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What Is A Pole Saw?

What Is A Pole Saw

Pole saw is a particular type of tool which is attached to the pole. It can work for cutting the tree branches and vines or anything else. Additionally, numerous tasks are managed

by the tool easily. The uses of this tool may range from yards to any large firm. Although many people are familiar with the other types of common saw such as chainsaws, mitre or circular saws. Nevertheless, if you are not familiar with this effective tool, we are here to talk about what is a pole saw.

Today’s post is all about the pole saw discussion in the combination of uses, advantages, different varieties and helpful tips. Let’s have a happy reading with the post!

Pole Saw

pole saw uses

The name indicates the description of the saw. In this point, we are describing the definite explanation. This tool is attached to the terminal portion of a pole. The main application is cutting things that are beyond the reach of any kind of hand saw. With the pole saw, an obvious manual form can be extended about 10 to 20 feet long.

As you already assume, these kinds of pole saws are handled by the movement of the blade. It moves back as well as forth towards the object by your hand. You do this with any other kind of hand saw. But, this saw has one terminal portion of a pole. The only key difference lies here. The tool is primitive but very effective.

Pole saws enabled with more latest power sources are facilitated with different kinds of blades. Generally, the chainsaw blade can be used for adjusting different angles. Also, the trigger system operates the speed of the blade. Except for the specifications and the power source, the general shape and design remains exactly similar.

So, this is one of the easiest and simplistic saws which are available on the market. Besides, they are also a versatile tool. Pole saws are the best preferable tool among arborists and landscapers. We hope in the post of about,’ what is a pole saw’ is increasing interest on your mind. We will talk more further in this article.

5 Different Types of Pole Saw:

Pole saw is a cleaning tool. The main uses of different kinds of saw are basically for the same. But from the various uses, speciality, here are some categories:

1. Electric Pole Saw

corded pole saw

For the gardener, the most familiar home tool is an electric pole saw. People buy this tool mostly. As operated by electricity, this saw has very little weight. It helps you in cutting around 8 – 9 inches limbs in your garden. Having this tool will save you time. Also, it can save money. Most amazingly, an electric saw will help you to cut up to 6 -15 feet above. And, electric saws are automatic and easily adjustable to use. So, you can buy an electric pole saw for your work.

2. Gas-Powered Pole Saw

gas pole saw

For doing heavy-duty cutting like vast forest tree pruning, you should buy a gas powered pole saw. This saw is powerful and very versatile. Most amazingly, they are very easy to use. Though this saw creates a loud sound, so frequently users wear a helmet and soundproof headphones. A cord is situated in the main part of the saw. After pulling it, the saw starts. And, you can easily cut any limb or branch of trees by adjusting the speed of the blade from the switch.

3. Manual Pole Saw

manual pole saw

The manual pole saw is made for cutting the higher limbs of the tree. This specificity model is the very oldest. But it is reliable and strong. The design seems like any pole. Above it, lies the saw blade having big teeth. The manual pole saw doesn’t need any fuel or electricity to run. For any small yard or garden, you can clean with it. You may cut up to 7-10 feet high based on your models. For big teeth, it is easy to cut anything.

4. Hydraulic Pole Saw

This particular type of saws are used by professionals who work on the roadside trees, forest or any large farms. Hydraulic saw is an excellent heavy-duty tool. We will find lots of special models of the pole saw in the market. Usually, a skid steer is attached with all of them. This saw is very fast on cutting. Besides, it is much lighter than any electric saw. Hydraulic pole saw is a durable and reasonable best tool. You will get it installed on tractors and skid steers.

5. Corded And Cordless Pole Saw

cordless pole saw

For working uninterrupted, a corded pole saw is the best tool. Place the saw by where the cord can easily reach you. You can safely cut anything with your corded pole saw. With this saw, you can work for a longer duration. On the other hand, cordless pole saws provide different specialties. Carrying this tool for working anywhere. You will get the freedom in working. The battery is very lightweight, as well as easily changeable. In the change time of the battery, you can simply take a rest and then work again.

5 Cool Pole Saw Uses

  • Cutting Branches

Cutting branches of trees is the most common work of your pole saw. For cutting any shrub, bush or anything else, you can always use the best pole saws available.

  • Tree Trimming

For removing blocked sunlight, unwanted limbs, dead vines, trimming is very essential. You can use a pole saw for trimming and preventing the unnecessary growth of limbs.

  • Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is different from trimming. Besides, this process is done once annually for dealing with any health problem of the tree. By using a pole saw, you can do it.

  • Bush Clearing

For cleaning the bush, a pole saw is the ideal tool. It will help you to cut bushes easily. Bush is harmful because insects can live there. So, cutting is the ultimate solution.

  • Cleaning Forest And Roads After The Disasters

After any disaster, pole saw particularly hydraulic saw is used to clean wood and streets. Within a very little amount of time, the tool helps to clean up any large area.


So, this is all about the discussion of what is a pole saw. With little knowledge, pole saw can be used broadly. The pole saw is mainly designed for making your work easy. Additionally, it maintains a neat and clean environment. Cleaning trees or gardening purposes, you can always use this versatile tool. Most interestingly, there are different varieties of pole saws available on the market. You can buy according to your requirements. Happy sawing with the pole saw!

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