Best Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews 2024 – Powerful Budget Chainsaws

Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw for professional use or just looking for a good chainsaw for your home workshop, Blue Max can offer some great competing options. Blue Max is owned by NATI which is shortened for North American Tool Industries. Their offered chainsaws can perform as good as similarly priced chainsaws available on the market. Their chainsaws provide great value for money. To learn more details about Blue Max chainsaws, read our Blue Max Chainsaw reviews.

Our Favourite Choice Best Blue Max Chainsaw 2022

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Blue Max 8902 Gas Powered Chain Saw Brand: Blue Max
Weight: ‎‎‎‎1 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):37 X 14.17 X 14.96
Power Source: Gas-Powered
Watt: 1800
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backpac Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chain Saw Brand: Blue Max
Weight:64 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):9 X 10.24 X 11.81
Power Source: Gas-Powered
Speed: 2800 Rpm
Pitch: 0325-Inch
Gauge: 0055-Inch
Chain: 21 Bp
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cordlessblower Blue Max 8901 Combination Chainsaw Brand: Blue Max
Weight:19 Pounds
Dimensions (Inches):29 X 10.24 X 12
Power Source: Gas-Powered
Speed: 3
Bar Length: 14 & 20 Inch Bars
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cordlessblower Blue Max 52cc Gas Chainsaw Brand: Blue Max
Weight:5 Pounds
Pitch: 325 Inches
Engine Displacement:5cc
Speed: 10
Fuel Tank: 50 L
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Top 4 Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews:

1. Blue Max 8902 Chainsaw

One of the most popular models of Blue Max Chainsaw products is Blue Max 8902. It is at the last budget line of the market. This efficient chainsaw represents good value for the money considering the number of features included.

Although this product offers good value this does not mean that it’s better than other leading brands. There are still some features that are available on more expensive brands but are unavailable on this product. Nevertheless, the Blue Max 8902 is easy to use and does offer a great protective casing with a separate bar and chain enclosed.

This is a gas-powered model with a 45cc Blue Max engine. This chainsaw can impressively run at 2,800 RPM. The Quickstart ignition system makes it easy to fire up the chainsaw with minimal pulls. Even in cold temperatures, you can get it up and running effortlessly.

Its chain measures 20 inches while its bar measures 14 inches. And this model’s fuel mixture requirement is 40:1. This chainsaw will cut down on your cutting time with 30% more chain teeth than normal.

This Blue Max chainsaw has an anti-vibration handle which is one of the redeeming features of this model. This is a feature that you can rarely find on a cheap chainsaw. Anti-vibration handles effectively reduce fatigue in the arms and hands.

This chainsaw also features a quick response kickback brake. The handguard provides safety for your hand and the safety trigger system gives you the necessary protection so that you can operate the machine safely. For your convenience, its on and off switch is positioned on its side for easy and quick starting and stopping.

It has low kickback brakes that reduce your safety concern during use. It is center balanced, so you can experience superior control while operating and an automatic chain oil system keeps the chain well lubricated for smoother operation.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES):39.37 X 14.17 X 14.96
  • Great value for the money
  • Quick start
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Automatic chain oil system
  • Might feel a bit heavy

2. Blue Max 6595 Chainsaw

The Blue Max 6595 almost has similar features as the Blue Max 8902. However, one of the slight differences is the hard case that comes with Blue Max 8902. You can count that as a disadvantage for the Blue Max 6595 because a case is great for transportation and storage.

However, the Blue Max 6595 is slightly cheaper than the Blue Max 8902. That’s surprising considering it also includes a larger 18-inch bar and chain allowing you to cut trees up to 36 inches.

The engine is 45cc which is also gas-powered. This model has CDI Ignition System that makes firing it up easy and quick. And while you are busy cutting woods, the built-in automatic oiler keeps the chain well-lubricated. It also features an Inertia-activated safety chain brake for kickback safety. Sounds good for a cheap model but this can often cost you the basics.

Weighing about 18.89 pounds, the 6595 is heavier than premium chainsaw models. This is the downside of a cheaper chainsaw option. Indeed, sometimes the weight of this machine could lead to fatigue or slow you down. To be able to complete the work, you may need to work a bit longer but ultimately, it will get the job done. This may be more of a problem for those who use a chainsaw on a regular basis or professionally.

This might not be the model for you if you are planning on using the chainsaw regularly. This unit is not likely to stand up for the pressure of daily use. Furthermore, the plastic around essential components is a bit flimsy.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES):18.9 X 10.24 X 11.81
  • Chainsaw bar is 18″
  • Capable of cutting trees fast
  • Automatic oiler
  • Inertia-activated safety chain brake
  • Good value for the money
  • A little too heavy
  • Some area has flimsy plastic construction
  • No hard case

3. Blue Max 8901 Chainsaw

With Blue Max 8901 combination chainsaw you get an incredible 45cc gas-powered engine, which is more than good enough for most jobs and can perform under pressure. The fuel mixture requirement of this model is 25:1.

