Pole saw is one of the most extensive specialized equipment used in tree cutting and caring. Like any tool, the saw will become dull with time. And it requires regular maintenance.

The frequency of using the pole saw will make it difficult to cut the wood. The blade will get dull rapidly and then often requires maintenance. Let’s understand how to maintain your pole saw. Let’s start.

Pole Saws

There are various types of pole saws available out there. The basic one is the manual pole saw in nature. It features a long pole with a blade on the front side.

You can manually shift back and forth the sharp blade for sawing the woods. The pole saws can be gas-poweredbattery-powered, or even electric. Here we’ll discuss how to maintain your pole saw.

How to Maintain Your Pole Saw

Pole Saw Maintenance Tips

Let’s jump on the essential maintenance tips of your tool for ensuring maximum efficiency and performance while ensuring safety.

Step 1: Oil Your Saw

Pole Saw Maintenance

Firstly, you have to put some lubricants like oil on your saw chain. Before every time use, the oil application will make the saw blade more protected against wear and friction.

Step 2: Keep The Saw Tight

Pole Saw Maintenance

In this secondary step, you must inspect for any loose bolts or nuts and screws. Before starting the work of cutting with your pole saw, scan it for any worn or damaged parts.

Step 3: Check Sharpness With Tension

Pole Saw Maintenance

Repeatedly check when everything is done. Be sure the blades of the cutters are correctly sharp. Apart from this, the tension should be correct. You should check out both of them.

Step 4: Loosen The Saw

Pole Saw Maintenance

You have tightened the chain during operation. Now, loosen the tool a bit after the work. The chain will contract when it cools down. So, this can cause damage if the chain is too tight.

Step 5: Put Oil Again

Pole Saw Maintenance

Whenever you replace the chain, you should clean the bar rails of the guides. While doing this, you have to put some oil on the passages by hand. Keep the chain spinning freely.

Step 6: Again Cleaning

Pole Saw Maintenance

After every use, you should always clean the tool with a cloth. Re-cleaning is the best solution for wiping away impurities, tree debris, and dirt. This will increase the reliability and efficiency of the equipment.

How To Store The Pole Saw

  • Store the pole saw in a well-ventilated and dry area between each use.
  • The oil of the saw will seep a scanty amount when not used.
  • Due to oil leakage, choose the storage location appropriately.
  • The storage area should be away from items you care for.
  • You should always look up the storeroom to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • By looking up the room, you can ensure the equipment is stored in a safe location.

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As you have already seen, maintaining a pole saw is quite an easy and basic process. You should follow all these maintenance procedures outlined above.

We are optimistic about today’s post about how to maintain your pole saw. So, you don’t have any worries when you follow these instructions!

On the other hand, once you underestimate any of the tips, you may face issues with the unusable saw.

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