in length, which makes its users an easy option to go with.

Thanks to this tree trimmer pole saw with its 10″ bar; the saw becomes best for newbies too. The 10” Oregon bar and chain are adjustable too.

They will give you a great elevation and an easy trimming model. For a relaxed posture when working, the saw gives a 30 degree plus tilt and up to 5 adjustable trimming heads.

That’s not all. This Scott’s pruner again includes the blade cover for better protection and proper storage.

The corded electric chainsaw has a pole that features the automatic oiling system and an oil level window. This is awesome for new users to get an easy grip on how the pole works.

In addition to that is a tool-free tensioner chain adjuster, which makes this plug-in pruning chainsaw the best alternative to the gas pole saws.


  • 7 pounds
  • 8 Amp Electric Motor
  • 10-inch Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Corded Electric Saw

    • Rubber cover on the molded gripper
    • Comfy foam grip
    • 2 in 1 functionality
    • Adjustable head
    • 9 feet actual length


    • May cost more

2. Runner Up: Oregon PS250 Cordless Telescoping Pole Saw

Oregon Cordless PS250 Telescoping Pole Saw

Like the Scotts above, the Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw is another top-rated power pole saw.

It is featured in most pole saw reviews and will give you an even better experience. More importantly, this pole saw uses a battery, which makes it a reliable and maintenance-free pole saw.

In addition to that, this is low in weight. It weighs just about 10 pounds, which is best for longer use around the yard.

While most users agree that this is the best pole saw for the money, this pole saw offers much more.

It gives a constant no-fade power and a more reliable cut for longer hours. Thanks to its 40V premium lithium-ion battery that provides better runtime than what you will get from regular models.

The battery has a longer lifespan and can be easily charged up to 1,000 times. Thanks to this powerful batter, the chainsaw starts instantly, and you won’t have to deal with pull cords or even give the saw time to warm up.

Unlike the one above, this one has an 8-inch bar. The bar gives you a compact trimming head and then enables you to reach the higher branches easily.

Choose this chainsaw today and work comfortably. Thanks to the PS250’s top ergonomic design and a mid-mount motor that gives it a less bulky touch.


  • 8 pounds
  • 40V lithium-ion battery
  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • Shaft extends up to 10.1 feet
  • Maximum reach of 15 feet

    • No fade powers
    • Light in weight
    • Easy to control
    • Removable head
    • Telescoping handle


    • Battery and Charger not included

3. Editor Choice: MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw

The next best rated pole saw that you could choose too is the MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw.

Compared to the first two chainsaws that we just saw, this chainsaw is heavier. However, it is still the lightest and weighs only 27 pounds.

In addition to that, this best gas pole saw has a 90-180° multi-angle adjustable pruning head. The saw features an upgraded pruning head, which maximizes this rotational technology.

Apart from the multi-positioning, this chainsaw ensures better trimming precision with a clean and safe touch.

Its reach is by far one of the best, and you will comfortably hit 15ft with a 10” cutting bar. The pole saw can further be adjusted starting from 8.2 to 11.4 ft.

You will get an additional 3.6 ft. extension. And since it can 15 ft when you include the user’s height, you won’t have to risk climbing up the ladder to get the best trim one of your branches.

The 10” bar has the biggest trimming capacity and again incorporates smaller bars, which are again more time and effort-saving.

With a 42.7cc EPA-certified engine, the MAXTRA engine produces less waste and is safer in use. Its 42.7cc powerful engine will easily cut thicker branches and up to 10-inch logs in no time.

It has a carry bag for better storage and again offers a shoulder strap, which reduces fatigue when in use.


  • 180 Degree Head Adjustable
  • EPA certified engine
  • 7cc powerful engine
  • 15 ft overhead reach

    • Multi-angle adjustable cutting head
    • Produces less waste
    • Carry bag
    • Lightweight model
    • Best for newbies


    • Slightly weighty

4. VonHaus 40V Max 8″ Cordless Pole Saw

VonHaus 40V Max Cordless Pole Saw

The VonHaus 40V Max 8″ Cordless Pole Saw is again one of the best pole saws if you are just starting out.