This model is called a 2-in-1 combination chainsaw because it allows you to switch between a 20” or 14” bar depending on your need. This multi-purpose usability would usually require a lot of extra things you need to buy, but it’s all counted in with the Blue Max.

The chain has 30% more teeth which will reduce your cutting time. And with CDI quick-start ignition system, you can easily and quickly have it up and running. And while it is up and running, you don’t have to worry about the smoothness of the operation because an automatic oiler will keep the chains well-lubricated.

Its center balanced design will give you a great controlling experience while its low kickback design will reduce the risk of any mistaken cuts or accidental injuries. Its safety features also include an anti-vibration handle that will minimize the amount of strain on your hands and arms. The chain brake offers added safety by ensuring an immediate stop to reduce the possibility of accidental injury while operating the chainsaw.

Along with all these safety features, it is lightweight as well, which makes it a great choice for novice chainsaw users. However, it wouldn’t be a great choice for someone who needs to do some heavy-duty cutting jobs on a daily basis that involve tougher woods to larger limbs. Now to sum up our blue max 8901 chainsaw review, let’s look at the pros and cons.


DIMENSIONS (INCHES):19.29 X 10.24 X 12
  • Lighter gas-powered chainsaw
  • The 2-in-1 combination allows multi-purpose use
  • Quick start function
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • It is not powerful enough for all heavy-duty jobs
  • Doesn’t offer a case

4. Blue Max 52cc Gas Chainsaw

To start the blue max 52cc chainsaw review, first, have a look at its engine power. This chainsaw has a 51.5cc engine that provides more than enough power for this chainsaw. This large 2-stroke air-cooled engine chainsaw has an idling speed of 2,700 – 3,400 and has a maximum speed of 10,500 RPM which can really help you to deal with those large, tough jobs. The manual recommends a 40:1 fuel mixture.

The length of the chain bar is 20″ with which you can easily cut through up to 18-inch diameter branches and trees. Although the Blue Max 20″ comes at a low price, it does not fall short on features. Indeed, it has some features that you would only expect to see on top-end machines.

Its center balanced design helps to better control the chainsaw while using. And for added control, it has an anti-vibration handle which also helps to reduce fatigue. The quick stop chain brake system with anti-kickback provides additional safety.

The starting mechanism might feel a little ‘old school’ as there is no primer bulb or automatic choke on the Blue Max 20”. It also has a built-in automatic bar chain oil feed system that constantly lubricates the chain. It weighs 15.5lbs/7kg which might feel too heavy for constant use. And the chain has a gauge of 0.58” and a pitch of 0.325” which is a standard size for this type of chainsaw.


  • 20-inch bar
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Chain brake
  • Auto chain oiler
  • A bit heavy
  • It doesn’t have automatic choke or primer bulb

Buyer’s Guide – [Blue Max Chainsaws]

After reading our blue max chainsaw reviews, if you are still wondering which chainsaw to get, read this buying guide to find out the best chainsaw for yourself. The following are some of the significant aspects that should be considered before buying a chainsaw.

Bar Length


The very first factor you should consider is the bar length. Different chainsaw has different bar lengths. Usually, the bar length ranges from 10 to 24 inches. With a longer bar, the chainsaw tends to get more powerful, although that’s not always true. When you are selecting a chainsaw, make sure you have a good estimation of the average width of the woods you will be cutting using this chainsaw.

To cut a tree with 8-inch diameter, a chainsaw with smaller bar length is enough. However, if you are going to cut trees that are as long as 80 feet, which means a bigger diameter. Then, you are going to need longer bar lengths for that.

With a longer bar, you can get deeper and efficient cut in a single run. On average, 13-inch to 19-inch bar length is enough for professional wood cutting. But if you have some really thick woods to cut, search for a chainsaw whose length of bar ranges from 20 inches to 24 inches.

Engine Power


The engine of a chainsaw and the power it can deliver is another important factor to consider. Chainsaws come in various engines such as gas-powered, battery-powered and electric.

Gas-powered models are likely to be the most powerful units. However, starting them is harder than their electric counterparts. They also run on a mixture of oil and gas that you will either have to purchase premixed or mix yourself. The positive aspect of a gas-powered chainsaw is that they are very powerful and highly portable.

