11 Best Mini and Small Chainsaws of 2024: [Handheld, Cordless, Gas-Powered]

Best Mini Chainsaws

Does size matter?

Well, the answer might be different depending on the context, but for chainsaws, the answer is almost always – Yes. You see, the bigger the guide bar and chain in the chainsaw, the deeper you’ll be able to cut with it. But then again – do homeowners even need a big chainsaw?

  • A standard-size chainsaw is heavy
  • It’s expensive
  • And it’s harder to use for a beginner

Taking all of these facts into account – a smaller chainsaw might be a better fit for gardening applications and property maintenance.

I, for instance, prefer to use a 10-inch Greenworks chainsaw for these sorts of work. And when I need more power, I don’t hesitate to whip out my trusty-old Stihl MS550. Now, I’m not saying you need to go with a high-performance, professional-grade chainsaw. It’s quite the opposite.

If you don’t plan on cutting large trees any time soon – it’s better to go with a mini chainsaw. It will be easier on your wallet, and you’ll also have a better time with it for lightweight projects.

While some people choose to think of mini and small chainsaws as different, for me – they are the same. And by that, I mean anything under 18 inches which is the standard guide bar size, can be considered a mini chainsaw. And there are plenty of great choices here.

best mini chainsaw

In this article, I will talk about some of the best mini chainsaws out there to help you out in your daily chores and maintenance responsibilities. So, let’s hop in.

Quick Comparison [TOP 11 Mini and Small Chainsaws]

Image Product Details   Price
backpac DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Chainsaw
[Best for Mini Battery]
Brand: Dewalt
Weight: 8.8 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH): 25 x 9 x 9 In
Power Source: Battery Powered
Battery Voltage: 20V
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backpac Greenworks G-24 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw
[Best for Money]
Brand: Greenworks
Weight: 7.5 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 24V
Bar Length: 10 inches
Included Battery: Yes
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cordlessblower Husqvarna 120 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw
[Best for Small Gas]
Brand: Husqvarna
Weight: 13.94 pounds
Type: Gasoline Powered
Displacement: 38 cc
Bar Length: 14 – 18 inches
Fuel Capacity: 5.12 oz.
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cordlessblower CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 V20* 12-in Cordless Chainsaw Brand: CRAFTSMAN
Weight: 9.5 pounds
Type: Cordless Battery-Powered
Battery Voltage: 20V
Bar Length: 8 inches
Included Battery: Not required
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cordlessblower Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch Chainsaw
[Best Mini Electric]
Brand: Sun Joe
Weight: 8.4 pounds
Type: Corded electric, 2-in-1 convertible
Voltage: 120V ~ 60hz
Bar Length: 8 inches
Included Battery: Not required
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cordlessblower Ryobi P546 10 in Cordless Chainsaw
[Best Lightweight Chainsaw]
Brand: Poulan Pro
Weight: 5.8 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 18V
Bar Length: 10 inches
Included Battery: No
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cordlessblower Milwaukee M12 Mini Chainsaw
[Best 6-inch Chainsaw]
Brand: Poulan Pro
Weight: 5 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 12V
Bar Length: 6 inches
Included Battery: Yes
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cordlessblower HYCHIKA CS18D 18V 8-Inch Electric Brushless Mini Chainsaw Brand: HYCHIKA
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 18V
Bar Length: 8 inches
Included Battery: Yes
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cordlessblower BEI & HONG 6-Inch Mini Chainsaw Brand: BEI & HONG
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 21V
Bar Length: 6 inches
Included Battery: Yes (2)
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cordlessblower Saker GJ15990 Electric Small Handheld Chainsaw
[Best 4-inch Chainsaw]
Brand: Milwaukee
Weight: 5 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 12V
Bar Length: 6 inches
Included Battery: Yes
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cordlessblower RLSOO Upgraded 4-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw Brand: RLSOO
 2.4 pounds
Type: Cordless battery-powered
Battery Voltage: 21V
Bar Length: 4 inches
Included Battery: Yes (2)
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Top 11 Best Mini Chainsaws Reviews

By mini, or small chainsaws, I mean the chainsaws that come with a smaller guide bar. Mini chainsaws can come in all sorts of sizes and designs. It can be cordless, corded, or even gas-driven. And the guide bar size can range anywhere from 4 inches up to 16 inches. So, you have a lot of flexibility in your choice.

But this can, in turn, make it harder for you to settle on a chainsaw that ticks all the right boxes. So, to make things easier for you, here are a couple of amazing mini chainsaws that I believe are well-suited for you.

1. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V 12-Inch Chainsaw

DEWALT DCCS620B 12-Inch Chainsaw

[Best Mini Battery Chainsaw]

  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 20V
  • Bar Length: 12 inches
  • Included Battery: No

Just because you are going with a mini chainsaw doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice cutting power. Now I know what you’re thinking – a small chainsaw will never match the power of a standard model. And you’re right. But DeWalt can get you pretty darn close.

For those well-initiated in the cordless power tool industry, DeWalt should be a pretty familiar name. They are often considered the king of the hill among handymen and woodworkers. And the DeWalt 20V MAX XR chainsaw is a good example of why they are held in such high regard.

