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Best Chainsaws Under $300 in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Chainsaw Under 300

Excellent quality doesn’t mean it exceeds your budget. You can buy the best chainsaw for below 300 dollars. Today’s we will review the top best chainsaw for under 300 dollars for you. Also, we will discuss a broad buying guide to save you from complicated conditions. In addition to affordability, we analyze the design,

performance plus quality also. You can select from our article the best chainsaw under 300$.

Another thing, if you don’t have sufficient time to read the entire article, then know what’s our best pick.

At a Glance Chainsaw Under $300:

Model Price Bar
Weight Editor
Check Price 16 inch Battery Powered 9.40 lbs 4.7/5
Husqvarna 120
Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw
Check Price 16 inch Gas Powered 9.30 lbs 4.6/5
Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw
Check Price 16 inch Battery Powered 10.36 lbs 4.6/5
BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Cordless Chainsaw
Check Price 10 inch Battery Powered 7.20 lbs 4.4/5
Poulan Pro
Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw
Check Price 20 inch Gas Powered 17.00 lbs 4.2/5

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Under $300 Reviews For 2021 :



Key Features

    • Cordless chainsaw comes with FlexVolt technology.
    • Powerful brushless motor can convey the job.
    • Safety features exclusively for the user’s safety.
    • Chain tensioning plus bar tightening knob.

If you’re looking for the best budget chainsaw under 300, then the DeWalt DCCS670B FlexVolt highly recommends for you. Which brings about this lithium+ cordless chainsaw different from others?

The most unique feature of this battery-powered chainsaw is FlexVolt technology. This uses uniquely built batteries that can change voltage.

Besides, woodcutting requires a powerful chainsaw that can convey the job within the minimum period. Hopefully, it has a powerful brushless motor that minimizes the run time and maximizes motor life.

Again, it’s an effective but compact plus lightweight appliance. You can easily carry this chainsaw for a lengthy period without becoming tired. User protection is often a serious aspect, but no need to be annoyed about it. Especially at the moment that you consider using this battery-powered chainsaw. Chain brake such safety features only come for your safety.

Altogether, this lithium-ion battery-powered cordless chainsaw is an excellent choice for your wood cutting.


    • Compact and Convenient design.
    • Automatic lubrication system.
    • Chain brake for safety.
    • Less noise and low maintenance.


    • Some users complained about the battery charges a little slowly.

2. Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Chainsaw

Key Features

    • Lightweight and compact gas chainsaw.
    • Anti-vibration technology reduces vibration.
    • Chain brake and kickback features.
    • Powerful performance within the period.

Husqvarna is one of the most reliable brands of chainsaws available in the market. They are pointing the beginner to professional with their Husqvarna compact gas chainsaw. That maneuver who wants to accomplish light tasks around their lawns gardens.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II gas chainsaw has endless detail that makes it unique from the competitor. This gas chainsaw has a compact and lightweight ergonomic design. It’s constructed with the usage of metal combined with shaped plastic. The all-around appliance is light and delivers to a strongly outstanding chainsaw.

Another significant factor is maneuvers safety. However, no necessity to bother about safety at the moment you think of using this chainsaw. It has chain brake types of safety features for user’s safety.

At any time you’re trying to track down the best gas chainsaw under 300, this compact gas chainsaw is one of the outstanding options for you.


    • Lightweight and portable design.
    • Exceptional ergonomic comfort elements.
    • Rapid adjustments at operating.


    • You are recommended to use an ear protective gear due to the high noise.

3. Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks G-MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Key Features

    • Cordless chainsaw comes with lithium-ion technology.
    • Lightweight plus a particular portable design.
    • Producing a hundred cuts on one charge.
    • Powerful brushless motor can convey the processes.

Greenworks Tools became a marketplace ruler applying the lithium-ion technology in outdoor appliances. For the recent decade, they developed an innovative accessory and built a renowned name in power products. As mentioned above, Greenworks invented a reliable name containing their cordless appliance choices.

One of the best cordless chainsaws from them is Greenworks G-MAX. This is competent in creating hundred standard cuts on a single charge. It has a lightweight design and particular portability for easy moving. These saws are much quieter to operate and offer low vibration instead of gas-powered. So, they are an excellent option for when you’re considering using residential regions.

Along with this, the electric start plus brushless motor helps you to operate rapidly and efficiently. It gives this chainsaw better torque with limited vibration rather than a compatible sized gas saw. Again, electronic chain brakes such as safety elements will work to stop any accidental kickback.

Whenever you’re searching for the best cordless chainsaw under 300, then the Greenworks G-MAX is forcefully suggested for you.


    • Lightweight plus portable saw.
    • Superior torque superb power.
    • Single battery several tools.
    • Low vibration for comfort.


    • It’s not suitable for bigger jobs but superb for small operations.

4. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Cordless Chainsaw

Key Features

    • Portable plus impressive innovative design.
    • Smooth cut with kickback bar plus chain.
    • Oiling system provides easy chain lubrication.
    • Tool-free chain tensioning for fast adjustment.

Black+Decker brand has worldwide fame for impressive design plus innovation. Black+Decker LCS1020 chainsaw has maintained the reputation of this name. It’s another excellent outcome in the category of battery-powered electric chainsaw. Which makes this electric chainsaw so unique from others?

Firstly, this electric chainsaw comes with a 20V lithium-ion power connect battery system. This interchangeable cordless battery works with power tools, lawn & garden, and home cleaning. In addition to the ten-inch bar, this electric chainsaw is incredible for clearing brush or trimming types of outdoor jobs.

Again, an automatic oiling system works for the chain and bar lubrication. You can easily adjust with the tool-free chain tensioning features. When you’re hoping for the best electric chainsaw under 300, then the Black Decker electric chainsaw is strongly suggested for you. It’s unique from the rest of the others and performed better than you expect.


