A circular saw is an important power tool for any kind of user. From big construction projects to ordinary household tasks, this versatile saw is great in all ways.

You may be able to handle various types of materials using the relatively simple saw. Depending on the size and pattern of the blade, it is possible to cut through the metal to masonry.

If you are new to the uses, capabilities and design of circular saws, you are in the right place. In today’s guide, we will figure out more about different types of circular saws. Let’s Begin!

What Is A Circular Saw?

Simply, a circular saw is a versatile power saw which uses an abrasive or toothed blade. It can cut through the materials by using a spinning motion around an arbour.

The concept is natural while multiple moving parts are involved within. The saw can be used to cut numerous materials like masonry, wood, metals or plastic.

They can be either portable or attached to some kind of machine. Moreover, they are capable of handling various materials at the time of cutting.

But, it will mainly depend on the pattern of the blade. In the market, there are lots of blades available which are specially designed for shaping the materials.

Different Types Of Circular Saws

1. Corded Circular Saw

corded circular saw

The tool is the main circular saw which uses the power source for functioning. The saw is operated by an electrical outlet.

For this reason, it provides more power than a cordless one. Although, the saw is limited by the cord. These saws are allowing performance on the toughest applications.

The basic feature appears with the blade and the motor. You can find some additional features on the saw which enhance the accuracy and performance.

The motor can function at high speeds. The blade is suitable for cutting tough materials. So, a corded circular saw is a heavy-duty tool for doing any task. But, the saw is incredibly lightweight.

2. Cordless Circular Saw

cordless circular saw

Both the cordless and corded circular saw have some similarities in the main components like the blade and the motor.

Even additional features such as dust blowers, bevel stops and lasers are available for cutting properly. Moreover, the basic noticeable difference is the battery of the cordless one.

The battery is a constant medium of energy for the cordless circular saw. Batteries have a great lifespan, with a few hours of charging, you can work for a longer period. Besides, the tool is very portable.

Despite powerful motors, they are extremely lightweight. Some models feature additional facilities which enhance the accuracy of the work.

3. Compact & Mini Circular Saw

compact mini circular saw

These saws are very helpful tools for handling small jobs in confined spaces. The saw will make your life and work easier to concentrate on the work.

They offer the same versatility and functionality as the larger circular saws. Whereas, they are more convenient in size as well as more lightweight, portable and flexible.

4. Worm Drive Circular Saws

worm drive circular saw

Worm drive saw models are quite popular among users. From other saws, the main difference is an escalation of the motor. Besides, the gear arrangement is different.

The motor is situated at the back. Because of this, the tool is longer. Also, the blade is longer and slimmer than the circular saw. It is located on the left portion of the motor.

The special arrangement will put the weight bulk on the right-hand portion. For a left-handed user, this can be problematic. Nevertheless, the tool provides a huge advantage.

The arrangement of the gear produces more torque. This will give you some extra speed when you require more power. Therefore, worm drive circular saw is widely used.

The particular design of the saw is perfect for cutting the plunges. You may also use it for cutting the wider lumber.

You can easily see where the cutting is done due to the motor placement. On the upper side, these saws are very durable. On the flip side, they are cumbersome and can feel clunky in hand.

5. Biscuit Joiners

biscuit joiners

The biscuit joiner is a powerful tool that helps in creating flat surfaces easier and making strong joints. These handy saws use mini circular blades for cutting the slices into wood pieces.

They will allow the user to insert a biscuit shaped small chunk in the dual slots. Thereby, a solid joint will be created.

6. Carbide Saws

carbide saw

They are a powerful machine for large cutting. The teeth of the saw are built with cemented carbide. For this reason, hard materials will be cut easily.

Two hydraulic cylinders clamp the cutting material on every side of the blade. For improving the blade life, the cutting material should be removed after work is done.

7. Flip Over Circular Saw

If you have a space problem in your garage or workshop then use a flip oversaw. The tool will save your space. It is a combination of the table saws rip cutting together with the mitre saw cross-cutting ability. Flip-over saws is robust, powerful and easy to operate for any user.

8. Metal Cutting Circular Saw

metal cutting saw

This tool is fitted with a sharp blade which makes it suitable for cutting the metal. The saw is ideal for cutting the mild to moderate-heavy steel.