When I first saw this chainsaw, I was looking for a compact, lightweight chainsaw to collect firewood or clean up small shrubbery. And I knew in my heart that it would be an overkill for this type of work. But once I tried it out, I knew I made the right choice. Let me explain –

dewalt dccs620b mini chainsaw

This chainsaw is equipped with a low-kickback 12-inch guide bar and chain. That’s two inches longer than what you find in most cordless chainsaws. And while you might think that it’s not much of a jump, it makes a lot of difference in terms of cutting power.

For instance, because of its extra length, you can use the chainsaw to cut thicker logs without too many issues. And since it comes with brushless motor technology, the torque you get from the engine is much higher than other cordless models with a regular motor.

The battery life in the chainsaw is also pretty decent, but since it comes without a battery pack or charger, you will need to invest a couple of extra bucks for it. That’s about the only thing that I don’t like about this chainsaw. Regardless of when you are getting the battery, make sure you are going with the 5 Ah capacity battery, as it will give you the best uptime.

If you are cutting a 4 x 4 pressure wood, for instance, using the 5 Ah battery on a full charge will net you around 90 cuts. After that, you need to recharge the battery. But since it charges up to full within 30 minutes, you wouldn’t have to waste too much time. And if you have a spare battery, then you don’t need to wait around at all.

The chainsaw, while it’s a bit heavier than other cordless models in the market, is still pretty light and easy to manage. It weighs only around 8.8 pounds which for a physically fit person shouldn’t be too taxing to carry around. The rear and top handles come with thick padding to make it even easier to handle.

It also comes with a tool-free chain and bar-tightening system. So you can adjust the tightness of the chainsaw on the fly. And for safety, the chainsaw has a chain brake mechanism and an ergonomic handle design to reduce the risk of any potential accidents.

Keep in mind, though, for a cordless chainsaw, DeWalt is for a pretty hefty price for this model. It costs a bit over 200 dollars, but frankly, the extra bar length and built-in features are worth the price. So, if you’re looking for one of the best 12-inch chainsaws out there, you won’t do much better than this one.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Simple, user-friendly design.
  • Massive battery uptime.
  • Comes with a 12-inch guide bar and chain.


  • A bit pricey for a cordless chainsaw.
  • Does not include a battery and charger.

2. Greenworks G-24 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks G-24 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

[Best for Money]

  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 24V
  • Bar Length: 10 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes

When it comes to cordless power tools, you really can’t go wrong with Greenworks. I have been a huge fan of the brand ever since I bought a compact power drill about ten years back. And over the years, the quality of their tools has only gotten better.

Take the Greenworks G-24 as an example. It’s a compact cordless chainsaw with enough power to handle all your daily chores around your property. Yes, there are certain limitations, but when you are looking for an excellent bang for your buck chainsaw that’s easy to use, this is one of the best there is.

Now you might be thinking – if there are limitations to this chainsaw, why would I give it the second spot? Well, there are two reasons for it. Firstly, the chainsaw is extremely reliable and gives you an all-around great cutting performance. And secondly, it comes at an amazing price point.

greenworks g-24 24v 10-inch cordless chainsaw

This chainsaw comes with a 10-inch bar which on paper might sound a bit too small. Well, unless you are cutting down large tree trunks with this chainsaw, which you shouldn’t be doing with a cordless saw in the first place, you should be pretty happy.

I use this chainsaw for occasional yard maintenance, like trimming down shrubbery or cleaning up bushes, and for that purpose, it’s a fantastic saw. On a full charge, the chainsaw lasts for up to 35 cuts. And it’s a safe bet that you should be done with your yard work by the time it runs out of juice.

The chainsaw runs off of a 24V battery which means the power output is pretty nice. You get a free 2.0 Ah battery and charger included with your pack. And if you plan on taking on projects that require more than 35 cuts at a time, I would recommend buying a secondary battery and alternating between them while working.

This chainsaw comes with an automatic chain oiler which means you won’t have to worry about manually lubricating the chain every few cuts. A simple press of a button is all you need to think about when the chain becomes dry. And the electric start mechanism in the chainsaw lets you fire up the motor in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, the chainsaw comes with a side-mounted chain tensioner, much like the ones you see in more-expensive gasoline chainsaws. That means you will be able to adjust the chain tension on the fly without having to stop in the middle of your project.

The chainsaw is extremely lightweight, weighing a measly 7.5 pounds. And the handle design puts a safe barrier between you and the chain. The handle also comes with soft rubber padding that’s designed to reduce operator fatigue when you are lugging it around.

As I said earlier, this chainsaw offers amazing value for homeowners who prioritize safety and comfort over cutting power. The Greenworks G-24 chainsaw costs only around 140 bucks, and it frequently goes on sale. So there’s a good chance that you’ll find a nice deal for yourself when you plan on picking it up.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Simple, user-friendly design.
  • Massive battery uptime.
  • Comes with a 12-inch guide bar and chain.


  • A bit pricey for a cordless chainsaw.
  • Does not include a battery and charger.

3. Husqvarna 120 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna 120 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

[Best for Small Gas]

  • Weight: 13.94 pounds
  • Type: Gasoline Powered
  • Displacement: 38 cc
  • Bar Length: 14 – 18 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.12 oz.

