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Best Worm Drive Saws 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Best Worm Drive Saw

If you own a workshop, you should have the best worm drive saw. This is one of the most versatile tools for a lumber or woodworker. The saw can be used to cut through small sheets of metallic alloys too.

What is a Worm Drive Saw?

Like you will learn from the best worm drive saw reviews that I am about to give you here, a worm drive saw is a type of saw whose motor is located at the rear of this power tool. It has its gear orientation at 45° angles.

In normal scenarios. The blade speed of a worm drive saw is often slower, while its torque is highly improved. The worm drive saw model often have their blade set on the left side.

In this post, I want to give you some of the top-rated worm drive saw reviews and, more importantly, a smart buying guide. Take a look!

At A Glance Worm Drive Saws 2021

Model Price Cutting
Blade Weight Warranty
Makita 5377MG
Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw
Check Price 2-3/8" 7-1/4" 13.2 Pounds 1 Year
Dewalt DCS577X1 Circular Saw
Check Price 2-7/16" 7-1/4” 10.9 Pounds 3 Years
Bosch CSW41
Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw
Check Price 13" 7-1/4” 12.3 Pounds 1 Year
SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw
Check Price 2-3/8" 7-1/4” 11.5 Pounds 1 Year
Makita 5477NB
Makita 5477NB Hypoid Saw
Check Price 2-3/8" 7-1/4” 15 Pounds 1 Year
SKILSAW SPT79-00 Worm Drive Circular Saw
Check Price 2" 7" 16.9 Pounds 1 Year

Worm Drive Saw Buying Guide

Before we wrap this up, let us take a look at some of the factors that you should consider when buying your top-rated worm drive saw.


Always start by looking at the motor. The motor of your worm drive saw should be powerful. If it is, it would mean more speed (RPM), faster cuts, and a larger quantity of work done in no time too.

A good motor should not overheat. Look for a model that’s brushless so that you can enjoy the best results.


If your saw is reliable, then you will get one of the best experiences. How do you ensure that you get a reliable saw? Look at the construction. Durable construction with high-end materials will mean you get a reliable saw. As such, look for the following:

  • High-end tough plastics
  • Metallic alloy designs
  • Replaceable blades
  • Tool-less operations

Visible Cutting Line

This is very important. It plays a key role when looking at personal safety and will ensure that you get some of the smoothest cuts.

With a clearly visible line of cut, you will get straight cuts too that meet your needs. So how do you get this visible line of cut? Look for a worm drive saw with a dust blower technology or laser lighting.


Beveled technology enables you best worm drive saw to give you some of the best angled cuts. It works much better if your blade has positive stops along the beveling angle. Focus more on beveled technology if you want to work with angled cuts.


The best worm drive circular saw reviews have suggested that worm drive saw users focus more on durable saws. One aspect that you’ve got to focus on when you need this is the saw’s housing or casing.

Make sure it is designed from a durable material such as metallic alloys. In doing so, you will get a long-lasting saw that easily withstands all the demanding uses.

Blade Changes

When the blade blunts, you must change it. A complex blade change system will mean spending more to bring an expert on board. Instead, look for easy blade changes. A tool-less blade change design is the best.

Maximum Cutting Depth

Finally, you must understand what the maximum depth of cut is. It is what determines the size of lumbers that you can get. An adjustable depth will be to your advantage and will give you varying depths of cut.

Top 6 Best Worm Drive Saw Reviews 2021

1. Best Overall: Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw

makita 5377mg magnesium hypoid saw

>>> Check Latest Price Makita 5377MG <<<

Our first best worm drive saw review is that of the Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw.

It is fitted with magnesium components which gives it a lightweight touch, and as such, the saw’s weight sits at 13.2 pounds.

The magnesium technology further leaves the saw with a well-balanced weight that enables you to handle easily, control, and operate the saw.

Further on, the saw has an oil bath technology that’s created with the presence of the built-in fan and a sealed gear housing. This combination ensures that there is 100% oil surface coating and even lesser maintenance.

