reciprocating saw is a kind of power saw in which the push and pull motion of the blade helps to complete the cutting action.

This kind of saw is generally used in construction and demolition work. The saw can be held by a hand, which has afoot at the base of the blade, like a jigsaw. This blade is moved backward and forwards strokes by a motor to cut. The blade is changeable.

Moreover, through a reciprocating saw, you can cut anything which is not offered by other saws. Wood, iron, aluminum, copper, plaster, stone, and any other materials can be easily cut through a reciprocating saw. For example, a circular saw is used only to cut wood, but other materials such as iron cannot be cut by using it.

So, in this case, you must buy several saws to cut different things, which is a matter of high cost. But you can cut anything with a reciprocating saw by installing the right blade only. If you can use the reciprocating saw appropriately, the saw will offer you maximum benefits.

Reciprocating saws are used for various purposes such as pruning, plumbing, demolition, salvaging wooden stuff, construction, framework, etc. Some uses of reciprocating saws are given below.

Reciprocating Saw Uses

Most Common Reciprocating Saw Uses

The reciprocating is known as an all-in-one cutting tool. It saws everything, that’s why it is called Sawzall.

1. Pruning

You can prune or trim the overgrown tree branches by using a reciprocating saw. You can move it quickly and carry it anywhere with you because the cordless reciprocating saw is portable, and also the weight of the saw is not heavy. So in terms of pruning anything, the reciprocating saws will be one of the best cutting tools.

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2. Demolition

Demolition means destroying things. The reciprocating saws are specially designed for demolishing things with their long blades. In demolition works, other saws are worthless, but reciprocating saws are used highly by changing saw blades to longer ones.

3. Construction


Reciprocating saws are used in construction, especially roof construction. It is also used to repair shingles. You can turn it into a beautiful piece for the roofing system by trimming shingles. So in the construction site, the reciprocating saw has excellent uses.

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4. Plumbing


You can also use a reciprocating saw for doing any plumbing works in your house. You can get your pipes any plumbing structure without causing any damage by using it.

This saw can be used to cut through holes and notches. So it is the best tool for plumbing works. For this purpose, most of the plumbers have used this reciprocating saw for doing their jobs to avoid such kinds of troubles.

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5. Framework

To make good frames, you can choose a reciprocating saw, which will be better than any other saw. Reciprocating saws are good at making straight cuts or curved cuts. Any other normal saws cannot access these, but a reciprocating saw can easily access them.

This saw can easily make these cuts on both wooden and metallic surfaces in a very accurate way. The use of the most versatile blades makes it possible.

6. To Cut Sill Plates

Reciprocating saws can also be used to cut sill plates. To cut sill plates, you need to attach to the saw the right blade, and then you will be able to cut through the sill plates very quickly.

7. Sanding Holes

To sand holes, you can also use a reciprocating saw. This cast-off tool splinters, dust, saw dirt, and the tool will clean the cuts as they bore through.

8. Salvaging Wooden Stuff

When you use a reciprocating saw, you can salvage scrap wooden pieces. You can also trim these wooden pieces into beautiful and artistic work.

9. Nails Embedded Wood

When Nails are embedded in the wood, and you have no intention to remove the nails from the wood before cutting, you need only a reciprocating saw. Other saws are not capable of doing this kind of work. Again, only reciprocating saws can do such jobs without causing any damage to the surface.

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10. Maneuver Through Cuts

Sometimes we need to cut shapes in wood. In my opinion, a jigsaw is the best tool for cutting shapes in wood. But you can also make such cuts with a reciprocating saw. For cutting shapes in wood by using a reciprocating saw, you need to change the blade, and you can use a tiny blade to fulfill the purpose.

11. Cut In Tight Spaces

When other saws cannot cut in a tight and uneasy space, a reciprocating saw can do it easily and quickly because of its streamlined shape. This kind of cut is difficult or impossible for other saws. So reciprocating saw is the best tool used to cut in a tight place.

12. Overhead Cut

The other saws can easily do any cuts that are made on the ground. Making overhead cuts are very challenging and risky work. It is either difficult or impossible for other saws. But it is not difficult for the reciprocating saw to make any type of overhead cuts.

13. Plunge Cuts

Reciprocating saws can cut through different types of materials. This is because other blades are used for further cuts. So different kinds of cuts are easy to make with the reciprocating saw, but you cannot make those cuts with other types of saws. Plunge cuts are among one of them. So you can insert the reciprocating saw blade, and then you can easily make the plunge cut.

A reciprocating saw uses have variety and differences. A reciprocating saw comes with several features. These features help the user to make the best cuts.

They are easy to use and light for being carried with any place. They are also versatile enough to be used on both wood and various metals. Reciprocating saw makes it easy to do several works by using only one tool.

If the reciprocating saw has never been invented, we need to buy several saws to do different works. So the reciprocating saw also reduces buying costs by providing several kinds of jobs just after changing its blade. So the reciprocating saw is indeed a handy tool.

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