Speaking of portability, the introduction of lithium-ion batteries hugely improved the runtime and power of battery-powered chainsaws. While they still can’t beat the gas-powered model as the most powerful chainsaw, they are also not so far back that you can just put them out of your mind. They tend to be on the weaker and smaller side but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a model that will suit your needs. These models are great if you don’t want the hassle of mixing fuel but still want the portability of a gas-powered model. In addition, they tend to be quieter and lighter than the gas-powered model.

A corded electric chainsaw is powered by electricity and features a power cord. So, to do some cutting, you need to plug the power cord into a power source. This means that you can only go with your chainsaw as far as the power cord allows you to go. This is a big downside of a corded electric model. They aren’t great for cutting down trees in the woods. However, if you are planning on doing a lot of repetitive cuttings in a small area, for example, pruning trees, turning smaller logs into firewood, or trimming bushes, then you might do well with a corded model.

For small cuts and carves and home, electric-powered chainsaw serves well. But you should go for a battery-powered chainsaw if you want to work outdoor. A chainsaw that has a heavy battery should perform greatly. However, when it comes to some seriously thick and hardwoods, a gas-powered chainsaw is the ultimate choice for heavy-duty work.

So you must select the type of engine depending on the type of work you will be doing. Because the power will determine what types of tasks your chainsaw can handle.

Safety Features of Chainsaw

chainsaw safety
Man Wearing All Safety equipment during cutting tree

Chainsaws are dangerous power tools. Just think, if they can cut big thick trees into pieces then how much harm they can do to a human. But the news of relief is that there are some precautions you can take to protect yourself such as wearing the appropriate safety equipment like helmet, headphones, chaps, gloves, and boots.

Manufacturers include features to lessen the danger posed by chainsaws. While they will never be completely safe, these included safety features should be in your consideration when selecting a chainsaw, especially if you are a beginner chainsaw user.

The chain brake is a vital safety feature that you must look for in a chainsaw. The chain brake is designed to instantly stop the chain from rotating. Usually, it is located at the front of the chainsaw’s body and it looks like a plastic handguard. This can hugely decrease the chance of injury in some situations. You can manually activate it with your hand by pulling the component back. It also works automatically when the chainsaw is shaking rapidly. It is called inertia activation. This feature will almost instantly stop the chain from moving to help lessen any damage to the operator.

Another extremely dangerous safety threat is kickback and it can occur while using a chainsaw. The kickback motion is so fast that it is impossible to react or move out of the way. This is a very common cause of chainsaw injuries. Some chainsaw models come with low kickback safety features that can help reduce kickback. Although the safest way to avoid it is through proper cutting technique.

You should also look for one with vibration reduction. Because even when chainsaws are well lubricated and used properly they tend to vibrate a lot. Excessive vibration could cause several injuries to the user. Choose a chainsaw with an anti-vibration handle that will reduce the effect of the vibration on your hand.

Modern chainsaws come with numerous safety features that will reduce the chance of you getting harmed. So for a better cutting experience, choose the chainsaw that provides all the necessary safety features you need. Because your safety should be the first thing in your consideration.

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Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews Question and Answers

What is the best brand for chainsaws?

– Stihl and Husqvarna are widely regarded as the two best brands of chainsaws in the world. Either brand can provide superior performance compared to any other brand on the market. However, Echo, Poulan is also a good brand right now in the market.

Does Chainsaw need Oil?

– Electric chainsaws run on electricity so it does not need fuel to run. However, it still needs oil lubricants to work better. Whether electric-powered or gas-powered, both chainsaw types will need oil lubrication for the bar and chain.

Who makes blue max chainsaws?

– A company name NATI makes Blue Max chainsaws. NATI is short for North American Tool Industries and beside Blue Max, they own several other brands.

Can these chainsaws be used for cutting down big trees?

– Yes, Blue Max chainsaws are capable of cutting down trees with a large diameter. Although these chainsaws can produce more than enough cutting power even for larger trees, sometimes one cut is not enough for larger trees, so you might need to make several cuts from different angles to deal with the larger ones.

Where are blue max chainsaws made?

– Blue Max Chainsaw Mad in China. It doesn’t mean Blue Max Chainsaw is not good. This company offered powerful budget-friendly chainsaw.


If you have a limited budget, low-priced chainsaws such as Blue Max chainsaws make an ideal option. These chainsaws can offer decent quality performance. All of these models are gas-powered and offers lots of features for the money.

You should choose the one that suits your needs because not everyone needs a large powerful chainsaw to do their tasks. However, if you need a powerful one then choose the one that is powerful enough for you. And don’t forget to choose the one with quality safety features because your safety is more important than your job. We hope our Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews helped you find the best Blue Max chainsaw for you.

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