Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Which one is perfect for you?

Miter saws and circular saws are used for building the woodworking basis projects from plans that are written by others. These tools allow previous cutting of woods and other materials. You may use a miter saw in your workshop, but the circular saw it itself is another excellent option for you.

Some assume both are identical in providing the same work.

But in reality, both have distinctive abilities and facilities of each one. Besides, these two tools never require more than one at a time and both are absolutely interchangeable. So, all you have to know about miter saw vs circular saw that will be discussed in this article. With no further delay, let’s have a good glance at it.

Miter Saws

DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Miter saws are the machine that is designed for doing accurate miter and crosscuts at the workpiece angle. They can cut obliged too. The word “miter” means cuts made at any edge excluding the 90 degrees. So, you can easily guess, this particular type of saw is dedicated specifically to making these sorts of edged cuts. Miter saw looks quite similar to the circular saws. Because, both contain big circular saw blades that rotate at super speed, allow cutting through the wood. Although, there are distinctive differences between the two heavy tools, which we will explain later.

Miter Saw Pros

Precision Cuts

The best part of having the miter saw is getting the precious cuts in your projects. However, you can make four types of cuts by the miter saw — crosscuts, bevels, miters, and compound cuts.

Firstly, crosscuts are at 90 degrees to the particle of the wood. But miter cuts at any edge vary from 0 to 90 degrees of the particle. Moreover, bevel cuts are at any edge to the wood’s height rather than the length. Compound cuts are the combination of bevels and miters. Therefore, a miter saw will perform them all in a smash.

Easy to Use

Miter saws are easier to use rather than circular saws. Plus they’re precious too. Because of the handheld of a circular saw, you have to align the blade up properly. Then need to hold towards an unmoving course while attending to a large number of safety features. Miter saws provide you more perfect edges with less hazard of injury.

Miter Saw Cons


The disadvantage of this saw is not portable. Therefore you can’t take it anywhere you want. Your work is limited to the workshop where this stays. Nevertheless, a miter saw provides more accuracy rather than circular saw except for the portability.

Less Versatility

Miter saws are not as versatile as circular saw. You are going to get only four patterns of cuts by using it.


Miter saws are expensive in comparison with circular saws. For this reason, it may not be a budget-friendly and affordable workshop tool for you.

Circular Saws

Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw

A circular saw is another power tool containing a lying flat circular blade that rotates at super speed. This is used for cutting wood, plastic, plywood, and metal. These saws are quite an apparent tool for any workshop. They are portable and available in both corded and cordless models. They have versatile features at a comparatively cheap price. Therefore, you can find circular saws in any garage and workshop. If you worked previously for woodworking or carpentry, you must notice a circular saw before. Generally, you will be able to cut through almost anything such as any type of plastics, woods, and much more.

Circular Saw Pros


Circular saws are absolutely portable tools. Nearly all models have a weight of under 8 pounds. Even corded circular saws are also easy to carry no matter wherever your worksite stays. Just you need to plug the cord into a socket.


Circular saws provide many different varieties of cuts. Even within a few blades having a nice range of tooth sizes and counts, you can easily get crosscuts and rip cuts with efficiency. If this saw has a changeable metal foot,evel cuts are also on the table. Some blades are capable of cutting other things plastic or sheet metal.

Low Price

Circular saws are almost invariably cheaper. If you think a desktop vs. a laptop computer or a grand piano vs. a keyboard, like that much more budget-friendly circular saws are rather than the miter saws.

Circular Saw Cons

Straight Lines Cut

Circular saws allow to cut only the straight lines. Because of the design of a straight cutting line with a flat and wide cutting plane, this saw can not curve perfectly. Apart from this, you can not be able to stop exactly where you want to cut any sharp edge. For this reason, you can use the circular for cutting the straight lines of something.

Lacking Precision

Circular saws are less precise and rougher too. They are as like the machetes, not like the scalpels. On one side, they are leaving ragged edges in the wood piece while crosscutting. On the other side, they get a large quantity of kickback which is making it less safe.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Key Differences

You require tools like a miter saw and circular saws for your workshop or worksite. So, before purchasing, you have to understand the differences and similarities between them.

Firstly, both are two distinctive but highly powerful woodworking tools. Miter Saws originated more than 60 years ago by an engineer named Ed Niehaus.

Ever since his innovation, many companies begin to produce the miter saws because of the advantages. It will allow you to cut more precious pieces into your workpieces. They are user friendly too. Therefore these tools have become popular at any workshop.

On the other hand, circular saws are portable tools. This handheld instrument is powered by either a rechargeable battery or an extension cord. This tool is very effective for making any straight cuts regardless of the workpiece types. For this, it is a very good option for working on woods, plastic, or other things.


So, this is all about the miter saw vs circular saw. Although, both of them are two distinctive tools providing precious cutting. But you need to buy anyone according to your need, budget, and pattern of work. Generally, the miter saw is recommended for doing a large number of crosscuts. Reversely, a circular saw is very perfect for doing the rip cuts in large.

Preferably, you should first use a circular saw in your workshop for getting better ideas about cutting. After a while, you may buy the miter saw depending on the project basis work. Let’s be an awesome woodworker with the tool!

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