When talking about mini chainsaws, it’s rare for people to talk about gasoline chainsaws. The fuel tank and engine alone can take up a lot of space. And that, in turn, can make the chainsaw bulky, right? Well, Husqvarna says otherwise with their entry-level Husqvarna 120 gas-powered chainsaw.

Now, I know people are probably looking for cordless electric models when they are going for a mini saw. But the truth is, gasoline-powered chainsaws almost always offer more power per dollar spent. And since you’ll be able to pick up the compact Husqvarna 120 chainsaw at a pretty decent price, I figured it’s worth a mention here.

The chainsaw comes with a 16-inch guide bar which is enough for moderate tree felling and property maintenance jobs such as cleaning up the rubble after a storm. And it’s still small enough to be easy to work with for a homeowner who doesn’t usually work with chainsaws regularly.

And since it’s from Husqvarna, you will be getting the powerful and efficient X-Torq engine with the chainsaw. The small 38-cc engine can provide up to 1.8 HP power output, which might not be enough for heavy workloads, but for a moderate and small work environment, it’s perfect.

Besides, the engine is extremely fuel efficient and also has minimal emissions for you to worry about. The chainsaw can hold up to 5.12 oz. of fuel, which might seem low on paper, but in practice, the efficient design of the engine lets you get a decent bit of uptime with it.

husqvarna 120 small gas chainsaw

Another huge win for the chainsaw is that you can use different guide bar sizes with it. It comes with a 16-inch bar. But you can swap it out for an 18-inch bar if you want to do some taxing cutting work with the chainsaw. Inversely, if you want to make the chainsaw lighter or more manageable, you can switch to a 14-inch bar too.

And since this chainsaw is from Husqvarna, you will also be getting all the brand benefits and features with the Husqvarna 120 chainsaw. Features that are present in high-end chainsaws, such as quick start with air purge, air injection technology, and LowVib technology, are also present in this chainsaw.

The chainsaw also comes with an inertia-activated chain brake to minimize the risk of injury due to kickback. It requires minimal maintenance, and with some occasional cleaning now and then, you can expect a decent bit of lifespan from this chainsaw.

And it’s pretty lightweight, too, weighing in at around 14 pounds. Granted – it’s heavier than the other options on this list, but remember, it’s a powerful gas-driven chainsaw that gives you a lot more cutting power than its cordless competitors. And it doesn’t cost too much more than the DeWalt 20V Max XR, either.

I know there are some benefits to cordless chainsaws, but when you want sheer cutting strength and efficiency, a gas chainsaw from a top-tier chainsaw brand is the best way to go. And with the Husqvarna 120, you will get all the benefits of a gasoline chainsaw at a compact and easy-to-use form factor.


  • Offers more cutting power than cordless chainsaws.
  • Compatible with different bar sizes.
  • Utilizes the powerful and efficient X-Torq engine.
  • Air injection technology minimizes maintenance requirements.


  • The fuel capacity is a bit low.
  • A bit heavier than an electric or battery-powered chainsaw.

4. CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 V20 12-in Cordless Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 Cordless 12 in Chainsaw
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Type: Cordless Battery-Powered
  • Battery Voltage: 20V
  • Bar Length: 8 inches
  • Included Battery: Not required

Although any chainsaw under the 16-inch standard bar size can be considered a mini chainsaw, I tried to keep most of my picks under 10 inches. Well, of course, DeWalt 20V MAX XR deserves the top spot, but I wanted to leave it at that. But as I was halfway through the list, I decided to include another one.

Now before you jump up in protest, let me explain – while the DeWalt is an amazing chainsaw, it’s pretty expensive. And DIY enthusiasts or homeowners wouldn’t want to spend that much on a small chainsaw. That’s when the Craftsman V20 starts looking a lot more attractive.

If you’ve worked with affordable power tools before, I am sure you already know the brand pretty well. Craftsman offers many high-performance, low-price power tools that are suitable for a wide range of applications. And the V20 chainsaw is a great option to consider if you’re on a tight budget but still want something with a bit of oomph behind it.

craftsman v20 cordless chainsaw

This chainsaw comes with a 12-inch stainless steel bar with high-quality razor-sharp chains that let you shred through thick wooden boards without any hassle. The chain speed is decent, and cutting through 4 x 4 wooden boards is smooth and efficient. So if you’ll be using it as a pruning chainsaw, it’s a safe bet that it’ll work perfectly.

The chainsaw, in many aspects, feels like a slightly toned-down version or rather inspired by the DeWalt 20V MAX XR. Similar to the more expensive DeWalt option, this one comes with a 20V motor, and the bar size is also the same. But sadly, the motor is not brushless.

Still, it doesn’t take much away from the chainsaw. In terms of battery efficiency and torque, it can often go toe-to-toe with the DeWalt chainsaw. And unlike DeWalt, you’ll be getting a high-capacity 4 Ah battery completely free of cost. When it comes to value, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The battery lasts for 60 cuts on a full charge without a hitch. Yes, the lifespan isn’t amazing, but for the price, you can’t expect more from it. So if you plan to take on projects that will require more battery uptime, I would suggest investing in a secondary battery and alternating between them.

