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How To Cut Tile With A Saw? Get Started With Your First Tile Project

How To Cut Tile With A Saw

We all know that a manual tile cutter is an essential tile installation tool, and you will want on for most of your tile installation projects. However, if you are working with granite or marble, you will need a tile saw. More specifically, a wet tile saw.

This is the perfect tool to work with if you have to make a lot of straight and smooth cuts of the same size. If you want to make very clean and consistent cuts, you can rely on a wet tile saw to get the job done. Also, if you are cutting natural stone tiles, this is absolutely essential.

How To Cut Tile With A Saw?

Cut Tile saw with wet tile saw

When cutting tile, don’t be afraid of the saw. Make sure to put some ear protectors in and wear goggles to protect your eyes. If you want to be more proficient at DIY projects, it is essential that you learn the different cuts and techniques.

First of all, I’m going to show you a basic technique that is how to make straight cuts with a tile saw. Straight cuts are pretty easy. You simply push the tile forward, and the blade will cut the tile straight.

Similarly, you can also make L-shaped cuts. Make sure to lift the tile so that the saw can make the cut all the way through the back.

Making Round Cuts With A Tile Saw

The round cut is a bit difficult than straight and L-cuts. When you are cutting a radius out of a tile, all you have to do is establish the radius on some tape. And then, draw some straight lines inside the radius line.

Draw a bunch of lines inside the radius and cut them with the wet tile saw. Don’t go past the line. Once you have gotten this far and made multiple cuts, you can now snap those small tile pieces.

If this is a cut that will be visible, leave our blade on the inside of the line. For example, if this were like a valve assembly for a shower, you know there will be a plate that will cover the tile, and you won’t have to worry if the cut looks a little more jagged.

Now, you can smooth out the surface with a file. If it’s a clean-cut that will be going around a utility drain or in a laundry room, you want those cuts to be really nice.

One quick way to do it is by using the blade of the wet tile saw. As the blade is spinning in, simply round the radius to the blade and let the blade grind the radius for us. You will need to have a steady hand for this. You can also use a rubbing stone to make it even nicer.

Three Types Of Miter Cuts

Inside corner, outside corner, and picture frame – when you’re dealing with some sort of a profile, whether it’s a pencil or it’s a Barnes tile, you should do an inside miter for any of your inside corners. For an accurate 450 angle, use wedge or guidelines.

If you are doing a countertop on an outside wall, you don’t want to stack them because naturally, that profile doesn’t look very nice. For this, you should do an outside miter to the edge.

So, we talked about mitering an inside corner, and we also talked about mitering an outside corner. However, there a third miter involved, which is called a picture frame miter. Cut the tiles like a picture frame performing both inside and outside cuts to make the picture frame cut.

How To Cut Tile Holes?

How To Cut Tile Holes

Now, we’re going to talk a little bit about how to put a hole into our tile. There are many cases where you would want to put a hole into your tile. It may be perhaps around a showerhead or something like that.

There is a particular bit for cutting holes. With this type of bit, what we want to do is we want to come in at an angle, and we want to get a little bite into the tile so that it will be steady.

It will also make the drill bit steadier. After that, you can go ahead and lean into it more in a vertical fashion and then start making the plunge cut. There are two ways you can go about this.

  • Using A Drill Saw

When you are doing a whole cutout; it is a common practice to use a hole saw on a drill and make multiple plunge cuts with the hole saw in a circular fashion. You can then knock them out and use files or something like that to clean up the edges.

Tips: When you are making a whole cutout, remember that the hole is probably going to be covered by a cover plate or by a toilet. This could look like a shark’s mouth, and you don’t have to do anything fancy to it. Don’t bother wasting your time to make it perfect.

  • Using An Angle Grinder

Another way to make a large circular cut is a little bit more aggressive way and perhaps not the safest way, and that is to use a grinder. You can always use a 4-inch grinder and use a diamond wheel.

Put the wheel on the handheld angle grinder. By doing that, oftentimes, we’re going to make a stop sign around the hole and then make plunge cuts until you see a little daylight in all the angles of the stop sign.

After that, slide the safety blade cover back and make the finish cut on the bottom of the tile till you go through it completely.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Using a wet saw, you can easily cut ant tile or porcelain tile and make square cuts, outlet cuts, straight cuts, L-cuts, and even round cuts. And that concludes our article on how to cut with a saw.

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