Why Does My Circular Saw Spin Backwards? Explained

I remember the first time when my circular saw blade was spinning backward. I was all confused but never thought it would be dangerous. Thank the lord, I hadn’t tried using it at that moment or else it would be someone else answering your question right now.

I did some digging to know why does my circular saw spin backwards and here I am answering the very question that had bothered me for weeks.

Now, circular saw blades can spin backwards for a few reasons. The first and the most common is that your blade is attached in the wrong direction. Second, it could be because the circular saw has a faulty or damaged motor. The third and final is that your power socket went all haywire.

Usually, it’s the first or the second but sometimes the third situation can also make your saw blade spin backward. You can easily avoid the second scenario if you have the best circular saw in your arsenal and I do suggest you check out some because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

why does my circular saw spin backwards

Why is My Saw Blade Spinning Backwards?

Below are the details of the three scenarios I have mentioned and how to prevent or fix them.

  • Wrong Blade Attachment

This usually happens to people who are new to the business. If you attach the blade in the wrong direction, it will spin backward or the opposite way.

Remember circular saw blades are meant to spin in a counter-clockwise or upwards direction. So, if you have this problem just disconnect the saw and check if the blade is attached properly. Look at the back of the disk and you’ll see some arrow marks that can guide you. Attach the blade according to the marks and you are done.

  • Faulty or Damaged Motor

If your circular saw comes with a faulty motor or it is damaged, chances are it will spin backwards. If the product you purchased came with a warranty, I suggest you claim it.

If it doesn’t then use the help of a professional to repair the damage as the process of fixing it is quite tricky.

  • Faulty Power Source

Sometimes faulty power sources can make a saw blade spin backwards. You can use a table fan to check if the power source is faulty or not. If the wings spin in a clockwise direction, then the source is fine.

You can check the other power outlets of your house or workplace and if the problem remains, then you’ll probably need to hire an electrician to check out the wiring system. If the problem only persists in one specific socket, then you should try switching the circuit breaker.

Final Thoughts

Why does my circular saw spin backwards is a question that is asked by many people. Usually, it is because of the above-mentioned things but sometimes it is because the circular saw or blade you are using is just crappy.

A backward spinning circular saw can be dangerous. If you try to slice or cut some hardwood with a faulty circular saw blade, the kickback would be enormous, which could result in something deadly.

It also becomes very risky, when you try to work on hardwood without a proper blade. Hence, make sure you have the best circular saw blade for hardwood and the fact that the disk is spinning in the right direction.

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