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How To Change Circular Saw Blade [Step By Step]

When the circular blade becomes blunt, you need to sharpen or replace it for ensuring the efficiency and safety of the cutting power. If your blade takes a long time to cut, it is the indication of change. And there are various types of blades available on the market according to your needs.

Depending on the materials, you should have to pick up suitable blades. You may be wondering about how to change circular saw blade. For you, today we will discuss the steps of changing the circular saw blade. We will give you an in-depth idea about how and when to change the blade.

With no delay, let’s dig into this solution and get the smoothest result.

How To Change Circular Saw Blade

When should you switch the circular saw blade?

There might be lots of reasons why you require to change the circular saw blade. Firstly when your blade is blunt. Because of the dullness of the circular saw blade, it will be very hard to cut through any material or wood.

Besides, if you notice the blade is burning the materials or woods instead of cutting, it is high time to change it. And whenever you begin to work on different materials, you have to change the blade accordingly. However, a blade might be perfect for cutting woods but it will never be an option for cutting granite. In this situation, you have to fix the blade. Although you can cut anything with this circular saw.

Therefore, if you don’t have different models of circular saw, you have to switch the blades depending on the application. Even if you work on the same materials, you may require to switchblades depending on the pattern of the cut. There are a lot of varieties of blades available on the market for finish cuts, rough cuts, rip cuts, and even crosscuts.

So, if you use one circular saw only, then you must have to switch the blades frequently.

How To Change Circular Saw Blade?

Want to know more about changing the saw! Now we are going to focus on how to change the blade on a circular saw:

Step 1 – Disconnect the power cord or pull out the battery

This is a very vital step because nobody wants this saw to start accidentally while having hands-on the blades. You should do this first. If you use the corded circular saw, disconnect it from the electrical outlet. If you need to use the cordless circular saw, pull out the batteries. You should not avoid this step.

Recommended power code for circular saw blade: Husky Mounts Indoor-Outdoor Electric Power Cord

Step 2 – Be sure about the appropriate replacement blade

The requirements of the blade size will be depending on the exact size of the circular saw. You can not or even should not try to fix it with an inappropriate replacement blade. Always try to fix the blade based on the circular saw.

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Step 3 – Fix the blade guard and shaft

The circular saw has a blade guard which is covering the blade. Firstly, you have to place the saw on any firm surface and pull out the blade guard for exposing the blade. Then,

grab the shaft lock if the saw showed up with one. If your saw has no shaft lock, push the circular saw blade opposite to the wooden surface for securing it in place.

Step 4 – Lose the shaft nut from it

Nextly, lose the shaft nut by the wrench which appeared with the circular saw. Towards driving the circular saw, you have to rotate the wrench. Slide it out after loosening the nut.

Our recommended Wrenches: TEKTON 23002 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench

Step 5 – Replace the damaged blade with the new one

Once the previous blunt blade is off, you have to slide the new one into the shaft and tighten it. But you can not tighten the shaft nut very much, because the saw will tend to tighten much during cutting. Just fixed it smoothly and replaced the circular saw blade.

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Step 6 – Inspect the circular saw

After the new blade becomes in an incorrect position, you have to plug the cable into the power outlet, or replacement of the battery is needed. For inspection, see a test run. Lastly, you will be sure about everything.


So, this is all about how to change the circular saw blade. There might be a little bit of difference in changing the circular saw as it will depend on the quality, brand or type of your specific saw. But the process is the same in general. Also, you should check out the manual of the circular saw for the proper steps of changing the blade.

Finally, if you find any confusion, you should contact your manufacturer for further instructions about it.

And, if you like any of our recommended kits, then feel free to make your worthy purchase on Amazon. We always try to recommend the best product for you.

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