Of course, the price of the chainsaw is an attractive element. But the biggest selling point here, at least in my opinion, is the variable speed trigger. You can adjust the chain speed on the fly, which makes it an extremely versatile option for woodworkers and gardeners.

The chainsaw is also extremely light, weighing only around 10 pounds. It has a small bubble level on the handle that lets you keep your cuts straight, and an automatic oiler and tool-free chain tensioner mechanisms add an extra bit of utility to an already amazing chainsaw.

The only real issue I had with my Craftsman V20 was that the chain that came in the box wore out after a couple of sessions. Now, this might not be a design flaw as the replacement chain lasted much longer. But this does show that their quality control needs a little bit of work.

Then again, I’m not complaining, and if I needed another 12-inch chainsaw on a budget, I would probably go with another Craftsman V20 without a second thought. It’s an amazing chainsaw that delivers massive performance at a low price. Safe to say – it’s a fantastic combination.


  • It comes at an excellent price.
  • Great for home maintenance.
  • It has a variable speed trigger.
  • The bubble level indicator helps keep the cutting angle straight.


  • Not suitable for heavier workloads.
  • The included chain doesn’t last very long.

5. Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch Chainsaw

[Best Mini Electric]

  • Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Type: Corded electric, 2-in-1 convertible
  • Voltage: 120V ~ 60hz
  • Bar Length: 8 inches
  • Included Battery: Not required

Chainsaws are extremely versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of cutting applications. But there are some tasks that even a chainsaw can’t accomplish. What if you need to prune low-hanging branches from a tree that’s just outside your reach? Will you hold it above your head and risk injuring yourself?

Well, no – what you would need in that case is a pole saw. And needless to say, that’s one more powerful tool that you need to spend your money on. Well, what if there was a chainsaw that could double as a pole saw? As it turns out, that’s exactly what Sun Joe was thinking when they came up with the SWJ806E.

The Sun Joe SWJ806E features a convertible design that allows you to switch between a compact chainsaw and a long-handle pole saw within a few minutes. For homeowners who want a tool for complete property maintenance, I can think of no better chainsaw to go with.

Of course, there are certain limitations with the chainsaw side of things. For instance, the bar length is only 8 inches which, for medium or large trees, really isn’t much. But then again – when you are going for this chainsaw, cutting trees isn’t really what you’re planning to do in your spare time.

sun joe swj806e mini electric chainsaw

For pruning bushes and cleaning up shrubbery, this chainsaw is the perfect tool to go with. And since switching to the pole saw is as easy as swapping out the rear attachment, you can reach low-hanging branches in trees around your property to trim them down to size without any additional effort.

The pole saw attachment lets you reach up to 15 feet with the comfortable telescoping handle. This chainsaw comes with an automatic chain lubrication system to ensure your cut is smooth and effortless. You don’t need to keep an eye out for the chain running dry.

This chainsaw has a pretty decent motor power for its size delivering 7.5 Amps of power output. But keep in mind, though – this chainsaw is not battery-powered. But it does come with a long extension cord allowing you to run wires easily without too much hassle.

And since there are no batteries to worry about, you don’t need to worry about any uptime. As long as it’s connected to a power source, you will be able to keep it running for as long as you need. But of course, if you don’t have access to a nearby power source, you won’t be able to use it.

The chainsaw weighs only 8.5 pounds which isn’t much. And you won’t have to worry about the whole starting procedure that often comes with gasoline chainsaws thanks to the instant start switch located at the handle. Just guide the chain where you need to cut, and the saw will do the rest.

And the best part – the chainsaw costs well under a hundred bucks. So if you are a homeowner who wants a quick and easy solution to keep his lawn clean and tidy – the Sun Joe SWJ608E is an amazing chainsaw to consider. It gives you an entry-level chainsaw and a pole saw in one tiny package.


  • Extremely useful choice for homeowners.
  • Gives you two power tools in one package.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Has an automatic chain oiler and instant start switch.


  • Requires nearby access to a power socket.
  • Not suitable for cutting larger trees.

6. Ryobi P546 10 in Cordless Chainsaw

Ryobi P546 Chainsaw

[Best Lightweight Chainsaw]

  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Bar Length: 10 inches
  • Included Battery: No

Ryobi is another well-known brand in the industry that specializes in cordless power tools. And not mentioning their name in this list would be a crime against chainsaws, especially when they have such a fantastic option as the Ryobi P546 18-Volt chainsaw.

Frankly, Ryobi has a huge catalog. So, I would always suggest going through their chainsaws one at a time and finding something that fits the bill perfectly. But if you’re short on time and want a quick answer, then I can recommend the P546 in a heartbeat. I have used one for years, and it still works like a charm.

Similar to the Greenworks chainsaw I mentioned earlier, the Ryobi P546 is a 10-inch saw that’s powered by lithium-ion batteries. But the only reason why I placed it so far down the list is because it costs a bit over a hundred bucks. And you also need to buy the charger and the battery separately, which is a bummer.

