The blade of the pole saw is installed at the terminal portion of the tool. For cutting or trimming limbs, it works very efficiently. Besides, the knife of the pole saw is perfect for cutting any wood equipment.

As it provides superior sharpness and some durability. But, like any other metal tool, the blade needs to repair. Because it gradually loses its sharpness ability, it fails to give the proper service.

So, you may wonder how to sharpen a pole saw blade effectively. In today’s post, we will discuss this with you. Once you understand the steps, you will begin to enjoy the overall process. So, take a deep look at the topic.

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

Steps of Sharpening The Pole Saw Blade

Step 1 – Cleaning The Debris

Firstly, you have to clean the blade of the pole saw with any brush wire. Then, clean all the dust and tree debris carefully. Be sure to leave no more little dust on the surface.

Nevertheless, if you see any oily buildup on it, use the greaser products. Apart from this, you can use any rag on the surface.

Now, if possible, remove this from the pruner pole cautiously. Here, you may see the head remains unscrewed, which is opened from the saw.

Step 2 – Clamp The Blade

You have to clamp the blade with any box surface or a table in this step. And be sure about the proper tightness of it.

If it is loose, this will create different problems. Then, you have to keep the serrated edge vertically. At the same time, the position should be facing up.

Thus, clamping the saw’s blade on any table vase can be done basically. Finally, you can take the support of serrated angle parts.

Step 3 – Sharpening Rod Placement Into The Groove

In the third phase, you have to carefully place the sharpening rod in the notch between the double teeth. Then, you have to push it forward.

Besides, take this away from the blade and the metal. You must repeat the overall process around 6-7 times.

Repeat these steps cautiously until it develops to provide curled metal. Then, you have to re-position the sharpening rod and press this forward. Never put the rod between the teeth.

Step 4 – Friction The Rod

This critical phase can increase the intensity and the sharpness of the blade very much. When you want to make the saw blade sharper, in that case, you must follow this phase carefully.

Additionally, you should maintain every single part. If not, the knife of the pole saw would not be sharp. You can not trim any tree branches. Rub the large file or rod against the blade’s back portion so that it can build up the rattle. In the meantime, it can fall off as well.

Step 5 – Greasing The Edges Of The Blade

Grease is a semisolid or solid lubricant that can be used on the blade’s edges. If you expect additional brightness on the surface, you must grease it correctly.

At this point, you need to spray the lubricating oil. But, if you find any dilemma in choosing the proper lubricant or oil, then our recommendation will be any dry lubricant as it can work primarily on your blade. This lubricant protects the metal bare from rust.

Step 6 – Regular Maintenance

We have discussed the main point Foochow sharpens a pole saw blade. But, regular maintenance is also essential.

To keep the blade of your pole saw working correctly, you have to carry out some processes regularly. If you plan to do massive trimmings, some additional maintenance is required.

You should take some additional files into the garden or backyard. It can save time as well as you will be able to work with the blades more conveniently and quickly.

Tips And Guidance

Always choose the sharpening rod that can fit at the groves. However, the rod length may require much longer because it files away.

So, if you select any small rod, it might not be relevant. The diamond file and the whetstone file are our best recommendations for sharpening the angle of the blade. They will provide remarkable ability in the work.

Sometimes, hazards can occur. And it is challenging to remove the blade from the pole. Because of this, you have to hold the knife securely in the vase of the table.

Then, take an edge while laying it down parallelly to the vice. Afterward, tighten this properly. Now, the blade will be able to grip in various directions. Nevertheless, it would help if you always sharpened safely.


Overall, this is all about how to sharpen a pole saw blade. After reading the outlined post, we hope you will learn and understand essential guidance.

Hopefully, you will like this article as well as enjoy it. Most importantly, you should practice these steps at home. The process is natural and easy if you can follow it properly.

You should always wear all kinds of safety gear while handling the tools. It will prevent any types of unwanted hazards.

Happy Sawing With Sharp Pole Saw!

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