Common Husqvarna 390XP Problems With Their Quick Fixes

Husqvarna 390XP Problems

Husqvarna 390XP is a high-end forestry chainsaw featuring remarkable vibration dampening, smart start technology, excellent ergonomics, and smart Air-Injection technology. But despite having such great features the chainsaw faces some common issues.

But luckily, these issues are solvable with some maintenance, smart troubleshooting, and active DIY. Some of the common problems that I have seen in Husqvarna 390XP include engine starting problems, chain issues, fuel system issues, and chain oiling problems.

husqvarna 390xp problems

Let me walk you through some of the quickest and easiest fixes for all these problems in this article.

Overview of Common Problems of Husqvarna 390XP and Their Fixes

Common Problems Quick solutions
The engine won’t start Clean the air filter and fuel filter and replace the spark plug.
Poor idling Clean the air filter and adjust the idle screw.
Engine stalls Clean carburetor and spark arrestor.
The chain keeps coming off Adjust chain tension, replace drive sprocket
Cutting problems Sharpen and straighten the chain, and replace the worn-out chain bar.
Fuel lines leak Replace the fuel lines immediately.
Stale or bad fuel Refill fresh fuel.
Less oil reaching to bar and chain The clean oiling system, and replace broken oil pump components.
Too much oil Clean and replace the oiler, replace the worn-out chain
Bar oil leakage Check for ruptured oil lines, inspect if the oil reservoir or oil tank is overfilled, and equalize the air pressure in the tank.

4 Common Husqvarna 390xp Problems and Their Fixes

1. Engine problems

The most common problem that I usually faced with my Husqvarna 390XP is its engine not starting, poor idling, and stalling.

Engine problems - It won’t start

It won’t start

There are a couple of reasons which cause difficulty in starting:

  1. Blocked air filter: Clogged air filter makes it hard to clean the air and dust enters the engine causing it to not work properly.
  2. Worn-out spark plug: Issues with the spark plug make it unable to produce the necessary ignition for the engine.
  3. Clogged fuel filter: Dirty fuel filter results in loss of engine power and your chainsaw will shut off.
  4. The piston ring is stuck: At times, the piston ring is stuck due to carbon deposits in the ring grooves which results in the engine losing power.

Troubleshooting tips:

Engine problems - It won’t start - Troubleshooting tips

Mostly these issues can be addressed easily by inspecting and cleaning the engine components.

  • Check if the air filter is clogged with dust or debris. Clean it in warm soapy water, rinse it for goof 15-30 minutes, allow it to dry, and then put it back.
  • Secondly, check your fuel filter for any sign of dust or debris. If found, it is best to replace it with the new one. Or if you want to keep the old one, clean it using a soft brush.
  • If the piston ring is found stuck, remove the spark plug, through the spark hole add seafoam solution in each cylinder, and let the engine sit for 3 days.
  • Take off the cover to access spark plugs, remove the cap and wire, remove the spark plug using a combi spanner and put the new spark plug there, and tighten it again.

Poor idling

Engine problems - Poor idling - Troubleshooting tips

The two main reasons for your chainsaw to not idle are either the clogged air filter or an idle screw is not adjusted properly.

  1. Clogged air filter: The dirty air filter restricts the normal airflow to the engine resulting in the accumulation of soot on the spark plug.
  2. Idle screw maladjustment: If the idle screw is not properly adjusted, you won’t be able to get the highest idle vacuum at a set idle speed.  

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Clean the clogged air filter using warm water or a soap solution. Replace it if you are not satisfied.
  • Locate the idle screw, with screwdriver adjust the idle screw to a point where the chainsaw neither shows poor idling nor the RPMs are too high.

It stalls

The most common cause of an engine to stall is the clogged carburetor or the clogged air arrestor.

Engine problems - It stalls - Troubleshooting tips
  1. Clogged carburetor:  Your carburetor gets clogged when you leave fuel in the chainsaw for quite some time. With time, the fuel becomes stickier and thicker due to the evaporation of certain substances. This thick and sticky mass clogs your carburetor.
  2. Clogged spark arrestor: Spark arrestor can get clogged with the sticky fuel build-up over time and prevent the chainsaw from sparking.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Clean your carburetor starting with the cleaning of the air filter. Clean the carburetor’s intake components using a spray cleaner then wash the carburetor’s needle valve. Next, pull your Husqvarna 390 XP pull cord and put the fuel-cleaning mixture to dissolve sticky fuel, drain out this fuel, and add fresh fuel to your tank.
  • With the help of an old toothbrush or a wire brush, clean the spark arrestors.

