Table Saw Vs Circular Saw – Which Tool Is Perfect For The Project?

If you have a project ahead, you’ll have to find the appropriate saw. Among various types of saw, table and circular saw are the most suitable options. The table saw is the best name in the working field for any accurate cuts. But, if you want to handle the saw easily, you should go with the circular saw. So, you may be wondering which one to buy? Then, in today’s post, we will figure out the table saw vs. circular saw. We will discuss step by step both of these saws. Let’s jump into the matter!

The table and circular saw selection should be easy for most experienced woodworkers. Because they properly know what is suitable for their projects. For novice or beginner woodworkers, selecting these two tools is not always easy. But, both are lovely power tools and will be appropriate for many different situations.

The table saw will be the right choice for those in the woodworking business for a long time. Hence they want something which makes accurate and precise cuts with long-lasting stability. Also, the table saw can work nicely for easy tasks.

If you are searching for a versatile and affordable power saw that you can use for making different cuts in various types of materials, the circular saw will be the best choice. You can use it almost anywhere. Also, a portable circular saw is a right choice for small workshops because there is no space for a permanent power saw.

The best way to select which one to purchase first is to get a clear idea of both types’ advantages, disadvantages, and features. Then you can understand which one is the right match for your requirements. So now, we will pinpoint this matter.

In Summary (Table Saw Vs Circular Saw):

Features Table Saw Circular Saw
Image benchtop table saw circular saw
Portable Poor portability Very good portability.
Versatility Mainly for woodworking. Excellent
Accuracy Precise crosscuts and rip cuts. Average.
Pattern of use Easy for beginners. Requires skill to use
Tool Life Good Average
Price Relatively expensive. Comparatively cheap.

Table Saw Features:

  • Shaft or arbor locks immobilize the blade and shaft. This makes it easy to adjust the blade.
  • Dust blowers and chutes are helping to move the sawdust from the workshop area.
  • Easily adjustable rip fences allow perfect control over the work.

Circular Saws Features:

  • Cuts are relatively straight and accurate.
  • The metal blade’s edge makes sharp cuts.
  • The amount has a relatively narrow kerf and a smooth finishing surface.
  • Usually, this saw will leave burrs on the cut angle of plastic and metal.

Table Saw Pros:

benchtop table saw

Accurate And Precise Cuts:

Many woodworkers use the table saw to deliver accurate and precise cuts with excellent efficiency. Unique blade design combined with the sensitive nature of the saw is always an advantage for the users. Thus it ensures the perfect cuts always.

Systematic Sawdust Disposal:

Circular saw leaves the sawdust always. But you will not have to worry about wood dust while using the table saw. Because the top portion of the sawdust will move in one direction at the dust compartment, this ensures the clean-up properly.

Makes Ripping Boards And Cross Cuts Easy:

The most common works in any workshop are ripping boards and crosscuts. Using a table saw, you can easily make crosscutting and ripping boards. Even a beginner can quickly work with this saw.

Easy To Maintain:

It is easy to maintain a table saw. However, it is larger and more stationary than a circular saw. But the table saw provides perfect access to the components which tend to break frequently. And with proper maintenance, the table saw will last longer than the circular saw.

Table Saw Cons:

Not Portable: 

Most of the table saws are permanently fixed in the workshop. Therefore, you have to use this saw only in the workshop or garage.

Quite Expensive:

If you compare it with the circular saw, they are costly. Additionally, if you buy a power saw with a tight budget, you must buy extra parts.

Dangerous To Use:

The table saw has very sharp blades. Exposure to these blades will bring significant danger, particularly for inexperienced woodworkers.

Circular Saw Pros:

Makita XSS02Z Circular Saw


circular saw may not provide the accuracy or precision of a table saw, but it will deliver versatility. This power tool will help you in making various cuts. And with the perfect blade, you can easily use it for cutting different materials.

Relatively Cheap:

Circular saws are relatively cheap in comparison with table saws. So they are the best option if you want to buy your very first saw and if you do not have enough money to spend.


If you need any portable power saw for different worksites, a circular saw is a right option. It is both portable and lightweight. However, you can buy battery-powered and cordless ones that you will use in places with no electrical power outlets.

Circular Saw Cons:

Not Very Accurate Or Precise: 

It is tough to get any precise cuts by this saw because you need to move it while cutting.

No Disposal Of Sawdust:

Using the circular saw for any big projects will get lots of wood dust in the workshop. They don’t have a disposal facility like the table saw.

The Bottom Line

So, if you want accurate and super-precise cuts, a table saw will be your best choice. Professionals always use them because they make very sharp cuts with no irregular edges. However, if you need something reasonably priced, easier to handle, and have no worry for less precise cuts, a circular saw will be the right choice for you. And, this is all about table saw vs. circular saw. The option is yours!

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