The Top Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw Reviews

Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw Reviews

Purchasing a chainsaw can be a daunting task, especially for new homeowners. Nevertheless, if a chainsaw is a handy tool in your professional you require a valuable chainsaw.

There are several factors that you should consider when making this purchase. First, the saw should be able to handle the amount of work.

Also, the price of the saw should be wallet-friendly without compromising its quality. Luckily, in the recent past, there have been a lot of inventions and innovations in the chainsaw.

Do you think that has made the choice of a chainsaw easier? If you thought so, you are in for a rude shock. The manufacturing of chainsaws is meant for a specific task and a specific user.

Thus, there are many things that you should be aware of to make the right choice when purchasing a chainsaw. This article will highlight the best chainsaw that you can consider buying.

Moreover, it offers a buying guide to the new users of this tool and answers to frequently asked questions. In this article, we discuss Ryobi’s 14-inch chainsaw review.

1. Ryobi 14 Inch 40-Volt Brushless Chainsaw

Ryobi manufacturers offer a perfect solution to anyone looking for the most powerful chainsaw. Ryobi 14 inch 40-volt brushless chainsaw without battery and charger is a robust saw that can cut large trees up to a diameter of 14. It is a super light item hence reducing fatigue for long hours use.

This potent tool has greatly enhanced features to ensure its usage is stress-free and more useful. To start with it has a long living battery. Its battery is made of lithium-ion to promise its longevity.

Moreover, the charge of this battery last longer to allow long cutting hours. Therefore, it is a wonderful chainsaw that will ensure that you clear the compound in a single day.

Nevertheless, this fantastic chainsaw features a brushless motor. If you have used a chainsaw you are aware of the advantage of a brushless motor.

However, if you are an amateur here is the explanation. A brushless motor is advantageous in producing a fast speed chainsaw.

Hence, saving your time and avoiding the long cutting hours on a simple task. Also, a brushless motor produces a higher torque thus, maximum cutting pull.

Also, this chainsaw has an automatic oiler. The automatic oiler is very beneficial for long continuous cuttings. Besides, the handle of this tool is skillfully crafted to ensure that the user has maximum control over the tool.  The handle is super comfortable with a wrap-around design.


ITEM DIMENSION (INCHES) :25.56 × 11.81 × 8.66
  • It is a less tedious tool
  • The automatic oiler makes it effective for continuous use
  • Cuts with fast speed and higher torque
  • It is highly comfortable and reduces fatigue
  • Its construction is durable
  • The battery is not included
  • Do not come with a carry bag

Tips: This chainsaw is ideal for long ongoing projects. It has an automatic oiler and wraps around handles. Besides, it is feather-light to reduce fatigue. It is a highly reliable chainsaw that you can purchase with a lot of confidence.

2. Ryobi RY40530 14 In. 40-Volt Bare Tool Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw

Nonetheless, Ryobi 14in. 40-volt bare tool brushless lithium-ion cordless chainsaw is another tool that you should consider.

Why do I recommend this chainsaw? If that is care, here is the Ryobi 14 inch cordless chainsaw review that will trigger its purchase

First, this chainsaw has a brushless motor. The brushless motor is effective in promising a fast speed and higher torque machine.

Do you require a tool that will take you years to cut a simple tree? I am sure your answer is no. Then, you should purchase this powerful chainsaw to ensure that you complete the cuttings in a short time

Also, this tool ensures that the user has maximum control over the cutting. Thus, it is very recommendable for the amateurs.

Changing speed is not a problem. It has a variable speed trigger that ensures that you easily switch to a different speed. As if that crucial feature is not enough, this excellent chainsaw has onboard tool storage. The useful feature guarantees quick chain adjustments.

Moreover, it has a very ideal design. The handles have a wrap-around design to promise comfort while using it.

Also, the automatic oiler of this item will do much good while using it. An automatic oiler ensures that you can continually use this tool without any hiccups.