You should be careful about metal chips which are hot and fly everywhere. So, always wear safety gear, cover yourself securely. Then, enjoy cutting the metal with the saw.

9. Cordwood Saws

They are a great addition to the circular saw fields. The saw can be used for cutting cordwood, firewood, pulpwood, ties or any kind of wood.

o do any construction projects, you can always take the help of a saw. They provide a precious cutting due to higher torque action. Besides, the hand pressure of the log is very light. Therefore, your hands will not get fatigued.

10. Cold Saws

cold saw

Cold saws are different kinds of circular saw designed for cutting metal. They have a toothed blade that can shift the heat generated by the chips cut by the blade.

Besides, the material and the blade remain cool at the time of cutting. For this reason, it is termed the name.

11. Sidewinder Circular Saws

sidewinder circular saw

Sidewinder saws are also termed in-line circular saws. They are very compact due to the motor which is mounting parallelly. It is aligned with the blade.

It means the blade is situated on the left of the saw. The saw is a user-friendly tool as it is lighter. If the users don’t like oiling up the circular saws, get a sidewinder.

This saw doesn’t need oil at all. As it facilities with a closed-off type motor. Having the motor on your left side, the heaviest portion of the tool balances on the work table side of the project.

The entire arrangement gives extra stability. Thus, making the tool easier for making accurate cuts.

The cutting style on the overhead may obstruct your work surface slightly. But you should adjust this. Sidewinder circular saws are ideal and versatile for fast cutting situations.

However, they don’t have the potency and force of a worm drive saw. But, they can handle general projects. They are suitable and powerful enough for this.

12. Hypoid Circular Saws

hypoid circular saw

In the hypoid circular saws, the motor position is similar to the worm drives. But the difference is lying in the alignment of the gear and transmission.

These saws don’t need oil as the motor is properly sealed. This kind of saw has hypoid gears. They have a slightly spiral position with meshing gear.

And, the gear situation is at a 90-degree edge to the axis. This specificity combination will improve the contact between your project and the blade.

The improved alignment of the torque will help you to make the cutting better and more efficient. You may find one with a lighter motor.

The motor is located at the left of the blade which makes the tool easier to observe the cutting line. This saw has greater potency than the sidewinder one.

Besides, it is perfectly suited to projects which need more torque. In case of cutting wet, dense or thicker pieces of branches or lumber, you should consider the saw.

13. Abrasive Circular Saws

abrasive circular saws

The basic differentiating factor of an abrasive circular saw is the blade. As a substitute for teeth that chew through any materials, the disc edge is smooth.

This model works by utilizing friction against the cutting edge of the tooth. The blade slices through the hard materials. The perfect option has diamond edging.

By doing some cuttings, it will seem worth investing in as the blades are expensive. This kind of work is difficult on blades. Therefore, cheap blades will wear out soon.

The design will depend on what the user wants to do with the saw. For cutting tiles and metal, you can use a setup as the table saw.

On the other side, for cutting concrete asphalt and pipes, the design will look the same as the sidewinders.

Regardless of the setup, it is different to operate these models. Instead of shifting the blade along with the material, users pull it in their direction. This slight change will make accurate cuts.

14. Concrete Circular Saws

concrete circular saws

They are also known as slab saws. They look similar to chop saws or appear in a portable setup.

If you can pair the diamond-edged blade with them, you can cut through anything in heavy work projects.

The saw is very powerful. While changing the various blades will make it more versatile.

Although, a concrete circular saw is not a perfect option for light-duty tasks.As the motor is tough and powerful on blades.

You will get more heat and friction due to the rotation of the blade. So, it will get more wear easily. In this situation, you need to work on a short term basis. This will allow it to cool down properly.


This is all for today about types of circular saws. Remember, it is not a complicated tool at all. Although, you require regular practice to be an expert on the tool. For making crosscuts, rip cuts or both, just go for a circular saw.

The majority of them are operated by electricity, few are gasoline-powered or even hydraulic-powered saws are available. Usually, homeowners or the average contractors use the electric-powered version with a cord. So, choose accordingly!

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