But that’s about the only bad thing that you’ll find about this chainsaw. It’s durable, made to last, and can tackle all sorts of gardening projects that you might need a chainsaw. The 10-inch guide bar is perfect for trimming through hedges and bushes in a single pass.

ryobi p546 lightweight cordless chainsaw

Ryobi offers a 1.5 Ah battery and charger pack that you need to buy separately for this chainsaw. Now, the 1.5 Ah capacity might seem a bit too low. But since the battery voltage is only 18V, it’s extremely efficient. And the 60W charger also fully recharges the battery within 30 minutes when it runs out.

The best part about the chainsaw, however, is its usability. It is loaded with all sorts of nifty features to make it as easy for the operator as possible. The side-access chain tensioner, for instance, lets you make quick and easy adjustments to the chain without any hassle.

There’s also a single-touch chain lubricator mounted at the side for when the bar runs dry. And a push-button start system lets you fire up the motor at a second’s notice. Gone are the days of having to crank your chainsaws endlessly to start it up. With the chainsaw, you can get to work the moment you feel like it.

This might be the lightest chainsaw I used, weighing in at only around 7 pounds, including the guide bar. Without the bar and chain, the weight goes down to about 5.8 pounds. So, lugging it around with you from point A to point B isn’t all that taxing on your back.

And the design is pretty ergonomic, too, I might add. The rear handle is big and has nice padding. And the top-mounted handle also has a grippy texture to make it easier for you to hold. The chain guard mounted at the top is a nice touch to eliminate the risk of accidents.

For homeowners who like to keep their property groomed and tidy, this chainsaw is a no-brainer. Yes, it’s a bit on the pricier side, considering it’s only a cordless chainsaw. But once you look at the features and the dynamic cutting performance it offers, you’ll understand that it’s well worth the price.


  • Durable, long-lasting chassis
  • Easy to use for a beginner
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner system


  • Does not come with a battery and charger
  • A bit on the pricey side

7. Milwaukee M12 Mini Chainsaw

[Best 6-inch Chainsaw]

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Bar Length: 6 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes

Mini chainsaws don’t necessarily mean you need one that is at least 10 or 12 inches. Sometimes going with an even smaller saw can be great. And depending on the type of work you are planning to do with your chainsaw, even a 6-inch model can be a good investment.

And if you are going with a high-quality 6-inch chainsaw, I can’t think of any model other than the M12 Fuel Hatchet by Milwaukee. If you can get through the initial shock after looking at its price tag, what you’ll be left with is an amazing chainsaw with a compact, user-friendly design.

Now some might think of the 6-inch bar as a limitation. And yes – for heavier workloads, the bar size isn’t going to do much. But for things like gardening or maintenance, you shouldn’t have any issues putting this chainsaw to use. I used it to cut hardwoods up to 3 inches thick and never had any complaints.

milwaukee m12 best 6-inch chainsaw

The main reason why this chainsaw costs this much and also why it performs so well is the inclusion of a brushless motor. So don’t let its size fool you – when it comes to cutting efficiency, this is one chainsaw that you can’t underestimate. And its battery lifespan is quite impressive as well.

With your purchase, you will also be getting a free battery charger and a 4 Ah battery to use with the chainsaw. So, you can get started with it right away. Of course, you want to give the battery some time to charge. But it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes for it to charge up to full.

This chainsaw is extremely well-made. The case feels premium, and when you hold it by the handle, you can immediately notice the quality of the finish. There is comfort padding in the handle, and the variable speed trigger in the saw is positioned in a convenient way for you to press when needed.

The chainsaw also features a built-in automatic oiler and chain tensioning mechanism. You don’t need any tools to use the tensioner, and the oiler also lubricates the chain whenever you want it with the simple push of a button. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Despite its compact look, the chainsaw weighs quite a bit. Even though it has only a 6-inch guide bar, the saw weighs around 5 pounds. The weight is close to that of the Ryobi P546, which comes with a much larger 10-inch bar. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it does put its power-to-weight ratio in question.

The biggest complaint that most people would have with the chainsaw is its price. For a compact 6-inch cordless chainsaw, having to spend around 250 bucks might seem a bit too much. Then again, the performance it delivers far exceeds what you would get with a typical chainsaw of this size.

So if your budget is not an issue, this can be a great addition to your toolset. It can handle some light woodworking to all the gardening activities you throw at it. But if the budget is tight, and you want a small, efficient chainsaw that gives you a good bang for your buck, then there are better options out there.


  • Exceptional performance for its size.
  • Lasts for up to 120 cuts per charge.
  • Brushless motor offers better efficiency.
  • Premium build quality.


  • A bit on the pricey side.
  • Not suitable for serious woodworking.

8. HYCHIKA CS18D 18V 8-Inch Electric Brushless Mini Chainsaw

  • Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Bar Length: 8 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes

Now I am not one to gamble with my money when I am getting a chainsaw. That’s why I usually tend to stick with well-known brands. Since brands like DeWalt or Greenworks have a reputation to maintain, going with one of their chainsaws is a pretty safe bet.

But one day, I was feeling lucky, and when I saw an affordable 8-inch chainsaw with a brushless motor, of all things, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot. As I said – I was feeling lucky, and as it turns out, I ended up with a pretty amazing chainsaw that delivered beyond my expectations.

