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Effective Pole Saw Cutting Techniques [Step By Step Guide]

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Pole saw is one kind of powerful chainsaw that is connected with a pole. It can be operated by gas or petrol as well as powered by batteries or electricity. However, you will find a manual pole saw. The main uses of the tool are pruning the high branches of trees.

But, for any beginner, using a pole saw for cutting or trimming the tree branches is a concerning matter. Although operating the tool is not very difficult if you understand the appropriate techniques. In this post, we will discuss pole saw cutting techniques step by step with you. So let’s start.

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques: Step By step instructions

When you trim and cut branches properly, it develops the healthy growth of the tree. Besides, it provides the correct shaping and blooming of the branches in the desired shape. Although, before you approach further, you must have to learn the cutting techniques with accuracy.

Technique 1: Understanding The Cuts

Different types of trees have various shapes. Because of its particular size and shape, you have to follow many cutting techniques. So, before you proceed to cut the tree branches by using a pole saw, start to gather a few basic knowledge about the specific tree. Then, select the cutting methods suitable for it. For example, you should prune the flower and fruit trees just after every blooming session. In the case of evergreen trees, you can remove the dead branches and leaves.

Technique 2: Preparing the Workspace With Safety Requirements

It will be risky and challenging to operate the pole saw in any tidy space. You should start with the area clearing below the tree to do the cuts. Under the branches of trees, the area is not safe for anyone. Always remember to keep people away from the area. Besides, remove the dead branches and leaves away from the place. You can freely work without injuring others. Also, always wear protective goggles and hand gloves to avoid unwanted moments.

Technique 3: Begin From The Bottom Of The Tree

Another integral portion of pole saw cutting techniques is about planning. You have to plan on where to make the initial cut. For beginning the process of tree pruning, you have to make the horizontal and a bottom cut. Remember, this is the ideal solution for starting the tasks. Choose the utmost branch that requires pruning. Then, start from the underneath or bottom. We recommend you to make a cutting like ‘V-shape’ in the initial instance.

From the underneath, create an edge while making the beveled cut. Then, repeat the cutting from the base on the opposing side for creating the ‘V-shape’ cut. It will be proper if you start cutting from the bark layer. Afterward, reach the cutting to the wood section slowly. In this process, gravity can help you in the cutting task. Although, you need to put less pressure on the blade. And, water sprouts are usually vertical. Thus, the horizontal cutting position is effective.

Technique 4: Repositioning The Blade

Both of your hands need to be used for positioning the blade of the pole saw securely and straightly. Then, align this with the branches of trees. Afterward, push the blade while taking control of the full cutting operation. As you have taken control entirely over the weight of the saw, reposition the tool closely with the branch. Be sure about the alignment accuracy of the saw blade. Moreover, the saw weight helps in the cutting.

Technique 5: Secure The Position

In maximum cases, you work with a pole saw by using a ladder. However, it is important to secure the position before approaching the cutting. At the time of staying on the ladder, the tree branch needs to be parallel with the chest level. This will help you to move upward and download to make further cutting. While activating the hands, hold the saw firmly for cutting the branches. And, never forget to keep the below area clean.

Technique 6: Making The Cuts Repeatedly

Withholding the saw firmly in the position, you will be ready enough to start the first cutting with it. You should ensure full control of the cutting procedure. At this time, start cutting in a vertical motion. Then, reach deeply through the branch. You need to create an opening at the unit. Later, it will work like a cutting guideline. You may not be able to make the first cut accurately. If it occurs, no need to worry. Again start the cutting process.

Technique 7: Finish Off The Cuts

After creating an opening with the blade of a pole saw, you need to focus on further processes. Gradually increase the speed of the blade. Additionally, complete the first cut. Then, you need to follow the exact method for cutting all the branches of trees quickly. Moreover, throughout the entire cutting procedure, you should work with delicately. Keep patience while focusing on the cutting. Thus, you will get better accuracy in cutting. Lastly, you should never trim too much. It will hamper the growth of the tree.

Some Essential Tips

While cutting, the saw blade might get constricted in the tree branches. No need to panic. Just turn off the motor. Lift the resting portions from it to displace the chain of the pole saw. This is the easiest way for solving this problem. In the case of working for a long time to trim many trees, you should use the manual pole saw. It is great to make cutting for bigger branches. Whereas, automatic pole saw can save your time. Based on the budget and work, you can choose the specific types of saws to achieve the desired result.

Final Words

This is all about pole saw cutting techniques. You should always remain cautious at the time of working with a pole saw. Always remember this vital point. Plus, keep observing the fallen branches. When you keep pace with safety measurements, the pole saw seems very easy to use. Also, you will be comfortable and confident about the task. So, you may hardly face any problems with cutting a large tree. Happy pole sawing with these techniques!

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