How to Remove a Stuck Table Saw Blade – Easy Tips

Replacing a worn-out table saw blade is not that hard. You can get professional help, or even do it by yourself in a few steps if you have the time. Personally, I prefer to change the blades myself as it gives me time to do some basic cleanups along the way.

In some cases, your saw blade might get stuck on the arbor complicating the entire process. Do not fret, it is still fixable.

But before we go further, you need to know what reverse threading means and whether your table saw blade is reverse threaded.

Spoiler Alert: in most cases, they are. After that, you can remove a stuck table saw blade with a propane torch, penetrating oil, or even a breaker bar.

I had my share of troubles when changing table saw blades and I know how frustrating it can get. So, the million-dollar question is- how do you remove a stuck table saw blade?

With my help, you should be able to replace your blades easily even if you face this issue.

how to remove a stuck table saw blade

Are table saw blades reverse threaded?

That is the first thing you need to understand. If the bolts of the table saw blade gets tighter as you turn left, that means it is reverse threaded. And in most cases, table saw blades are in fact reverse threaded.

However, if your table saw blade tilts to the left, it might not be reversely threaded.

In simple terms, reverse threaded table saw blades get tighter as you turn the nut counter-clockwise. Most circular saws and table saws come with reverse threaded blades as it makes it easier for people to disjoint the nuts.

Once you know and understand which way you need to turn the nut to remove the table saw blade, you can get started.

There is no distinct advantage of having a reverse threaded table saw. Top-tier table saws and even budget alternatives under $1000 can have a reverse thread. It varies from model to model.

There are many different ways to remove a table saw blade. You can use the two-wrench method, or even use the arbor lock if your saw comes with this feature.

How to Remove a Stuck Table Saw Blade

The basic steps to replacing a table saw blade are almost always the same. It involves removing the washer, taking off the old blade, installing the new one, and reinstalling the nuts and washers.

However, in certain situations, you might not be able to take off the nut. This means the arbor nut has frozen. In this case, you need to apply heat to get it moving again.

In my experience, applying some heat from a propane torch usually does the trick. You can also apply a bit of penetrating oil to lubricate the nut.

It can make it easier for you to start loosening it. If you have a breaker bar in your workshop, you can also use it to loosen up the arbor nut to remove the stuck table saw blade.

Parting Shots

If the arbor nut in your table saw blade does not budge, it is best not to force it. Applying too much force without understanding the issue can even cause the nut to break off.

Hopefully, my simple guidelines on how to remove a stuck table saw blade was enough to get you out of this situation without any trouble.

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