Don’t get me wrong – the Hychika mini chainsaw is far from the best chainsaw out there, but when it comes to cutting wooden boards or pruning shrubbery, it can hold its own against the big boys. It’s small, it’s lightweight, and most importantly, it comes with a powerful motor to tackle almost any woodworking task.

hychika cs18d mini electric chainsaw

This chainsaw comes with an 8-inch guide bar, and the chain quality feels pretty decent. I was pretty skeptical about the brushless motor in the chainsaw, and frankly, I half-expected it to be false advertising. But once I tested it out, it was indeed a properly designed brushless motor that offers amazing efficiency for its size.

Of course, the chainsaw is powered by an 18V battery, so it won’t be as powerful as something like the Greenworks G24. But that also means the battery drain in the chainsaw isn’t nearly as much as some of its bigger competitors. The battery lasts for about 86 cuts when you’re cutting a 4-inch round wood.

Speaking of batteries, you get one 4.0 Ah battery included with your purchase which, needless to say, adds an additional bit of value to your investment. You also get a charger, a spare set of chains, and a safety cover for your guide bar that you can put on when the chainsaw is not in use.

Of course, while the chainsaw is pretty cheap for its quality, it still costs almost the same as the more powerful 10-inch chainsaws like the Ryobi P546 or Greenworks G24 that I talked about here. Then again, those two chainsaws don’t come with a brushless motor, so it sort of boils down to what you prefer more – power or efficiency.

The chainsaw is pretty lightweight for its size (only around 4.5 pounds) and has an ergonomic handle that lets you use it using one hand without too many issues. There’s a safety guard on the top side of the chain and a safety lock system to prevent accidental start.

While I was pretty happy with the overall performance of the chainsaw, there’s one issue that dampened my experience with it. I had a very hard time finding replacement chains for this model. I did manage to find it eventually, and you might even find it easier in your location, but it’s still worth mentioning here.

So what’s the bottom line? It’s an amazing chainsaw, and while it’s a bit expensive for its class, it offers a superb performance thanks to its brushless motor. And if you live in a location where finding replacement chains is easy, then this chainsaw can be a pretty handy pickup for your small, lightweight DIY projects.


  • Comes with a brushless motor.
  • Perfect for lightweight cutting applications.
  • Compact, handheld design.
  • Includes a free high-capacity battery.


  • A bit pricey for its size.
  • Finding replacement chains can be difficult.

9. BEI & HONG 6-Inch Mini Chainsaw

  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 21V
  • Bar Length: 6 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes (2)

The M12 Fuel Hatchet is a fantastic chainsaw, there’s no doubt about that, but its steep price tag can often get in the way when you’re planning to pick up a chainsaw of this size. Well, let me give you an alternative if you have your heart set on a 6-inch chainsaw.

The Bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw is the perfect pickup if you want an affordable pruning chainsaw that’s efficient and offers superb cutting performance. Chinese chainsaws get a bad rep for being too flimsy, and I admit I had my fair share of bad experiences with Chinese brands before.

So when I first saw this chainsaw, I honestly considered avoiding it. But I heard a lot of good things about this particular model before, and since I was on a tight budget, I decided to go for it. And the level of performance I was greeted with in return was truly surprising.

bei & hong 6-inch mini chainsaw

This chainsaw, similar to the M12 Fuel Hatchet, comes with a 6-inch guide bar. The upgraded 21V copper wire motor offers amazing battery efficiency and torque. With this chainsaw, I managed to cut through 6-inch thick wooden boards with little to no hassle. But naturally, if you were cutting logs, things would be a bit more difficult.

But that’s to be expected since it’s a handheld chainsaw with a limited cutting depth. So that shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your investment anyways. But what can influence your purchase is the fact that this chainsaw comes with two 21V 2 Ah lithium-ion battery packs completely free of charge.

That means you can get a massive uptime with your chainsaw when you’re alternating between the two batteries. Those who plan on using the chainsaw for longer projects will find this a pleasant addition. But that’s not the only thing about the chainsaw that makes it an amazing investment.

This chainsaw comes with three different safety measures to ensure you have a completely safe and accident-free work experience. First, there’s the safety switch to prevent accidental start. Secondly, you get baffles in the chainsaw to protect it against debris. And last but not least, you get a free safety goggle with your purchase.

This chainsaw, for its size, is exceptionally light. With a total weight of only around 1.5 pounds and an ergonomic handle design, you’ll be able to carry it around with you without any unnecessary stress or fatigue setting in. The overall design is extremely user-friendly.

There’s an issue with the older version of this chainsaw that I only knew about after I picked mine up. With older models, the chainsaw’s motor and battery would often get damaged over time. Thankfully, mine was a newer model where the issues had been fixed. So I’ll recommend checking the model version before you decide to pick it up.

As long as you go with a newer version of the chainsaw that addresses the motor and battery issues, you’ll be pretty happy with the level of quality and performance that this chainsaw delivers. For those looking for a handheld pruning chainsaw on a tight budget, this is truly an amazing chainsaw.


  • Offers amazing value for its price.
  • Has three different layers of safety.
  • Comes with two batteries and a charger.
  • Simple, user-friendly design.


  • Issues with the motor and battery in older versions.
  • The battery lifespan isn’t that great.

