Worm Drive Saw Vs Circular Saw: Which One Is Better For The Projects

There are lots of models, types and brands of saw available with having the subcategories, selecting the proper saw for your task to become challenging. The selection will be harder between the worm drive saw vs circular saw. Because both of them seem almost identical. Whereas, they have some basic differences.

Worm drive saw provides a higher torque in comparison to circular saws. But, they are budget-friendly than the worm saw. In today’s post, we will simplify the discussion with you for making the process more interesting. Hence you may choose which tool is perfectly fitted for you.

Worm Drive Saw

Worm Drive Saw

You should go for a worm drive saw if you need a tool with more power and torque. In this saw, the motor is situated at the back of the blade Relative to the sidewinder cousin. It generates sufficient torque for cutting the concrete or wet lumber. Because of this, it is frequently used for renovation and framing jobs.

Apart from this, the handle is more backside than the sidewinder saws. It helps you to endure kickback. Besides, this will guide you in making the long cuts. Right-handed users can notice the tool as the full-size blades are sitting on the left side margin. This provides additional advantages over the saw while cutting the materials.

As we discussed, the saw has a high torque because of its slower speed. So, the slim design will give you proper access and a long reach for tightening the spaces. It’s quite challenging to reach for the chainsaw. Although, you may pay a higher price for it than the chainsaw. The rugged design is the best for using on the professionals job site.

Advantages Of Worm Drive Saw

  • Perfect For Hard Cuts: Worm driven saw has a very powerful motor. It can generate around 4500 to 5000 ROM. Along with it, the saw facilities with great torque. So, you can easily handle massive logs by the saw. Indeed, it is a perfect tool for cutting tough materials.
  • Suitable For Right-handed Person: In the maximum cases, right-handed users find operating the saw very easy.Because the position of the motor is situated on the right portion of the saw. After learning the technique, the tool can be used with one hand.
  • Plunge Cuts: Apart from the rough cuts, a worm drive saw will be capable of making plunge cuts. As we mentioned, the motor is attached at the back. The powerful motor is driven between two gears on each set. This setting will be effective for making the plunge cuts.

Disadvantages Of Worm Drive Saw

  • Heavyweight: This saw is heavier than most of the other saws. Therefore, it is difficult to move this from one area to another. And, it will limit your reach while cutting.
  • Work Fatigue: This tool is builiker enough to make you feel fatigued. Heavyweight design is responsible for this. Moreover, it is not easy to operate the saw regularly.

Recommended Worm Drive Saw: Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw

Circular Saw

Circular Saw

The circular saw is used for cutting large pieces of plastic, wood, concrete, metals and materials like bricks and tiles. This portable tool can make straight and curvilinear cuts. Therefore, the circular saw is well received by professionals and enthusiasts. Whether in a construction site or a workshop, this effective instrument can do various tasks.

The tool provides high precision with greater sawing capacity. It can be electric or manual. Nowadays, a manual circular saw is rarely used. Almost every user prefers an automated electrical one. They are very complex with components like the blade, the outer frame, the motor and lastly the dust blower. So, you can pleasantly use the circular saws.

Besides, it will be an easy task to choose the circular saw according to your work projects. You should remember some necessary characteristics points concerning the choice. Mainly focus on the power with accessories. Never purchase the circular saw without thinking carefully. Nevertheless, you can make almost all types of cutting using a circular saw.

Advantages Of Circular Saw

  • Fast Cutting Efficiency: The most useful advantage of the tool is fast cutting efficiency. Within a quick time, you can cut any materials. Because it can reach the blade spinning about 6000 RPM. Your cutting tasks will be done rapidly with the speed.
  • Easy To Handle: They are one of the compact saws available in the working industry. Circular saws are very easy to handle due to the lightweight construction. For overhanging cutting sessions and smooth transportation, they are the best.
  • Cost Effectivity: As a customer, you will ultimately prefer a circular saw because of the price. This affordability will give it high points when we talk about worm drive saw vs circular saw. Therefore, no need to worry, if you have issues with investing money. Just buy one!

Disadvantages Of Circular Saw

  • Less Torque: Circular saw will produce less torque compared to the worm driven saws. This hampers in handling the big project like cutting a large log or lumber with the saw.
  • Not Suitable For Left Handed Users: It has a motor which is fitted on the right side. This forces the left-handed user to fall back on the cutting material. Thus, it is not suitable for them.

Recommended Circular Saw: Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw

Let’s Wrap Up

This is a brief discussion about worm drive saw vs circular saw. The point is, it’s difficult to say which one is best in your perspective. Both of them are versatile and useful tools to have many uses. In case of doing tougher jobs, you should go for the worm drive saw. As it has a higher torque.Whereas, a circular saw may be preferable to you because of the lower weight. You can have a personal preference. So, choose accordingly!

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