2. Chain issues

Another common problem faced by many Husqvarna 390XP users faced is the issues with the chainsaw’s chain. It sometimes keeps coming off, doesn’t cut properly, and becomes dull or damaged.

Chain issues - The chain keeps coming off - Troubleshooting tips

The chain keeps coming off

Two main reasons why the chain keeps coming off the bar are an improperly tensioned chain and a worn-out drive sprocket.

  1. Improperly tensioned chain: If your chain is too loose it can easily come off the guide bar.
  2. Worn-out drive sprocket: Frequent use can cause the drive sprocket to wear out and no longer be able to maintain optimum tensile strength.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Lose the guide bar and adjust the tension screw. Adjust in a way so that it is neither too tight nor too loose. Raise the nose of the bar to check chain tension is evenly distributed.
  • Inspect for the wear and tear of the drive sprocket and if found, replace them.

Cutting problems

Chain issues - Cutting problems - Troubleshooting tips

When there is not enough chain tension, the chainsaw fails to stretch properly preventing you to produce good and sharp cuts. This can be due to:

  1. Dull or damaged chain: Over time and with frequent use, it is very common for the chainsaw teeth to become dull and sometimes they bent causing uneven cuts.
  2. Worn-out chain bar: Another culprit of the poor performance of Husqvarna 390XP is the wear and tear of its chain bar which occur due to its poor lubrication.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Sharpen your chain using Dremel or a fine file. And if the chain is damaged, replace it with the new one. Try to straighten the bent bar using a rubber mallet or a hammer.
  • Replace the worn-out chain bar and replace it with a new bar. Lubricate it using chain oil regularly.

3. Fuel system problems

When I start using Husqvarna 390XP, I occasionally face fuel system problems. Sometimes fuel lines leak, contaminated fuel, or the wrong oil mix ratio decreases the overall performance of the chainsaw.

Fuel system problems - Fuel lines leak & Stale or bad fuel - Troubleshooting tips

Fuel lines leak

If your chainsaw is leaking, the primary culprit is the fuel lines. They may leak with time and even pose a fire hazard.

Troubleshooting tips:

To troubleshoot the leaking fuel lines, disconnect the lines from the carburetor as well as the fuel filter and replace them immediately with the new ones.

Stale or bad fuel

When you leave the fuel in the fuel tank for a longer period, it becomes contaminated and stale. This stale fuel sits in the engine and clogs the fuel lines and causes the engine to run lean.

Troubleshooting tips:

You should drain out the fuel from the fuel tank, primer bulb, and fuel lines. It is important to remove bad fuel from entire fuel lines and refill it with the fuel.

4. Bar and chain oil issues

Some most common guide bar and oil problems include the restricted oil flow to the bar and chain, too much oil, or, oil leaking from the bar and chain.

Bar and chain oil issues - Less oil reaching to bar and chain - Troubleshooting tips

Less oil reaching to bar and chain

The main cause for oil to not reach the bar and chain includes low oil levels in the reservoir, a damaged oil pump component, or a clogged oiling system.

  1. Lack of oil in the reservoir: If you find your bar running quite dry, it is due to a deficiency of oil in the reservoir.
  2. Damaged oil pump component: Sometimes a damaged worm gear or a fuel pump causes oil to not reach to bar and chain.
  3. Clogged oiling system: sawdust and debris clog the oiling system and prevent it to flow to the bar and chain.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Inspect and clean the debris and obstructions accumulated in oil holes on the bar, oil dispenser, and oil intake in the reservoir.
  • Look for broken worm gear or a fuel pump and replace these components with new ones. And I will suggest you replace it without a delay as they are not that expensive.
  • Whenever you refill the gas in your Husqvarna 390XP, try refilling the bar oil as well so that it won’t run short.

Too much oil

Bar and chain oil issues - Too much oil - Troubleshooting tips

Sometimes your chainsaw bar started to use too much oil that possibility is due to 2 reasons: oiler dysfunction or a worn-out chain.