If you want to use this saw, you can make one-handed adjustments quickly using the large, rubberized levers.

Don’t worry about safety, as the saw offers you a better fit and top control with the most comfortable rubber grip technology.

You will get a large cutting capacity (2-3/8″ at 90°) with top-of-the-range bevel capacity (0°-51.5°). Thankfully, you’ll have positive stops at 22.5°and 45° too.

Settings are easy to pick too. Thanks to the oversized number and ruler markings. The blade wrench is again attached to the saw for an even faster and much convenient blade-changing technology.


  • 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw
  • 2 pounds
  • Bevel capacity (0°-51.5°)
  • Positive stops (22.5 degrees, 45 degrees)
  • Oil-bath technology

    • Magnesium components
    • Well-balanced weight
    • Built-in fan
    • Sealed gear housing
    • One-handed adjustments


    • Limited cutting depth

2. Runner Up: DEWALT DCS577X1 Circular Saw

DEWALT DCS577X1 Circular Saw

>>> Check Latest Price Dewalt DCS577X1 <<<

Apart from the Makita above, the next worm drive saw that’s highly recommended by the best worm drive saw reviews that I looked at is this.

The DEWALT FLEXVOLT DCS577X1 Circular Saw, like other top models, will provide you with better speed and higher efficiency.

It’s battery-powered and offers up to 5800 RPM. But what else makes this best worm drive saw a model to go after?

The presence of the high-grade magnesium shoe is top class. It is highly efficient and, more importantly, durable.

Magnesium again makes the saw components lighter and enables the user to easily control the saw for longer cutting.

Even so, if you just need a non-heating worm drive saw, the presence of the brushless motor guarantees smooth and accurate cuts with long runtime.

More importantly, is the presence of the electronic brake that helps you to stop the saw’s blade easily once the trigger is released.

Use this worm drive saw and enjoy the top bevel capacity of 53° with additional positive stops at 45° and 22.5° too.

Thankfully, you can keep your work areas clean. Thanks to the integrated dust blower that allows you to clear your line of sight so easily while cutting quickly and faster.

Once the job is done, use the rafter hook to hang your tool for easy reach and proper storage and convenience.


  • 5800 RPM
  • High-grade magnesium shoe
  • The Non-heating worm drive saw
  • Electronic brake
  • Bevel capacity of 53°

    • Comfortable rubber grip
    • Large cutting capacity
    • Range bevel capacity
    • Positive stops
    • Ruler markings


    • Care when applying brakes

3. Value For Money: Bosch CSW41 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

bosch csw41 worm drive circular saw

>>> Check Latest Price Bosch CSW41 <<<

Bosch CSW41 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw, according to the best worm drive saw reviews, is a great model too.

And while it weighs just about 15 pounds only, this worm drive saw model is easy to handle. You can use it for extended cuts without any signs of fatigue.

With its lightweight touch, the Bosch CSW41 Circular Saw will provide you with better comfort and easy control.

The tool’s magnesium construction again delivers a better impact on a lighter weight. As such, user fatigue is completely minimized while productivity increased.

Apart from that, this model features a worm drive design that uses the CSW41. This one offers you increased accuracy and even better precision.

You can use it easily, a model with the left side blade design, and get unmatched clarity of cutting line if you are right-handed.

Thanks to its powerful motor, this saw delivers up to 5,300 no-load rpm but. The powerful 15-amp motor provides more torque for an even variety of applications.

The CSW41 has an on-board multi-function wrench that makes blade and brush changes easy. There are the lever adjustments and the blade diamond knockout.

In addition to that, there is the built-in tool hook if you need more convenient storage between your cuts.

Use this saw and enjoy a top-rated comfort. Thanks to the anti-snag lower guard, which helps the circular saw to provide you with a smooth operation for any type of cut.


