Pole saw it is a beautiful tool that can save you valuable time. Besides, it makes the work easy. Often, many people don’t want to use it because of fear. Whereas, following a few easy safety guidelines, you will cut down the tree branches accurately.

When you have bought the tool, this article is mainly for you. It can help you to understand all the requirements of a pole saw.

Before approaching pole saw safety tips, you must take a pole saw seriously. If not, it can turn into a hazardous tool for your work. Always try to follow all the outlined tips properly. Let’s start reading the guidelines!

Pole Saw Safety Tips [Follow The Guide]

Pole Saw Safety Gear

1. Gear Up

As a gardener, you don’t want to face problems wearing safety gear such as helmets, earmuffs, safety eyeglasses. But, the absence of using the proper protective tools will increase the risk of any potential possibilities of danger. Therefore, first and foremost, always use the safety gear. Apart from security, it will mentally prepare you for the tasks.

2. Observe The Situation

Before starting work, the area should be noticed because you have to work with the sharp saw. It is essential to know if any dangers such as a power line are overhead. You must avoid working in case of that. Never underestimate a power line overhanging directly at your head.

Besides, you must observe the weather conditions as it is not safe to work in windy, rainy, or dark weather. You should never take the risk of facing danger in bad weather. On the other hand, on a bright day, operate the tool. So, always enquire about the forecast of the weather. This may save your life!

3. Check The Saw Before Starting

Regardless of the type of tree you need to be pruning, always check the saw before starting working. The pole saw should function properly. If necessary, put some oil in the string. Also, notice any missing or worn-out teeth. Observe the sprocket with an unassuming bar for detecting any damage. Lastly, you can start working with the tool if everything functions properly.

4. Keep The Saw Upright

Keeping the tool upright is essential. You will find the tool heavy while holding the pole saw parallel to the base. Whereas the more vertical the saw becomes, the better manageable it will be. You may use the harness to minimize the load of the saw from the arms. In this way, you can work freely with your hands.

5. Never Cut Directly Above You

You should never try to cut the tree branches directly above your head. To reduce weight, you may learn some effective techniques. Once any wrong move happens, the falling limb will crush you. Cutting the tree branch above yourself will surely make you very vulnerable to getting directly hit by any fallen branch. It would be best if you avoided it.

6. Keep The Footing Firm

While pruning and trimming, legs play a very vital role. Another pole saw safety tips are about these. The balance of the legs should be correct. Always keep firm both of the feet. Cutting jobs requires some rapid movement of the body. At this moment, only strong legs can keep you focused on the task.

7. Take Proper Breaks

The fundamental steps of pruning and cutting can take energy from the body. Therefore, never forget to give proper and frequent breaks to your body. Sometimes, you need to work on an extended schedule. Your arms, neck, and shoulders can suffer from nerve injury by cutting continuously. In addition, the vibration will make the body devastating.

But the biggest problem of all, a restless, weary arm, is a major cause of any related injuries. Unfortunately, people forget to notice this at the time of constant workflow. In contrast, you can save your time, energy, and potency by taking proper rest. After the rest, you will be ready enough to finish the remaining task.

8. Read The Manual

There are various types of pole saw available on the market. Multiple saws are built in different mechanisms and specifications. You should always read the manual provided by the manufacturer company. There will be some safety tips or precautions to follow. It would be best if you were careful about the warnings which are written in the manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a pole saw on a ladder?

Answer: As a beginner, you should never use a pole saw on a ladder. In case of not reachable tree branches, you should take the help of any experienced users.

Otherwise, you always have the risk of falling from the ladder.

How high can a pole saw reach?

Answer: A pole saw can reach about 8 -12 feet. This range may vary according to the model. Most of the pole saws’ maximum extension will be about 12 feet. Moreover, manual pole saws can stretch beyond this.

Final Verdict

Safety is the most vital thing in any cutting job. Pole saw safety tips are easy to follow but essential to remember. It would be best always to be careful while working with the tool.

When you follow the proper safety measures, the pole saw will be a tool of choice for any task. Besides, it will increase your confidence level. So, you may be able to cut a large tree without hassle. So, have a safe pole sawing!

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