About FreshHandyman

Hi! Welcome to our website, FreshHandyman. This website is the best resource for any hands-on guy out there. It is best for the DIY guy and the Handyman.

In this website we have a variety of resources for you. Some of our best resources include the following: buying guides, DIY-related posts, reviews, tool comparisons, and how to use your tools.

When Was the Website Started?

This website was started over 6 years ago with Joe Wilson. Joe like many other guys loved DIY woodworking since he was twelve. However, he has also had his ups and downs with numerous tools.

So prevent the other DIY woodworking lovers from going through the same ordeal, Joe started this website. Today, he has educated many guys around the world. He has helped DIY guys to understand their tools more and to use them better.

Trust us no handyman is good enough if he doesn’t understand his tool. The best handyman needs to understand his tools so that he can choose the right one for the next job. That’s the ultimate reason why this website was born.

Ever since, we have grown. We have had numerous writers, reviewers, and testers to work with. We also have very many unique visitors coming to FreshHandyman every day.

Why Our Website?

In our website, we pride in delivering the best content. Our contents are well-researched. Our writers are experts in various fields too. More importantly, we have longer experience with tools too.

In addition to that, our website gives you the opportunity to learn about the best DIY tools, how they work, how they compare to each other, and which ones are the best of the class. We have looked at dozens or saws, given reviews, and also suggested on which options to go with.

The in-depth guides that we provide have been very helpful for many people. It has helped them to learn about features, specs, and provided them with helpful information too. From affordability, mode of operation to performance the list is endless.

How We Prepare Our Content

We do a one on one experiment with our products. We can also incorporate feedback from the previous users. Nonetheless, we will look at the features, performances, warranties, and customer ratings.

Our research is based on real websites. We look at online stores that are certified and rated. We also take pride in calling customers who have included their contact details. On average, we will work for three day on every post that we give you in here.

Well, you may look at this as such a long time but we don’t. We focus on giving your quality. That’s why we will go through any levels to ensure that this is done.

For the last six years, our commitment to doing this has quite helped us to achieve nothing but the best reviews.

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In case you want to get in touch. contact us at FreshHandyman any time and get the best tips for your next woodworking project. Welcome.