How to sharpen a Chainsaw with a Dremel

Are you having trouble keeping your saw blades sharp through constant use and overall ageing? You are not alone.

There are a good number of users who experience the same issue. You need to read this article to the end and capture some of the critical tips in sharpening a chainsaw.

Then, as you explore the item, you will never worry again about sharpening a chainsaw with a Dremel. The aspect is linked to the fact that the article offers a clear guideline on what needs to be done for your saw to be sharp even after hard labor.

In other words, you need to be careful and follow all the procedures to understand how to sharpen a chainsaw with Dremel.

Take a look at some of the steps that need to be followed when happening a saw.

Assembling of Tools

For effective sharpening of the saw, you need to have a tarp or newspaper, a Dremel with a diamond grind attachment, blade lubricant oil, safety goggles, and substantial work gloves.

In addition, you need to identify an area that will make it suitable for the art of sharpening. Preferably you need an open space where you won’t get messy.

These tools are critical in helping an individual understand how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a Dremel.

In other words, you may opt to sharpen your saw in a garage where you will be less disturbed and be less concerned over the disposal of waste.

The aspect is linked to the fact that there are rooms or rather places set aside for sharpening purposes in a garage. All forms of blades, as well as saws, are strategically placed for effective sharpening. Safety First

Safety First

Before you actualize the sharpening process, you must ensure that you have the protective gear. In other words, you need to wear heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands from unnecessary cuts.

You also need to wear gloves to protect your eyes from iron filing. It is worth noting that you will be dealing with tiny metal particles that can injure one`s eyes or, rather, hands in the sharpening process. Thus, the art of being vigilant is essential.

Remove the Blade

There are different blades altogether. However, if the module is temporarily fixed, you need to remove it for effective sharpening.

However, other saws can be sharpened in their flames. As you pull the blades, you need to follow the instructions or rather the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

It would help if you were careful when removing the module. The aspect is linked to the fact that even though you are sharpening the saw, the art doesn’t mean that it was not sharp enough to cut you.

How to use a Dremel

The Dremel refers to a device that is used for many roles. The tool has a handheld base to attach several points to the head.

It is worth noting that the head turns when the Dremel is switched on. The blade, or rather the saw, is sharpened in the process.

Take a look at some of the steps you need to capture to understand how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a Dremel.

  • You need to have a square slab and attach a cylindrical container to its center. It is worth noting that the bottle should have been the same diameter as that of the hole at the center of the saw blade.
  • You also need to include a wood slab on the underside of your slab for security purposes.
  • Find another slab and attach it to the chisel. The reason behind this is to create a mechanism that will hold the cylinder and the Dremel in an excellent position to enhance effective sharpening.
  • Pass the blade down to the cylinder and rests upon the slab.
  • Activate the Dremel and allow it to run while in a secured place.
  • Pass the entire blade in the tool as you rotate it on the next tooth. Redo the process to the latter. Ensure that you have gone around all the modules.
  • Flip the Dremel so that it is on the right-hand side.
  • Remove the blade and flip it around.
  • Turn the Dremel so that it is on the right-hand side.
  • You need to add pressure to the end of every tooth against the Dremel blade for a couple of seconds.

It is worth noting that the technique is simple. Once it is well set, suspending a single tooth takes a few seconds for effective sharpening.

Watch Video: Sharpen A Chainsaw With Dremel

Video: How To Sharpen A Chainsaw With Dremel

How Do You Sharpen a Chainsaw with an Electric Sharpener?

It is worth noting that chainsaw is useless when they are dull. The tip of the sharp end determines whether the blade is intelligent or not.

Some cheaper models can be sued to sharpen a chainsaw. Electric sharpeners offer some of the best options for sharpening blades.

One of the aspects worth noting is that an electric sharpener has two adjustable stops that are critical in regulating the horizontal sides and gridding depth.

The smooth stop is essential in the sense that it determines the way the metal will be removed. It would help if you started the sharpening processing by holding the groove and adjusting the swiveling table to ensure that the wheel encounters the chain of the factory angle.

It would help if you also examined the chain and the damaged cutters. This aspect is critical in determining how you will fix the blade in the sharpener. You need to alternate the orientations to ensure that the entire edge is well sharpened.

What Is the Best Chainsaw Sharpening Tool?

An electric sharpener is the best for a chainsaw. This aspect is linked to the fact that it is safer than the Dremel. The other merit is that it is relatively fast.

You can sharpen more than 50% of the entire blade within a minute. One of the demerits of Dremel is that you must keep rotating the knife to ensure that it’s 100% sharp.


In a nutshell, various tools can be used to sharpen a chainsaw. The blade needs to be removed and ground within a few minutes in most cases.

The module needs to be wiped on competing using oil and tarp to ensure that the sharpening aspect lasts for a more extended period. One ought to be mind-opened to understand how to sharpen a Chainsaw with a Dremel.

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