Pole Saw Vs Chainsaw – What Is The Difference?

Pole saw vs Chainsaw

Pole saw, and chainsaw two are the most versatile woodworking tools. Both of them are mainly used for cutting purposes.

A chainsaw is a powerful tool used primarily to cut down twigs and trees. Moreover, a pole saw is a slightly similar kind of tool.

The main exception is having a long stick situated at the backside. But, new users may have confusion on the subject of selecting one tool from different power tools.

While comparing pole saw vs. chainsaw, we’ll look over the features of each tool with its uses. Then, in this informative post, we’ll discuss how both of them work. Our outlined explanation can help you to think in-depth about the point.

The primary difference between pole saw vs. chainsaw is their capability of touching heights and lengths. Therefore, you should pick up a pole saw for routine pruning of the backyard trees throughout the entire year. On the other side, a chainsaw is the right choice when dealing with wide-ranging daily work.

Additionally, an extendable pole is attached to the pole saw, which will allow you to use the ladder to climb while working.

It will reduce the possibility of any accidents. Plus, this tool is lightweight. The unique design will produce less noise.

Let’s see the reverse side. A chainsaw is a more powerful tool than a pole saw. It will cut any sizable branches of trees, from more minor to large.

Besides, you can make cutting through any other materials. Suppose you have sufficient space in the workshop and have no budget problem, then you may think about investing in both tools. But if not, today’s post will help you figure out the one effective tool accordingly.

Pole Saw Vs Chainsaw

Pole Saw

The name tells the description of the tool. Usually, pole saws are used for cutting any remote tree branches. You can never reach there easily without taking the help of a ladder.

As we described earlier, it is attached to a pole. You will notice the tool has a potent engine. The engine operates the chainsaw. The manual one is best for trimming and pruning the limbs.

pole saw

In case of large time-consuming projects, you should use an electric or gas-powered pole saw. So, it is one of the most accessible but most simplistic saws available on the market.

For landscapers and arborists, the tool is the best preferable working piece.

Types of Pole Saws

Three different types of pole saws are available:

  • Manual pole saws are very portable and lightweight. Although, you are required to have proper skills for working with it. They don’t feature powered engines. Therefore, they are suitable for small tasks.
  • The electric pole saw is operated by electricity. Thus, it doesn’t require combustible fuel. Moreover, two types are available, corded and cordless. They have different advantages and disadvantages.
  • A gas-powered pole saw is the most versatile and powerful pole saw, which is powered by gas. They are easy to use and portable. It will be able to run for many hours. By using the trigger, you can manage the speed.

Uses Of Pole Saws

  • The main job of the tool is pruning. You can nicely remove any dry limbs of trees. It allows better growth of the plants.
  • Trimming is another task of a pole saw. A pole saw can reach any higher branches of trees successfully and safely.

Recommended Pole Saw: Oregon PS250 Cordless Telescoping Pole Saw


As the name indicates, the saw appears with a saw blade made in a chain. The cutting tool is powered by electricity. As we mentioned, a sharp blade is connected to a chainsaw chain. An engine works with this endless chain resulting in a great performance in the project.


Whether the tool is a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric, anyone can work effectively for the entire woodworking project. We can separate various kinds of chainsaws according to their power and function.

Although, the primary purpose remains constant, which is cutting, pruning, or bucking trees. Interestingly, some chain saws will cut concrete, stone, or brick. Besides, it is a portable tool.

Types of Chainsaws

Usually, two types of chainsaws are available. One is operated by gas. And the other is powered by electricity. So you need to select anyone between them according to your project pattern.

Gas-powered chainsaws appear lighter and smaller in size. Therefore, they are suitable for the short-term task or casual projects. Generally, you may work with any gasoline-powered tool for about two hours per day.

Electric chainsaws will help you work on large projects for many hours. You can easily work with the tool for longer than 15 to 16 hours with extra batteries.

Uses of Chainsaws

  • You can use a chainsaw for cleaning any fallen trees to clear the roads. It is suitable to do it with minimal risks.
  • The tool can be used for removing or limbing any branches of the tree. You can use these branches later on in the future task.

Recommended Chainsaw: Echo CS 590 Chainsaw

Let’s Wrap Up!

Above the discussion, you already get enough information about a pole saw vs. a chainsaw. Pole saw it would be better for you as they produce less sound.

You don’t need to climb any ladder while working with it. But, if you have no issues with loud sound and climbing the ladder, you can go for a pole saw.

For new users, it is preferable to use a chainsaw. Pole saw it is only perfect for cutting smaller branches. Reversely, a chainsaw can cut almost anything. You can choose what should be according to your budget and project.

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