Track Saw Vs Table Saw – In-Depth Comparison

In order to run a woodworking workshop, several saws can be needed because several saws are capable of providing several service capabilities. Maybe a saw is not good at a specific cut, but others can provide this cut accurately. So a single saw cannot suffice all our demands, but other different types can. Track saw and table saw are two kinds of saw that also provide some important service for cutting wood or any other hard material. Let’s find out, between track saw vs table saw, which one is better.

Track Saw Vs Table Saw – Details Comparison

Track Saw

A track saw is a kind of hand-held circular saw, which is also known as a plunge saw or plunge cut saw. It slides on a guide rail during operation. Unlike other hand-held circular saws, it plunges into the material during the cut and increase safety for its operator and reduce splintering and tear-out. Long straight cuts can be made quickly and precisely than a table saw. It is called plunge saw because through a track saw, one can set a precise depth easily.


  • The blade of track saws is covered. So it has a much better record when it comes to the point of injury.
  • Track saws dust collection capability is much better and easier than a table saw.
  • Track saws are portable. A track saw can be broke down into two or more pieces and can be transported. That’s why it can be easily carried from one place to another place.
  • The weight of a track saw is also lighter than a table saw. This lightweight capacity makes it easier to carry a table saw.
  • The storage capacity of a track saw is also better. It has a lot of space than a table saw.
  • A track saw is good for solo work. A single person can cut heavy or large pieces accurately and safely with a track saw.
  • Plunge cuts are the specialty of a track saw. Perfect plunge cuts can be easily done by a track saw when it is a challenging work for another saw.
  • The cuts made by a track saw are smoother and more accurate than a table saw.
  • If we need to make large cuts, the track saw will be better, which is difficult with a regular saw.


  • A track saw takes a longer time to set up. We need to measure and make pencil marks for the accurate cut.
  • Cutting very thin sheets is a difficult work for a track saw.
  • The workpiece of a track saw should be stiff.
  • The surface of the workpiece should be regular and flat.

Table Saw

DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw

On the other hand, a table saw consists of a circular blade, mounted on an arbor, and driven by an electric motor. Table saws have been used for hundreds of years but still in use, which makes it clear that the table saw provides unquestionable service. A table saw is a very common power tool, and it can be found in any woodworker’s workshop. So we can call it one of the best power tools.


  • A lot of material can be cut into smaller sizes in a better way through a table saw.
  • Versatility is one of the distinct specifications of the table saw. We can use it to make various cuts such as crosscuts, dado cuts, rip cuts, rabbet cuts, miter cuts, deep cuts, narrow cuts, etc.
  • We can consider table saws as an excellent power tool when it comes to cutting large materials. It is usually used to cut both small and large materials. All saws are not capable of cutting large pieces of materials. In this regard, table saws have a better record.
  • A table saw is very easy to maintain.
  • Table saws are known as powerful power tools all over the world.
  • A table saw takes less time to complete work than a track saw. Table saws are consist of a high-speed electric motor, which made it faster than any other power tool.


  • A table saw is a large working tool that requires a lot of space. So you need a big space if you want to set a table saw.
  • A table saw is very big in size. We cannot move it easily. We cannot take it outside with us. It is fixed in a place. So if you don’t have to transport a table saw, you can choose it.
  • Though modern table saws provide various safety features to make the tool safer, that stops the blade as your hands get too close to the blade, but still, it is one of the most dangerous power tools. The blade of the table saw is barely exposed, which makes it dangerous mainly. So it is not impossible to move fingers into the whirling blade that can cause great physiological damage.
  • We can use a table saw to cut only wood that can be placed on the table saw’s work surface.
  • The storage capacity of a table saw is very short.

Among Track Saw And Table Saw, Which One Is Better?

We need to choose the right saw according to the use of materials that need to cut and cuts that you intend to make. Table saw and Track saw both are good and used to cut material, but they have some differences. The track saw is perfect for those who are looking for making plunge cuts, and a portable saw with large storage capacity. Who has short of space can also choose a track saw. On the other hand, those who need a versatile saw and various cuts can buy a table saw. If you need to cut large wood pieces, you better buy a table saw. But before purchasing a table saw, they have to ensure enough space for it, and as it is quite a dangerous tool, they have to acquire enough knowledge about its safety measure before using it.

In a vivid manner, between track saw vs table saw, we can come to the conclusion that one is not better than the other in all aspects. They have different capabilities and different specifications. Which one can be used depends totally on personal preference and purpose.

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