10. Saker GJ15990 Electric Small Handheld Chainsaw

[Best 4-inch Chainsaw]

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 20V
  • Bar Length: 4 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes (2)

4-inch chainsaws are not the best at cleaning up rubble after a storm, but when it comes to reaching places, you can’t with a larger option, they are the best. Whether you’re a woodworker, or a hobbyist gardener, having a 4-inch chainsaw in your stock is a great idea because you never know when it’ll come in handy.

And if you are the sort that settles for nothing but the best in all cases, then there’s only one choice here that makes sense – the Saker Mini Chainsaw. Featuring a boatload of power in a small frame, this chainsaw is the go-to option for anyone looking for the best 4-inch chainsaw.

Now, Saker is a pretty well-known brand in the cordless tool industry, and their tools often make big waves in the community. But the mini chainsaw is on a level of its own. It far exceeded the reputation of the company and when people talk about smaller chainsaws, this one comes up almost always.

As I said already – it’s a 4-inch chainsaw. And while some may underestimate the cutting power that it delivers, the high-quality guide chain in the saw cuts efficiently and smoothly. To ensure the perfect cut, the chain comes heat-treated from the factory.

The copper motor in the chainsaw is highly efficient, allowing you to push the chain at high RPM without draining the battery. To power the motor, you need to use a 20V lithium-ion battery, and on a full charge, the battery should survive a good while before you need to recharge it again.

saker mini best 4 in chainsaw

This chainsaw weighs only slightly more than a pound which is great for users who plan on working long hours with the chainsaw. The chain is covered with a protective bezel at the top to prevent any accidents. And the security switch adds an extra layer of safety while operating the chainsaw.

Of course, this much performance doesn’t come for free. Even though it’s a small and portable machine with a limit to its cutting capacity, it costs you around 130 dollars which is frankly pretty steep for a hobbyist. But then again, the versatility you get out of it is pretty phenomenal.

When you buy this chainsaw, you will also be getting a pair of 20V 1.5 Ah batteries and a handy charger included free of charge. So you’ll be able to start using the chainsaw the moment you get your hands on it. Well, after you charge the batteries first, but don’t worry – the included charger takes care of that.

Now, my main big issue with the chainsaw is the charger. The charger is a typical adapter that you plug into the wall socket and attach the other end to the battery. I know – it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with a chainsaw as premium as this one, I would expect a dock-style charger, at the very least.

Then again, it’s a personal issue, and it’s not meant to dissuade you from getting this chainsaw in any way. It’s a fantastic little cutting machine, and if you plan on doing lightweight woodcutting or pruning with a chainsaw, this is one of the best ones for this sort of job.


  • Heat-treated chain offers a better cutting performance.
  • High-efficiency, copper wire motor improves battery efficiency and torque.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Includes two batteries and a charger.


  • The included charger feels flimsy at best.
  • A bit expensive for its size.

11. RLSOO Upgraded 4-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw

RLSOO 4-Inch Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Type: Cordless battery-powered
  • Battery Voltage: 21V
  • Bar Length: 4 inches
  • Included Battery: Yes (2)

I have talked about some pretty big names in this list so far. But does that mean the brand names means everything in a mini chainsaw? Well, to some extent – yes, going with a branded chainsaw means you will be getting your money’s worth even if it costs you a bit more to buy.

So, when I first saw a 4-inch chainsaw by a brand called RLSOO, I was not that excited about getting it. But I wanted something cheap and small, and this one was on sale. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and just get it. Worst comes to worst – I would just be out a couple of bucks.

And frankly, it changed my entire perspective on budget chainsaws. This impressive 4-inch chainsaw is a true powerhouse offering impressive, precise cuts and an impressive battery life. For a budget-friendly, hand-held mini chainsaw, you really can’t expect much else.

The reason why this chainsaw performs so well is mainly because of the impressive battery-powered motor that it comes with. It has a pure copper motor and it utilizes a 21V battery to deliver top-notch cutting power for as long as you need.

You also get a secondary battery to keep as a backup included with your purchase which frankly, is a pretty thoughtful approach from the manufacturers. Though the battery life is decent, if your project requires long sessions with the chainsaw, you have a backup battery to rely on.

Now, you need to check your expectations because if you expect it to cut through thick logs – you’ll just be disappointed. The chainsaw only has a 4-inch guide bar, after all. But to chop off small branches or wooden boards, you won’t have any issues with this chainsaw.

rlsoo 4-inch battery powered cordless chainsaw

The chainsaw handle is pretty comfy and has an ergonomic shape that’s designed to promote grip and control. You’ll find the trigger switch perfectly located near the index finger position and a mini-LED lets you flash the light on the surface that you’re trying to cut.

The chainsaw does come with a chain tensioning system, but if I had to nitpick, this would probably be the part I would change. You need to use a screwdriver to make chain adjustments and while the manufacturer’s do include the tool with your purchase, it’s still a hassle to use it.

This chainsaw weighs only around 2.4 pounds which for a tool with this much cutting performance is pretty amazing. It’s extremely easy to operate. All you need to do to start it up is press the lock and switch button at the same time. And once you are done, pressing the power switch shuts it down.