It is a lightweight pole saw that you could easily control and, more importantly, use for extended periods of time.

The chainsaw is ideal for trimming tree branches and, in an ideal setup, will cut off branches of up to 10 inches easily.

Even better, when using the VonHaus 40V Max 8″ Cordless Pole Saw, you won’t require any ladder since the tool offers you a maximum extension of up to 8” for easy reach.

For me, this cordless pole chainsaw is your ultimate gardening tool if you are looking at trimming the unruly tree branches.

It offers the user such an enhanced type of comfort and includes a reliable shoulder strap that’s designed for easy movement and transportation.

In addition to that, this saw has an auxiliary handle and a foam grip for maximum comfort when working for extended periods.

Thankfully, it is light in weight and measures only 11.8 lbs. Even so, it is the saw’s telescoping pole that is its strongest feature.

It is sturdy, extendable, and gives you the best working height for higher branches. Thanks to its 2 stage safety trigger, this saw again prevents accidental starts.

Buy this VonHaus chainsaw and get a 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery with a charger for easy operation. On top of the 8” Oregon chain, there is the blade cover for the best storage.


  • 8″ Cordless Pole Saw
  • 8 lbs.
  • 2 stage safety triggers
  • 0Ah Lithium-ion battery

    • Reliable shoulder strap
    • Auxiliary handle
    • Foam grip
    • Telescoping pole
    • Prevents any accidental starts


    • Batteries will be replaced if damaged

5. WEN 4019 Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

WEN 4019 Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

Anyone who has gone through some of the best pole saw reviews must have come across WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw.

This mini saw is light in weight. It weighs about 7.5 pounds and makes it one of the most portable chainsaw models that you can get today.

The saw is suited for longer working periods and will serve you better if you intend to get a newbie up to speed.

In addition to that, this chain saw is an electric corded chainsaw. It uses a 6 amp electric motor that gives it the maximum power against branches that are thick.

While WEN 4019 6-Amp 8-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Saw may not be the best pole saw for the money, it offers so many high-end features too.

The saw comes with a telescoping touch that you can easily rely on when you intend to adjust it for any use. As such, the chainsaw can easily extend anywhere between 5.3 feet up to 7.3 feet and to 12 feet for overhead reach.

Its powerful 6-Amp motor again rotates 8 inch Oregon chain faster for quicker cuts. You will get up to 36 feet per second and even more for smaller cuts.

This is the best chainsaw for users that intend to limit user fatigue and to enjoy the best design, which allows them to enjoy a tool-free chain adjustment.

Unlike the gas chainsaws, this one has an emission-free technology that makes it ideal for general use.

Buy this saw today and enjoy one of the best Oregon saw chain models, a blade cover, and a shoulder strap.


  • 8-Inch Electric
  • 5 pounds
  • 6 am an electric motor
  • 12 feet for overhead reach
  • 8-inch Oregon chain

    • Easy to handle
    • Powerful electric motor
    • Limit user fatigue
    • Tool-free chain adjustment
    • Emission-free technology


    • Corded saw – limited movement

6. Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric Pole Saw

Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric Pole Saw

Remington RM1035P Ranger II 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw is among the best rated pole saws today. Thanks to its top design and maximum efficiency.

Since it is an electric chainsaw, this pole trimmer is eco-friendly and won’t release harmful emissions to the general environment.

But what makes the Remington RM1035P Ranger click? According to the best pole saw reviews, this chain saw weighs only 12 pounds.

This means that the chainsaw is easy to use, especially when you are looking for rather extensive cuts.

More importantly, being an electric chainsaw makes this saw a powerful tool with an additionally powerful motor.

And in addition to all these, this chainsaw gives you a 2-in-1 functionality. You can simply detach this saw from its pole and convert it into a chainsaw.

The pole saw is designed with an extendable shaft. Its shaft can move up to 10-feet or more for easy reach on higher branches.

If the operator height is considered, then the pole saw can give you up to 15-feet of overhead cut, which makes it ideal for hard-to-reach places.