    • Interchangeable cordless battery.
    • Advanced oiling system.
    • Rapid adjustments for simple use.
    • Long-lasting run time.


    • The battery takes time to charge.

5. Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

Key Features

    • Established with OxyPower technology.
    • EPS decreased pull force, especially for easier starts.
    • Engine escorted by less fuel plus lower emissions.
    • Efficiently execute any task at any yard.

When you’re trying to find the best gas chainsaw under 300, this is honestly what you’re searching for. This is one of the most reliable gas-powered chainsaws. Mostly when you’re on a limited budget but hoping for the best chainsaw under 300 dollars. Which specifically makes it amongst the best gas chainsaw under 300? Firstly, this gas-powered chainsaw has powerful two-stroke engines with OxyPower technology.

It gives a strong engine escorted by limited fuel consumption plus lower emissions.

An Effortless pull start system (EPS) works for easier start together with the smallest cord-pulling. It will decrease the entire pull force up to thirty percent for starting. Also, some user-friendly control features will provide huger reliability.

In summary, the Poulan Pro gas chainsaw is equipped with a rapid start plus robust power. This gas-powered chainsaw will altogether accomplish any task at any yard.


    • Effortless pull start system.
    • User’s friendly control.
    • Limited fuel consumption.
    • Decrease the risk of damage.


    • This gas-powered chainsaw wasn’t for huge size cutting.

Chainsaw Under $300 Buying Guide:

Buying the best one according to your budget can be difficult. It’s completely confusing, mostly when you’re on a limited budget but trying to find out the best chainsaw under 300 dollars.

In this section, we will focus on the most significant factor for saving your time before buying.

Guide Bar Length

Guide bar length will be essential for efficiency and decides the thickness of you’ll be able to cut. More length is applicable for thicker tree types and wide parts of the wood. Oppositely, shorter lengths will be perfect for thinner trees such as smaller parts of the wood. Guide bar lengths normally range between six to twenty inches. The larger ones are always used by experienced users. Guide bar lengths from six to fifteen inches are suitable for small trees type thin wood cutting. Also, the length from 15-20 inches is suitable for medium to big size trees types of woodcutting.


There are numerous power options available for chainsaws. You have to select between them at the moment you search for the appropriate one for you. Different types include battery, gas, or electric chainsaw. The main differences between these are –

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Portability

Fuel Consumption/Battery Charging.

For example, gas-powered and cordless electric chainsaws will give a considerable amount of portability. But, they need you to buy fuel or charge batteries continuously. Oppositely, an electric corded chainsaw comes with a continuous supply of power. But they keep being plugged in saying you have to stay within a specific area while working. This will be extremely inconvenient, particularly when you have to cover a large area. Only one solution to this problem is extension cables, but never cut this extension cable while you work. All around, a gas-powered chainsaw is more powerful when compared with an electric chainsaw. Accordingly, these are used to work for heavy-duty tasks.

Safety Features

Safety is always an important aspect when it appears to a chainsaw. Because any chainsaw can cause serious injuries in case anything goes wrong. Many manufacturers introduced several safety features to reduce the risk. Most importantly, chain brake and kickback bars such safety features come for user’s safety. These features stop any accident from your chainsaw even if you lose control.

Ease Of Use

Historically, chainsaws were challenging to use and only professionals operated them in the past. But now, the time has changed and modern chainsaws come with safety features. Nowadays, they contain various features that make it more convenient for less experienced users. Again, a lightweight ergonomic design that’s simple to operate and control is best for any new users. Oppositely, any professional or experienced can operate a wide range of chainsaws.

Chain Brake

Maneuver safety is always an important aspect, but no need to be annoyed about it. Especially, when your chainsaw contains chain brakes such superb features. The chain brake feature will allow you to manually stop the chain. This unique feature is extremely conventional for gas-power chainsaws. Because this chain will roll on even if you stop the engine.


Chainsaws can vibrate as they rotate due to chain and motor operation. More vibration will make the operating more difficult for you, especially when you want to operate accurately. An anti-vibration system only comes to solve these kinds of problems. This is a common feature of every modern chainsaw.


All reputed brands will spend time and money to give innovative products to customers. They developed unique outdoor products by using modern technology. Again, considering a renowned brand means the source of replacement parts will be easier. This is a valuable consideration cause you will need to replace it anyhow. Also, when any repairs are required within the warranty, no need to bring them back to headquarters.


What factors to consider when buying a chainsaw?

You have to consider several factors before buying any chainsaw. Most importantly:

  • Guide Bar Length.
  • Power Options.
  • Safety features.

We have a broad discussion on the above about these factors and features.

What do you do with a chainsaw when using it?

Never attempt to run carrying with your chainsaw. Always aim to avoid cutting along with the blade tip. This will also work to prevent the kickback.

Always try to cut under the height of your shoulder anyhow possible. This will remain your chainsaw far away from your face.

Which one is a better either electric or gas-powered chainsaw?

It depends on your purpose and additional factors. A gas-powered chainsaw is more powerful than the electric one. So, gas-powered chainsaws are suitable for experts at heavy-duty jobs. When you have to cut up large tree types of wide wood, any gas chainsaw is best for you. On the other hand, an electric chainsaw is an excellent option for small-duty jobs. They are smaller plus simpler to carry, but less powerful to cut down big trees.


Chainsaw buying is quite difficult especially when you’re on a limited budget but looking for the best one. We will review the top best chainsaw under 300 dollars for you. We will also point out a broad buying guide to keep you from confusion. Altogether will help you confidently to take the appropriate one.

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