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Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw: Which One You Should Choose?

Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw

Jigsaws and circular saws are the most commonly used power saw for professional woodworkers and hobbyist homeowners. But they will differ in the prices and designs. As a potential buyer, you may be confused about selecting one. So, before buying, you have to gain sufficient knowledge about both. Although it is possible to differentiate them from their appearance, here we focus on more basic differences. We also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each for helping you to select between the two. Let’s have a look into jigsaw vs circular saw.

If you don’t have enough time for looking over into the Jigsaw and Circular Saw, then here the main points:

The Jigsaw

  • Generally referred to as pike saw or saber saw.
  • The most common type of portable power saw.
  • Lightweight and compact in size with a little bit expensive.

The Circular Saw

  • Getting heavy cutting speed with practice.
  • Can cut almost any type of material.
  • Produces straight cuts, bevel cuts, and smooth angle cuts.

The discussion between both saws is largely settled on neatness vs speed as well as complexity vs curves. But you should not consider that the circular saw is limited for cutting timber or woods. The circular saw has adjustability features. Firstly, the tool is tilted to the side. This enables you to cut at varying angles. Secondly, the blade depth can be adjusted easily. They are enabled to cut through builder items. So, a variety of carpentry works can be carried by the circular saw. Although a jigsaw can cut like the circular saw, it has differences too. You can do straight cuts and other types of cuts using the jigsaw. However, it is a compact, lightweight saw. You can store it easily in your garage without facing any space problem. We will discuss more jigsaw vs circular saw.

Jigsaw: A Brief Explanation


Many woodworkers like to refer to the jigsaw as the pike saw and the saber saw. Moreover, you will see this saw in most of the workshops. It is a portable powerful saw. This is built perfectly for cutting with the blade at a 90-degree angle to the saw. However, it is good for one-hand use. Based on the variety of the blade, there are two kinds of jigsaw available. They are T-shank and U-shank. Jigsaw has increased versatility. They can make various types of cuts from bevels to miter cuts. Jigsaws always facilitate portability. They are available in lightweight and compact size. Therefore, it is easy to carry for cutting anything indoors as outdoors. When we compared it with the circular saw, the jigsaw is more affordable. So, many woodworkers love this budget-friendly tool. Jigsaw has a thinner blade. It makes complex wavy and curved cuts in materials like plastic and wood. Besides, they have both corded versions and cordless versions. However, if you want to make thicker cuts, then a circular saw is the best option.

Advantages Of Jigsaw

Makes Different Cuts: The jigsaw can be used for making various cuts. It is a versatile tool that allows you to make straight or bevel cuts. Any type of cut can be possible by using it. Cross, slanted incline, and intricate cuts are some of them.

Cuts Various Materials: Jigsaw can be used for cutting any kind of materials in your workshop. By changing the blades of the saw, it will be effective for cutting soft and hard materials. Metal, ceramic tile, or plastics are some common materials.

Great For Plunge Cuts: At the center of any cutting materials, you have to make plunge cuts. Jigsaw can easily make it. This is one of the tops and the best benefit of the saw. And for doing this, you can start with drilling holes or plunge directly into the workpiece.

Easy To Store: You do not have to worry about storing this saw.Because it is compact and lightweight. If you have space problems or your workshop is small, then jigsaw is the best solution. So, for a woodworker with a tiny garage, use the jigsaw without any doubt.

Disadvantages Of Jigsaw

Cutting With Inaccuracy: If you want to make accurate and precise cuts, you may not get it with this saw. As this is handheld, accuracy in cutting is not possible always.

Bounce Over While Cutting: The jigsaw can bounce over while cutting. This makes straight cuts difficult. Besides, guiding the blade is also hard while you cut the line.

Circular Saw: A Brief Explanation

Makita 5007F Circular Saw

If you want to work with wood, you must require a circular saw. Circular saw cuts with a circular blade, give it the name. This disc blade can cut with superfast rotation. These blades are purchasable in various sizes and the number of teeth. With the use of a circular saw, you can always get perfect cutting speeds. But, you should practice enough to become an expert with it. Moreover, you have to struggle with a jigsaw to make plunge cuts. Whereas, the circular saw is perfect for making plunge cuts. Apart from this, if we compared it with the jigsaw, a circular saw is good for giving more precise cuts. When you want to cut thick materials, this saw will be the perfect option. Besides, you can easily cut larger materials. Nevertheless, you require constant practice for getting accuracy. Plus, a circular saw is quite an expensive tool. If you want to buy it, you have to select the suitable one according to your budget and work project.

Advantages Of Circular Saw

Good For Straight Cuts: You must be required to make straight cuts in the workshop. In this case, the circular saw will be the best option for this. It has a speedy rotating blade. This will make the perfect straight cuts even without guidelines.

Perfect For Cutting Any Materials: Circular saw cuts in different materials. This is making them handy for cutting anything. Just by changing the proper blade, you can cut sheet materials, roofing, wood, pipes, and masonry.

Provides Various Cuts: The circular saw can make various cuts. While using it, you can produce rough bevelled cuts, right angle bevels, and smooth angle cuts. So, for making various kinds of cuts, there is no alternative to a circular saw.

Disadvantages of Circular Saw

Makes Rough Edges: The circular saw can make long straight cuts. But it also makes some rough edges. Woodworker refers to it as tear-out. So, it is a big disadvantage of the circular saw.

Not Good For Curved Cuts: If you want to make curved and straight cuts, the circular saw is not good. Because of the nature and design of the blade, it is impossible to make any accurate curved cuts.


So, this is all about jigsaws vs circular saws. Whether you are an occasional or professional woodworker, indeed the jigsaw and circular saws can be a very effective tool. They are different tools serving different purposes. If anyone has both, they can expect better service. But when you have to decide only one to buy first, the outlined differences above will help simplify your decision. Finally, the jigsaw is the perfect tool for making more intricate cuts. On the other hand, circular saws are the right choice for making straight and long cuts in the sheet materials. The proper choice is up to you!

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