There are plenty of power saws available out there in the market.

The efficiency of cutting any workpieces in your workshop will be determined by which kind of saw you are using.

But sometimes, it would be complicated to pick up the perfect saw for the project. Moreover, you may have been confused about purchasing a band saw or scroll saw.

Although, all professional woodworkers have to use both of them. But as an ordinary user, you only need to buy only one of the two.

Today, we will discuss with you the scroll saw vs. band saw. But, first, let’s have a good look to get an in-depth idea of choosing your desirable tool.

If we talk about band saw vs. scroll saw, both are distinctively different in their application and process. So now, we will begin to discuss these more.

Pros and Cons of Scroll Saw

  • Perfect For Crafts
  • Accurate and precise
  • Can cut inside of the material
  • Not perfect for cutting thick materials
  • Not suitable for direct cuts

Pros and Cons of Band Saw

  • Perfect for thick materials
  • Allows straight lines cutting
  • Accuracy and speed
  • Rougher angle cuts
  • It is not possible to make any plunge or inside cuts

Scroll Saw And Scroll Saw Uses

Scroll saw uses

Comparing scroll saw vs. band saw, this is connected by electricity. For operating, you need to use a foot pedal.

Although, it does not have a permanent circle blade. However, it has an excellent blade that is easily removable during work.

This will allow you to initiate cutting at the midpoint of the material. In addition, you can move your material with greater accuracy because of the sloping table.

This saw is the best option for artisans or even only for cutting little lumber pieces that require accuracy. In most cases, artisans and woodworkers use this saw to make zigsaw puzzles.

Therefore, it can cause sharp, clean, precise, and complicated cuts. These saws are also very effective in making the plunge and round cuts.

So, all of this allows it to become one of the best instruments for crafting any wood piece. This tool is an excellent option for making intricate designs on any wood piece.

Besides accuracy, scroll saws will make smooth cuts without doing any sanding.

Scroll Saws Pros (Detail)

  • Perfect For Crafts: The scroll saws are best for making crafts like zigsaw puzzles or other carvings. So, scroll saws will be very effective if you want to decorate the house. Because it will make a maximum of the cuts according to your need.
  • Accurate and precise: Scroll saws have small blades that make evident and incredibly accurate cuts. Therefore, you can make smooth and perfect cuts using this saw.
  • Can cut inside of the material: Saw bands can make inside cuts. This saw is particularly effective in creating a plunge cut in any material. A thin blade can insert directly into the scroll saw. This will help cut complicated designs. Even you can easily make a circle around the material without crossing the border of any workpiece.

Scroll Saws Cons (Detail)

  • Not perfect for cutting thick materials: The scroll saw has a thin blade suitable for making intricate and precise cuts. But it is not ideal for cutting any thick materials. With this scroll saw, materials thicker than three to four inches would be tough to cut.
  • Not suitable for direct cuts: Scroll saws are not the perfect option for straight cuts.Because it tends to bend while making immediate cuts, hampering the cutting quality.

Band Saw & Band Saw Uses

Band Saw Uses

Band saw is one of the best power saws for your workshop. It uses a continuous and elongated blade that will stretch between the wheels.

This blade is particularly suitable for rotating around the rubber wheels.

This saw is mainly helpful for cutting metal or wood. But with great accuracy, it can be used for cutting other materials.

And, it can be used to cut materials that are less than 2 inches thick. And changing blades, you can easily make deeper straight cuts.

Therefore, rip cutting is also possible with this tool. So, if you use this tool, you can get cut according to your needs and shapes.

Besides, it allows accuracy with speed. Therefore, this saw is the best instrument for building cabinets or even industrial purposes.

Band Saws Pros (Detail)

  •  Perfect for thick materials: The band saw is ideal for cutting the thick materials compared to the scroll saw. Therefore, using the appropriate blade, various materials can be cut easily.
  •  Allows straight lines cutting: Using the more prominent and challenging blades with the band saw, you can easily cut straight lines. So, the band saw is better than a scroll saw for cutting the straight lines.
  •  Accuracy and speed: The band saw can cut any materials with surprising speed and greater accuracy. It is one of the best advantages of the band saw. Therefore this is a perfect instrument for making multiple cuts at the irregular edges or making some blunt cuts. And your hands can handle freely any band saw that allows better control of piercing with the perfect accuracy.

Band Saws Cons (Detail)

  •  Rougher angle cuts: According to the blade and the material, band saws can make different rough cuts. While the cuts may be straightly aligned, they can finish up with aggressive angles. Or it may not end up as smoothly as what you will get from the scroll saw.
  •  It is impossible to make any plunge or inside cuts: You will not be able to make any inside or plunge cuts with the band saw. But by using the scroll saw, you can do it. Band saws contain a fixed blade, which allows you to cut directly over the border of the materials for getting into the inside.

To Conclude

This is all about scroll saw vs. band saw! Although, both have different advantages and disadvantages. Plus, if you have to select one, it will depend on your needs.

For most woodworkers, a great tool is the band saw. On the other hand, the best pick for small materials and crafts is a scroll saw. Lastly, both of these saws are reliable for your workshop. So let’s pick anyone accordingly!

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