  • 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive
  • 15 pounds
  • Magnesium construction
  • 5,300 no-load rpm
  • 15-amp motor

    • Smooth cuts
    • More torque
    • Lightweight design
    • Easy control
    • Better speeds


    • Additional plastic sides

4. User Demand: SKILSAW SPT77WML Worm Drive Circular Saw

SKILSAW SPT77WML Worm Drive Circular Saw

>>> Check Latest Price SKILSAW SPT77WML <<<

Highly affordable, the SKILSAW SPT77WML Worm Drive Circular Saw is the best worm drive saw if you are starting up.

It is easy to handle but, at the same time, quite reliable. The model is easy to work with and will provide you with the best results on any day.

So what makes it special? Apart from the lightest magnesium construction, this saw is versatile. The magnesium touch reduces weight, and in doing so, the user fatigue less.

At just 11 pounds, this saw is light in weight. It again has a cut-ready depth that helps you with quick and highly accurate depth measurements.

The beveling technology hits 53° bevel and allows every user to complete a wider variety of cuts too.

Thankfully, this model has a 15 Amp motor that generates more power and gives its users the power of ripping through more lumber in less time.

In addition to that, there is the anti-snag lower guard that provides you with a smooth operation for the small cut-off pieces.


  • 11 pounds
  • 53° bevel
  • 15 Amp motor
  • 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Saw

    • Less fatigue
    • More power
    • Durable design
    • Less lumber time
    • Anti-snag lower guard


    • Replace blade when dull

5. Good Choice: Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

makita 5477nb hypoid saw

>>> Check Latest Price Makita 5477NB <<<

The best worm drive saw reviews suggest that the Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw works more or less the same as the sister above.

Set in teal, this worm drive saw is a corded electric saw. It uses a powerful 15.0 AMP motor that you can comfortably rely on for all your cuts.

The motor delivers up to 4,500 RPM in no time and can cut through a great stack of lumber in a short period of time.

With compressed winding technology, this motor retains a more compact size but delivers the best jobsite durability.

More importantly, there is the presence of the retractable hook that allows this tool to remain close for easy use.

Yet this is not all. Again, there is the presence of high-quality and heat-treated hypoid steel gears. This gear technology provides you with a prematurely durable gear system with no wear or tear.

You will enjoy 0º – 51.5º bevel capacity and additional positive stops at 45º and 51.5º for ideal truss and rafter cut-outs.


  • 100% oil surface coating
  • Heat-treated hypoid steel gears
  • Bronze-alloy worm drive gears
  • 1-year warranty

    • Convenient blade changing
    • Reinforced power cord
    • More power
    • Easy hook for storage
    • Lightweight model


    • No storage boxes

6. SKILSAW SPT79-00 Worm Drive Saw

SKILSAW SPT79-00 Worm Drive Saw

>>> Check Latest Price SKILSAW SPT79-00 <<<

Finally, as we come to the close of our best worm drive saw reviews, we have the SKILSAW SPT79-00 Worm Drive Saw.

This model weighs about 16 pounds and operates more or less the same as the sister above. It is light in weight, and you can use it for a long without getting fatigued.

The model is a corded model but one that offers value to your workshop. Thanks to its worm drive geared concrete saw with a cut-ready adjustable plunge lock.

It again has retractable front pointer guides that enable you to work the saw along the straight line of cut.

As if that’s not enough, this saw provides the best wet/dry dust management system and controls dust for an even cleaner cut.

Use it and enjoy the Gfci protection with a reduced risk of shock. The model is designed with magnesium parts and is highly rust resistant around the brackets and fasteners.


  • 0 AMP motor
  • 4,500 RPM
  • Heat-treated hypoid steel gears
  • 0º – 51.5º bevel capacity
  • Positive stops at 45º and 51.5º

    • Retractable hook
    • Easy carriage
    • Reduced risk shock
    • Light in weight
    • Best for heavy work
    • Durable model


    • No dust storage bag


Now that you have seen how to choose the best worm drive saw, it is time to pick a model that suits your needs from our reviews above. You can also focus on the user guide if you don’t find the best option in the worm drive saw reviews that we’ve highlighted above.

Nonetheless, the best experience with this type of saw only comes in when you can take proper care of your saw. Make sure that you store it properly, clean it, movable oil parts, and follow the user manual.

Good luck!

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