Corded vs Cordless Circular Saw – Which Saw Should You Select?

Generally, a circular saw is a wonderful carpeting tool that is used by artisans for decades. It produces complicated cuts for framing timbers. Circular saws are purchasable in both corded and cordless forms. Each functions excellently in its field. Although, based on the individual’s usage, both of them are suitable for the carpenters.

Today we are going to discuss all corded vs cordless circular Saw. In this informative discussion, you will understand which one is ideal and more preferable for you.

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Corded Vs Cordless Circular Saw – Detail Comparison

Corded Circular Saw With Uses

It is a circular saw which is operated with a cord that’s why it is named the corded circular saw. An electrical source is connected with the cord by which power supplies to the saw. And this enables cutting through from chunks of wood to hard metal, almost anything.

Corded Circular Saw

Advantages of Corded Circular Saw

  • Extreme Strength: This saw is operated by electrical power directly. It allows this saw to produce a huge working strength at the time of cutting anything. The power generator stays fixed all around the whole working time.
  •  Ideal Blades:  Most of these saws have longer blades proportioning around 7.25 inches. For this, it will move faster and reach beyond the axis of the saw, allowing the blade to cut through big timbers. That’s why this saw is ideal for contract projects like cutting of building materials, regular woodcutting, or even metal cutting.
  •  No Need For Replacement Materials: One of the best advantages of this saw is that it does not require any replacement materials or tools. Also, it is readily available for operation. Thus you do not require the rigid assembly too.
  •  Superior Performance: This saw is made for high level cutting tasks. If we look at corded vs cordless circular saw, you will get a distinctive edge by using a corded circular saw. Therefore, operating this saw is a convenient way for your day to day life.

Disadvantages of Corded Circular Saw

  •  Limited Reach: As the corded circular saw is operated by an electrical source, it will not reach out to every place. Also, because the cord movement is limited, it will interfere with the entire efficiency at the time of projects.
  •  Can’t Operate In Absence Of Electricity: When the electricity is gone, you can not operate this saw.

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Best Corded Circular Saws: Experts Recommendations

Cordless Circular Saw With Uses

This particular type of saw is very popular for any work in modern workshops. Even homeowners are using this cordless circular saw for various cutting jobs. Because it is operated by a rechargeable Li-ion battery as well as with no need for cords, it is ideal for working in any congested or open space.

Therefore, it is a wonderful tool for cutting different materials.

Cordless Circular Saw

Advantages of Cordless Circular Saw

  • Convenience: These saws are lightweight, allowing you to carry them anywhere. Moreover, you do not need any electricity or power source to operate this as the corded saw.
  • Safe Operation: This saw has smaller teeth. So, if you can not handle it properly, these teeth will do little or no harm to you. Besides, having no cord will allow you to move and operate it freely. Therefore, the cordless circular saw is much easier and safer to handle.
  • Time-saving Appliance: Because it is a cordless power tool, there is no requirement of electricity to operate it. This will allow you to do work at the time of load shedding. Thus, it will save you time.

Disadvantages of Cordless Circular Saw

  • Restricted Operational Time: This saw is operated by a battery.No matter whether you buy the best capable battery, it will not last longer than a couple of hours. In that case, the best option is cordless ones.
  • Limited Power: Another salient disadvantage of this cordless circular saw is having very limited power. These saws are not a perfect option for any large project because the batteries will not generate very much power like the electrical one.

Best Cordless Circular Saws: Experts Recommendations:

Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw is the best cordless circular saw on our list.


After all, it is difficult to pick up one in case of a corded vs cordless circular saw. Both are high performing and very effective. And, the two are modelled for functioning differently. So, you have to select anyone according to your requirements. For any woodworking task or work on heavy metal and big projects, the corded circular saw is the best option with accelerated power. On the other hand, for house owners and congested places, the cordless circular saw is ideal because of its ability to work long-distance.

Let’s pick your desirable one wisely!

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