Woodworkers use many power tools in a workshop. Table saw and miter saw is the most common. A table saw is a woodworking tool consisting of a circular saw blade mounted on an arbor driven by an electric motor.

Table Saw Vs Miter Saw

On the other hand, a miter saw is a saw that is used to make accurate crosscuts, which is consists of a powered circular saw in a miter box. Moreover, a miter box can be placed at a variety of angles. Though both tools are made for cutting wood and tips into pieces, you should pay much of your concern for choosing a better one before purchase.

So, between a table saw vs. a miter saw, let’s find out which one is better for you.

In-depth Comparison of Table Saw vs Miter Saw

Versatilitytable saw uses

Table saws are more versatile and productive tools that usually offer a variety of cuts such as crosscut, rip, dado, rabbet, and so on. But a miter saw can make some restricted cuts.

Cutting Large Pieces

A table saw comes with a flat plain that supports cutting a piece of wood. A user can control and push the piece of wood into the whirling blade. When you need to cut a large portion of wood or sheet materials, you have to look for a table saw, not a miter saw. With a table saw, one can cut any size of wood pieces. But the design and nature of the blade of a miter saw never allows you to use it on large workpieces.

More Powerful

Table saws are more versatile and have the ability to cut large materials. It can also offer all the cuts that a miter saw cannot provide. It is also the best choice for cutting sheet materials. So when it comes to miter saw vs. table saw, in terms of power, the table saw is more potent than the miter saw.

Miter saws are more precise than table saws

Table saws are larger than miter saws. Though some smaller table saws are slightly available in the market in recent times, most of the table saws take more space. So those who have space shortness can think about miter saws which are more precise than the first one.

Miter saws are more portablemiter saw uses

Most of the table saws are designed with solid steel legs, which are also heavy and difficult to move.

But with the advancement of science, some table saws come with wheeled stands recently, which are very poor in number.

On the contrary, miter saws are specially designed, which can be moved easily, or we can call portable saw. So you can move it according to your use and place. Besides, you can place it anywhere in your shop or house.


The miter saw provides highly accurate cuts than that of the table saw. Through a miter saw, a piece of wood can be cut more accurately, and also, the process of cutting will take less time and effort than a table saw. So, if you need the accuracy of cuts, you better choose a miter saw.

Cutting Angles

In the name of miter saw, you will find the verb’ miter’, which means ‘to join pieces at 90-degree angle’. Using a miter saw, one can cut angles easily, quickly, consistently, and effortlessly.

But the process is more complicated for a table saw. One can cut only a 45-degree tip with a table saw, which takes more effort and time than a miter saw. So, when you need to cut angles, you should prefer a miter saw first.

Miter saws are better at cutting bevels

Cutting bevels is more challenging for a table saw because the blade on a table saw can move only up and down, which can vary the depth of the cut.

But the blade which is used in a miter saw can move not only up and down but also right or left. This quality makes it more perfect than a table saw when making bevels or compound cuts


When selecting a tool for work, you need to look for its safety capacity first. In this matter, we can give our first thought on miter saw because the miter saw is relatively safer than the table saw.

The blades of table saws are barely exposed. So it is possible to move fingers or hands into the whirling blade, which can cause significant physical damage.

Besides, the possibility of kickback makes it more dangerous than a miter saw. Though table saws have been improved and many safety features included, such as brakes, sensors, etc., table saws are still one of the most dangerous power tools. So the use of miter saws will be more intelligent adjudication.


We can compare the table saw, and miter saw according to their prices. A table saw is more expensive than a miter saw. So, if you lack money but want to buy a woodcutter, you can choose a miter saw, which is cheaper than the table saw.

Between table saw vs miter saw, using which one is better?

Table saw vs. miter saw, which is a better choice? It’s a tricky question. The answer to this question depends on what they want, users’ necessity, and where you will find the most significant benefits.

When you need to cut a piece of wood into a specific length or to a particular angle, you can purchase a miter saw rather than a table saw.

A miter saw can also be used to create pictures and other crafts. But if you need to cut larger sheets, you can prefer a table saw though a table saw needs larger space because miter saws are not good at cutting more significant pieces of wood or sheets.

One can cut larger wood pieces or sheets and more extensive material through a table saw. However, most woodworkers should prefer the versatility of the table saw, which can do almost all the things that a miter saw can do.

But if the budget allows, it will be best to buy both the table saw, and the miter saw to open a serious workshop.

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