  1. Oiler not working properly: If your oiler is out of function, it dispenses oil in excessive amounts. 
  2. Worn-out chain: If your chain is worn-out, it requires more oil to lubricate resulting in excessive usage of chain oil.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If your boiler is the main culprit, either clean it or replace it with a better oiler.
  • Replace the worn-out chain to solve the issue of excessive bar oil usage.
  • If none of this works, then maybe you are using more amount of chain oil than normal. Try reading the manual to check the amount of oil required.

Bar oil leakage

Bar and chain oil issues - Bar oil leakage - Troubleshooting tips

This is another very common problem of Husqvarna 390XP which is primarily caused by: Poorly vented oil tank, broken or leakage in oil lines, or overfilled oil tank.

If your oil tank is poorly vented, it can increase the air pressure in the tank resulting in oil leaking out of it.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Loosen the oil reservoir’s cap to adjust the air pressure inside the tank, then tighten the cap on the oil tank. This will equalize the pressure.
  • Inspect and make sure the bar oil reservoir or oil tank is not overfilled.
  • Check for a punctured oil line that transports bar oil to the oil pump. Empty the oil reservoir, unscrew the engine, and replace the new oil line.

Maintenance Recommendations for the Husqvarna 390XP

Maintenance Recommendations for the Husqvarna 390XP

Proper maintenance and regular inspection can save you from all these common problems firsthand. You need not to go through any DIY or the help of a professional if you take good care of your Husqvarna 390 XP. I tried to follow these maintenance recommendations to get the best out of my chainsaw and would suggest the same to you.

1. Engine maintenance

Husqvarna 390XP - Engine problems

Engine performance is crucial as it maintains the optimal chain rotation at a set speed.

  • Regularly change the oil in the oil tank to make sure it doesn’t go bad.
  • Check for damage or clogged air filter. Replace it or clean it as per the requirement.
  • Inspect faulty spark plugs, spark arrestor, and ignition systems.

2. Fuel system maintenance

Husqvarna 390XP - Fuel system problems

A good fuel system means better and long-lasting working performance for Husqvarna 390XP.

  • Look for any fuel leaks or damage to fuel lines. Immediately replace the lines for safety purposes.
  • Clean the fuel filter regularly. It is best to use a soft brush for cleaning purposes.
  • Always use fresh and high-quality recommended fuel for your chainsaw. And inspect the fuel level before and after every use.

3. Chain maintenance

Husqvarna 390XP - Chain issues

A properly tensioned chain is required for smooth, sharp, and high-end cutting performance.

  • Keep your chain sharp and look for any dullness of chain teeth. If it becomes dull, sharpen it.
  • Check the chain tension and make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Keep your chain lubricated with chain oil.

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4. Bar and chain oil maintenance

Husqvarna 390XP - Bar and chain oil issues
  • Check the bar tip for any wear and tear. If one side of the bar is found to be worn out, change its side, and if both sides are damaged replace it.
  • Maintain an optimal level of oil in the oil reservoir and inspect if it is empty or overfilled.
  • Always make sure to use the correct and high-quality oil to avoid
  • Check if the oiler is working properly so the bar and chain get the required lubrication.

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What should I do if my Husqvarna 390XP engine won’t start?

You should clean the air filter and fuel filter, and replace the spark plug.

What should I do if my chain keeps coming off the bar on my 390XP chainsaw?

If your chain keeps coming off, inspect the chain tension and adjust it accordingly. The second thing you should do is replace the worn-out drive sprockets.

How often should I clean the fuel filter on my 390XP chainsaw?

It is best to clean the fuel filter twice a year for the best performance.

Final Words

Husqvarna 390XP is a great chainsaw with no doubts but like every machine, it has its shortcomings. We have gone through some common problems including engine issues, starting problems, chain problems, bar and chain oiling issues, and fuel system problems.

Up till now, you are crystal clear not only the problems of the Husqvarna 390-XP but also the regular maintenance tips to keep it in perfect condition.

To avoid these problems, I will strongly suggest you strictly follow the maintenance tips regularly. This is the most reliable and handy option to keep your Husqvarna 390XP problem free for the long run.

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