How To Clean A Chainsaw Like Pro

Chainsaws are versatile and valuable tools that help fall trees, prune branches or chop firewood. However, it is also an expensive power tool, and it needs regular maintenance to get efficient cuts and keep them running smoothly and safely.

These tools need regular cleaning to remove old oil, sawdust, and sap from trees. By cleaning the machine regularly, you can extend the machine’s life and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your saw.

In addition, you can maintain it by yourself quickly, and thus your chainsaw will run like new. So if you want to work with a chainsaw without any interruption and face any problems, you have to clean it regularly.

How To Clean A Chainsaw

Steps How To Clean A Chainsaw

Step 1 – Preparing The Chainsaw For Cleaning

Before cleaning the various parts of the chainsaw, you have to make sure that there is no power supply in your machine if your chainsaw is an electric chainsaw.

Before you start cleaning the chainsaw, you have to remove the battery if it is a cordless chainsaw.

You have to disconnect the spark plug connector from the plug and drain all fluids (gas and bar oil) before cleaning if you have a gas chainsaw.

After ensuring these, your entire machine is ready to clean.

Let’s go to the main point, and that point is how you can clean your chainsaw.

Step 2 – Cleaning The Bar

Put the chain aside after separating the bar and the chain from the powerhead. Your cleaning method will depend on how dirty your saw is. If your saw guide bar is moderately dirty, you can clean it with just soap and water. But if your saw is heavily grimy, it requires degreaser solvent to remove the dirt.

You can clean the chainsaw notch with a putty knife or groove cleaning tool specially made for this purpose.

First, you have to run the tool around the crack till it is clean between the rails.

Then you have to clean the bar and chain oiler holes, which are located at the bar’s base, with a pick or thin screwdriver to extract dirt from the pits.

You can also use compressed air and high-pressure steam to clean the dirty chainsaw bar.

Step 3 – Cleaning The Chain

After cleaning the bar, it’s time to clean the chainsaw chain. To clean the chain, you can use ammonia and mix it with water, then soak the chain for 15 to 20 minutes in this solution.

Before removing the chain from the answer, you must wear thick gloves and eye protection so that this mixer can’t come in contact with your skin.

After confirming the safety, you can pull out the chain. But it is better not to touch the soaked chain with your hand, even if you have worn gloves. After that, scrub the chain with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

When the chain is clean, you have to rinse it with water until all the ammonia solution is gone. Then dry the chain and make sure that there is no moisture.

After drying, the chain has been completely submerged the chain in the oil for hours. Before placing it on the chainsaw, you must wipe all dripping oil from the chain.

To speed up this process, you can use compressed air. Before replacing the saw, you can sharpen your chainsaw chain if required.

Step 4 – Cleaning The Powerhead

To clean the powerhead, you have to wipe the exterior part of the powerhead body using a dry cloth. Clutch drum and bar studs soiled in the crankcase may be found, which should be adequately cleaned.

Clean these places with a soft paintbrush, and thick dirt can be cleaned with a pick or thin screwdriver. Compressed air can also be used to clean the powerhead.

Step 5 – Cleaning The Carburetor

If you want to work with a chainsaw smoothly, the carburetor should be clean. To clean the carburetor, you have to first remove the needle valves, diagram, and cover plate.

After removing these parts, soak them in ammonia solution for 20 minutes and scrub these with a stiff brush. Then rinse these thoroughly with warm water and dry them well.

Step 6 – Cleaning The Air Filter

The air filter can be available only in a gas model chainsaw. After removing the top cover of the chainsaw, the first process will be taking out the air filter.

It can be washed with warm soapy water and brush, but compressed air can’t be used to clean it because compressed air may damage it permanently.

Before reattaching the air filter, you have to look at it and make sure that the air filter is completely dry. If it is too dirty to use and you cannot clean it thoroughly, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 7 – Reattaching All The Parts in Reverse Order

After following all these steps mentioned above, you can be optimistic that you have completed cleaning the saw.

Then reattach the engine cover starter cord cover, and remount the chain to the bar after making sure that the chain is completely dry. The chain should be mounted in the right direction. Then the bar of the saw should be mounted on the studs.

The following steps are adjusting the tensioning screw, connecting the clutch cover, and tightening the nuts. You should not over-tighten the screw, or else it cannot move freely.

Now your chainsaw cleaning process is complete. After refilling the saw with gas and bar oil, you can start working with your clean chainsaw.

If you want to work with your chainsaw for a long time, you have to clean the saw regularly in the correct way. If you do so, your saw life will be extended.

But remember to clean the saw in the right order. Otherwise, a part or parts of the saw will be damaged for your ignorance, and the saw will turn into slops.

So it would help if you were careful while cleaning your chainsaw.