The pole saw’s motor capacity is an 8-amp electric motor that instantly starts and then drives the chain for a smoother cut.

One more thing that makes this saw a cool one is its telescoping design that’s paired with the flip and lock clamps. This technology allows you to adjust the pole saw length quickly and to trim varying heights.


  • 12 pounds
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • 15-feet of overhead cut
  • 8-amp electric motor
  • Flip and lock clamps

    • Non-slip grip
    • Enhanced comfort
    • Anti-rotation pole
    • No harmful emissions
    • Maximum stability during use


    • Chain oil may seep when unused

7. Worx WG309 Corded Electric Pole Saw

Worx WG309 Corded Electric Pole Saw

Unlike the best gas pole saws, Worx WG309, 8 Amp 10-inch Corded Electric Pole Saw, as the name suggests, is an electric pole saw.

Nonetheless, it is highly reliable and, as such, one of the best pole saws that you can find today. The model is simple to use and will serve new users well.

Apart from that, this pole saw uses a powerful 8 amp motor. This motor drives the chain easily and ensures that the model runs efficiently.

Even so, it the pole saw’s overhead reach that makes it ideal for use. When fully adjusted, this saw, as mentioned in the top pole saw reviews, will hit a maximum of 15 ft.

It is light and weighs only 10 pounds. This means that the pole saw is ideal for extended use and will ensure that you get the best experience out of it.

As if that’s not enough, there are several reasons why you should get this pole saw. The saw is a 2-tools-in-1. It can double up as a pole saw for trimming branches and a regular chainsaw.

The model again provides you with an automatic oiler and will keep the chain at the peak of its efficiency.

This saw’s system again prevents over-tightening and keeps the saw’s chain running smoothly with less stress on your motor.

Thanks to its tool-less installation, this pole attaches quickly, so you don’t have to waste time before starting to prune.


  • 8-amp motor
  • 15 ft.
  • 10 pounds
  • 2-tools-in-1

    • Tool-less installation
    • Higher overhead reach
    • Easy to handle
    • No prior assembly
    • Highly affordable


    • Shorter cord

8. Sun Joe SWJ806E Convertible Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe SWJ806E Convertible Pole Chain Saw

Finally, we have the Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch 8.0 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Chain Saw. This is another best pole saw for the money.

But what makes this saw one of the best rated pole saws today? First, this saw offers a 2 in 1 operating system.

The model is easy to use and can quickly convert from a pole saw into a chainsaw. It will save you money and allow you to get the best services too.

More importantly, this saw is very efficient. Thanks to its 8 amp powerful motor. The motor drives the chain easily and allows you to maximize efficiency.

For general cuts, this pole saw offers one of the best overhead reaches. It will give you up to 15 feet of reach and enable you to get the best cuts at any time.

In addition to that, the model leaves you with high-end portability, which you can rely on at any given time.

Unlike the regular gas pole saws, this one doesn’t give out any emissions. As such, it is ideal for the environment and will hardly leave you with any harmful gases.

Using this pole saw is again easy since it has an easy-to-follow user manual. You can again use it to train a newbie and bring her up to speed.


  • 2-in-1 Convertible
  • 8-amp powerful motor
  • 15 feet of reach
  • 8-inch bar and chain

    • Save your money
    • Best overhead reach
    • High-end portability
    • Lightweight technology
    • Best for taller branches


    • Limited colors

Pole Saw Use and Safety Tips

Finally, before we wrap up our best rated pole saw reviews, here are some of the essential pole saw use and safety tips.

  • Always wear protective gear (helmet, goggles, and overall)
  • Cut your branches at an angle not directly over your head
  • Clear the area of pebbles that could knock you down
  • Read the user manual and understand first
  • Examine the pole saw for defects


Choosing the best pole saw is a brainer. However, you must be well aware of what you should look at. Like I mentioned in this post, make sure that you have your buyer’s guide at hand and, again, the safety tips.

Nonetheless, ensure that when choosing the pole saw, you focus more on the saw’s ability to satisfy your personal needs.

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