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Pole Saw Buying Guide For 2021 (Consider Before Buy)

Pole saw is a versatile tool for pruning and trimming trees. It has an extended pole which helps you in making far distance cuts. As cleaning equipment, the main uses of various kinds of pole saws are the same. However, from the specific speciality and purposes, categories are classified variously. Just like any other power tools available in the market, the pole saw is saturated with never-ending choices. This will make the things difficult to pick up the best pole saws for your works. But, you are in the proper place as below we will outline pole saw buying guide. These helpful tips will help you to pick the right one for you. Let’s get deep into the post.

Criteria For Choosing The Right Pole Saw

Compared with other saws, different models will offer a various range of options and features to the buyer. You will know elaborately about these features after reading this article of pole saw buying guide. Generally, some of the points to be considered as:

Power Type

pole saw uses

For purchasing the pole saw, the first and foremost thing to consider is power type or pattern. After knowing accurately, you can approach grabbing one. Different types of power sources enable the proper functioning of the tools. Although mostly powered by electricity. These models have various types of power. Some of them are corded saws. Also, some are cordless models.

You will find some of them are operated by gas engines. These different three power patterns have their advantages and disadvantages. The gas-powered model is perfect for portable users. But, it is a loudy tool. Cordless models are powered by recharged batteries. Whereas, corded models are affordable and provide decent performance. So, the choice should be according to your requirements and needs.

Power Rating

If you want to buy a pole saw for doing heavy-duty work, then you need a powerful model. Before buying one, you should observe the power rating. The rating will differ with various power types of the pole saw. Corded pole saws have 6 amps or sometimes 8 amps given power rating.

On the other side, gas-powered saws have 20 CC or even 30 CC given power rating. Although, you will find some given power rating from 20 volts to 40 volts averagely. Taking this into consideration, a greater power rating will provide a better performance. Therefore, you should give priority to the point of power rating.

Saw Size

Saw is a great factor that will affect the overall performance of the pole saw. A  large blade size can provide higher performance for you. A 10-inch saw blade performs better than a 6 or 8 inch saw cutting blade. Thus, a larger blade cuts a lot of materials and saves you time.


Pole saw is a tool that can be used frequently depending on your work pattern. As a consequence, the tool is more prone to wear and tear. Hence, you should always keep in mind to check the warranty duration. Moreover, most models provide a long warranty with two years warranty. Nevertheless, you will get a more reliable duration from 4 year to 5-year warranty.

Recommended Pole Saw To Buy: Scotts Outdoor PS45010S Corded Electric Pole Saw

Basic Types Of Pole Saw

Electric Pole Saw

The electric pole saw is the most used tool for any gardener. Facilitating with little weight, an electric pole saw can save your time by cutting large branches of your trees. They are reasonable, automatically manipulated and easily adjustable for doing heavy work.

Gas-Powered Pole Saw

A gas-powered saw is a perfect tool for heavy cutting like any big tree pruning. It provides versatility as well as greater power. Besides, they are easily manageable for cutting jobs. But, this tool creates an annoying sound. Protective gears should be used.

Manual Pole Saw

Manual pole saw is a specially designed tool for cutting larger branches. This is very strong and durable equipment that makes efficient cuts without using any power sources. With using manually, a small garden will be the proper workplace for it.

Hydraulic Pole Saw

This saw is mostly used by professionals. By using a hydraulic pole saw, roadside trees can be pruned effectively. This heavy-duty tool is great for cutting any big forest. Besides, the equipment is lightweight which provides fast cutting.

Corded And Cordless Pole Saw

For non-stop cutting, a corded pole saw is the best. You can make safe cuts with this versatile tool. The saw allows you to run the projects uninterruptedly. While cordless one is a portable tool. For working in any remote place, this recharge and lightweight saw will be a wonderful tool.

Final Words

Taking this description into consideration, you already get enough idea about the pole saw buying guide. You have to consider buying one according to your pruning work pattern. However, big projects need a heavy-duty one. On the flip side, an ordinary type of pole saw is appropriate for small gardens. With different capabilities. Each type provides a particular specialty in multiple task. Knowing the proper one for the tasks will make your work easier. Let’s have a great sawing!

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