For only around 50 bucks, this chainsaw is an absolute bargain. Yes – it’s not exactly an amazing woodcutting workhorse, but for gardening, pruning or cutting some wooden boards, the performance of this chainsaw is superb. For lightweight chores, this is a fantastic chainsaw to have in your home.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact design.
  • Powerful motor for such a tiny saw.
  • Great for household chores.
  • Simple, hassle-free operation.


  • Not effective at cutting anything thicker than 3 inches.
  • The chain tensioning system requires a screwdriver.

Best Mini Chainsaw Buying Guide

buying guide- mini and small chainsaw review

Now that you have a clearer idea about which models are worth looking out for, you should already feel more confident about settling on a specific chainsaw. But before you take the final plunge, let me give you a couple of pointers to fine-tune your choice.

  • Cordless Vs. Corded Vs. Gasoline

Mini chainsaws can either be electric or gasoline-powered. And if you go with electric chainsaws – then you need to decide between either a corded electric or a cordless model.

Now, there are strengths and weaknesses to each of these designs. Gasoline chainsaws, for instance, offer more power and cutting capacity but usually cost more and are pretty heavy. Corded electric chainsaws are lightweight and affordable but keep you tethered to a wall socket.

And if you go with a battery-powered chainsaw, you might not get the same level of cutting performance as a gasoline chainsaw, and there’s also the matter of the battery running out of juice.

The thing is, you need to decide what’s more important to you – mobility, cutting power, or affordability. And once you figure that out, you should have no trouble choosing between a cordless, corded, or gasoline chainsaw.

  • Bar Length

I have said this a couple of times already, but it bears repeating – any chainsaw that’s under the standard 18 inches bar size is considered a mini chainsaw. But that also leaves a wide range of sizes to choose from. And that can make things difficult for you as a buyer.

You see, a 4-inch chainsaw will never match the cutting ability of a 10-inch chainsaw. But again, a 10-inch chainsaw will most likely be lighter and more affordable than a 4-inch model. Here again, the decision rests in your hands.

If you are a gardener who will mostly be trimming bushes and shrubbery with the chainsaw, then a small 4 or 6-inch chainsaw should be fine. But to trim off tree limbs and branches, a larger chainsaw might be more appropriate.

  • Weight

Chainsaws can be pretty heavy, and that, in turn, can make it difficult for a new user to handle it properly. Thankfully most of the mini chainsaws out there weigh a lot less than a standard gas-powered chainsaw. But still, it doesn’t hurt to check the weight of a chainsaw that you are planning to buy.

For household chores and property maintenance, I like to go with a lightweight chainsaw. It lets me walk around easier as I inspect my garden. But if you plan on cutting trees with the chainsaw, you might need to sacrifice the weight in favor of more engine power.

  • Battery and Fuel Efficiency

Chainsaws, whether it’s electric or gas-driven, require a steady supply of power. With cordless electric chainsaws, the power is supplied by the batteries. And with gas-driven chainsaws, you rely on the combustible engine for power.

Now efficiency is a very important thing to consider when buying a new chainsaw. If you settle on a cordless electric chainsaw, it’s best to go with one that offers you a decent battery uptime. You want to go with a model that can hold its charge for up to 35 cuts at the very least.

With gas chainsaws, the efficiency is usually much better. Brands like Husqvarna or Stihl even use different technologies in their engine to make them more fuel efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

While my extensive review and buying guide should cover most of the bases in choosing a small mini chainsaw, you might still have some questions about it. Well, let me take a moment to address some of the common questions I get asked about this type of chainsaw in this section of the article.

Are mini chainsaws worth it?

It mostly depends on how you use it. For example, if you expect a small 10-inch chainsaw to cut through thick oakwood, you will be extremely disappointed. You see, mini chainsaws are not for forestry works but rather property maintenance and gardening activities. And for those fields of work, they are entirely worth it.

How long does the battery last on a mini chainsaw?

If you’re going with a battery-powered mini chainsaw, battery life is always a concern. The battery lifespan of a mini chainsaw depends on a number of things like its design efficiency, battery voltage, etc. But in most cases, if you use the chainsaw continuously, it should last you around 30 mins.

Are small gas chainsaws better than electric chainsaws?

Gas chainsaws are predominantly better in some aspects than their electric counterparts. For instance, a gas chainsaw almost always has more power on tap and provides an overall smoother cutting experience, even if it’s a small one. Electric chainsaws, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to use.
So, to answer the question – no, gas chainsaws are not outright better than electric chainsaws. They both have their uses, and for homeowners, a lightweight electric chainsaw is almost always the better pick.

The Bottom Line

A standard-sized chainsaw is irreplaceable when you’re a professional logger who needs to chop down large trees almost regularly. But for a homeowner, it’s nothing short of an overkill. For people who require a chainsaw to make board pieces or prune bushes, a mini chainsaw is more than adequate.

Of course, if you plan on putting the chainsaw through a bit of workload, you can always consider getting one on the longer side of things, like a 14 or 16-inch chainsaw. But for most people, a chainsaw under 12 inches should suffice.

I hope my in-depth review of the best mini chainsaws could give you a couple of great options to pick from. Good luck!

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