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How To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw?

How To Put A Chain On A Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a common tool in any workshop. We require a chainsaw mainly for cutting any materials. Indeed, it is a very vital machine that will help you to cut anything rapidly and smoothly. Moreover, one of the most key parts of this machine which is working for cutting the materials is the chain. And it is very durable. The chain has a short lifetime. After this time, we have to replace it. You may use the chainsaw but don’t understand how to replace the chain. In this post, we will discuss with you how to put a chain on a chainsaw. If you want to learn the following things, this article can help you by answering all the questions regarding this.

When you cut with your chainsaw daily, it becomes stretchy and hot. As a consequence, the chain length is increased by a small amount. Ultimately, it will cause the chain to fall off. Moreover, if any wooden particles or chips get into the teeth of the chain, your chain will be jammed. Eventually, it leads to falling off. Remember, this is a natural thing to occur. If you see the chain is falling off, you should not worry.  Because it is not a serious issue. Nevertheless, there is some solution to fix the problem. Therefore, you have to know how to replace a chainsaw chain. By learning this, you can save time and money. Even though the process of replacing is easy. It will take five minutes or less. Nevertheless, there is some solution to fix the problem.

The Steps:

Separate The Margin Plate Of The Guide Bar

Most of the saws used a margin plate that is attached to two nuts. Firstly, we need a pipe wrench to unscrew the nuts while removing the margin plate of the guide bar. Some chainsaws are using brakes that are connected to the guide bar margin plate. In this situation, unlock the brake before removing the notch of the plate. If you don’t unlock the brake, it will be very difficult to remove the side plate that will be very difficult or impossible.

Relief The Chainsaw Tension

After appropriately removing the margin plate, the previous chain is ready for removing it. At this moment, we need to pull the nose of the bar while it is out of the chainsaw. After pulling this nose out of the chainsaw, the tension of the saw will be released.

Remove The Previous Chainsaw

After releasing the tension, we can remove the previous chainsaw from the bar. At this moment, you have to be careful so that it won’t hurt our finger or hand. The chain attaches around the grasp drum. So, we have to pull these drive links away from the bar. From this, the chain is coming out from the grasp drum.

Lose The Tension Screw

The position of the tension screw is the inner side of the guide. In this case, we have to locate the tension screw and loosen it slightly. After loosening this screw, it will be ready for installing a new chain.

Line The New Chain

A newly sharpened chain can be lined in this step. We have to thread this around the grasp drum carefully. It is essential that the drive links need to engage in the gear as well as around the nose at the time of threading.

Fix The Guide Bar

After successfully lining the chain of the chainsaw around the clutch drum, put the tension into the sidebar. That’s why we need to pull its nose away from the margin bar. In this situation, make sure the margin bar can seat perfectly into the adjustment pin.

Replace The Side Plate

After proper alignment of the guide bar, the margin bar plate is ready for replacing. We have to use the wrench for doing this. Nuts should be tightened properly. But never tighten the nuts over all the way. While tightening, the guide bar must allow moving slightly.

Tighten The Chain

In this step, we have to utilize tension screws. It will help to tighten the chain correctly. By using the tension screw, we have to fix the tension of the saw.

Tightening The Margin Plate Nuts

It is the final step of how to put a chain on a chainsaw. In this position, we have to tighten the nuts of the margin plate using a wrench. After doing this, your chainsaw is ready for sawing.


So, this is all about how to put a chain on a chainsaw. We hope this was a helpful article for you to understand the replacement. Indeed, a chainsaw is one of the most important tools in your workshop or garage. You can cut anything with the saw. Therefore, you are required to take care of it. Besides, you should learn the outlined guideline for replacing the chain of the saw. Happy sawing!

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