The construction of this tool is very sturdy to withstand harsh conditions. Thus, it is a long-lasting tool.


  • It provides clean cuts
  • Effective for long hours cuttings
  • A useful design that ensures it is cozy
  • Powerful motor for higher torque
  • Does not come with a battery and charger

Tips: this chainsaw has a fantastic construction that will give an easy time will using it. It has a very powerful motor that is brushless to offer fast cutting speed. Besides, it is super light and all its cuttings are clean.

Buying Guide

Do you have a perfectly functioning chainsaw?

If yes, there are several factors that you should put into consideration.

In this Ryobi chainsaw 14-inch review, there are highlights of what you should know before purchasing a chainsaw. Then, going through it to be a wise decision.

Usage of the Chainsaw

The construction of a chainsaw is according to its purpose. What kind of cutting are you planning to make?

For instance, if the chainsaw is for long continuous cuttings, you should ensure that the chainsaw has a powerful motor.

Also, you may consider a chainsaw with an automatic oiler. However, if the chainsaw is for short, simple cuttings, such factors may be irrelevant. Nevertheless, the power of the motor should be adequate.

The Cutting Mode Of The Chainsaw

Chainsaw operates in quiet or noisy mode. If the cutting is near the neighborhood, consider a silent operating chainsaw.

However, if the trees or shrubs to be cut are far from the neighborhood, a noisy or quiet active tool will be fit.


Currently, you do not require a huge budget to purchase a chainsaw. These tools are available at a pocket-friendly price and do not compromise their quality.

Also, it would help if you considered the maintenance cost of the tool. The maintenance cost should be as cheap as possible.

A gas-powered chainsaw is expensive to maintain compared to a battery-powered chainsaw. However, note a cheap chainsaw may be a red flag for a poor-performing chainsaw. To be on the safe side, include other factors in the list.

Cutting Speed

The cutting speed of a motor is well-determined by the motor. A powerful motor guarantees fast-speed cutting.

Also, a brushless motor will promise a higher torque. Consequently, a higher torque will promise a fast cutting speed.

Source Power

The source power of the chainsaw is a crucial factor that should be put into comparison. For example, a gas-powered chainsaw is adequate for continuous cuttings.

However, the maintenance cost is a bit higher due to the purchase of gasoline. Also, the battery-powered chainsaw will require a robust batter if you work for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the recommendable chainsaw for beginners?

There are several chainsaws that a beginner can use. However, when purchasing one, ensure that it is comfy.

Preferably, the handles should be wrap-around to promise total control over the tool. Thus, it reduces the chances of an accident. You can consider purchasing the Ryobi 14-inch chainsaw for a handy and trouble-free machine.

2. Which chainsaw offers fast cutting speed?

The motor determines the cutting speed of the chainsaw. Hence for a higher cutting speed, you should ensure a powerful motor. Also, a brushless motor promises fast speed, cutting speed, and higher torque.

3. Which factors should I consider while purchasing a chainsaw?

A mere glance cannot identify a high-quality tool. Hence, there are key aspects that you should consider to make a decision that will keep you free from regrets.

Some of the factors you should regard are durability and cutting speed: power source, initial and maintenance cost, and mode of operation. You can go through Ryobi 14 inch chainsaw review to be clear on the factors that you should consider.

4. Which is the most recommendable chainsaw in the market?

There are several chainsaws in the market. Thus, it might be problematic to get the most effective tool. However, the Ryobi 14 inch chainsaw will meet all your expectations.

This tool has expert crafting and is thus very useful. Also, they offer fast-speed cutting and higher torque. Their constructions ensure that you have maximum control over the tool.


Since the beginning, purchasing a chainsaw has never been an easy task. That is what brought a trigger to this research.

After great consultations and study, it highlights the top two most recommendable chainsaws. All these products are from Ryobi manufacturers known widely for their fantastic products.

They all have brushless motors; hence they offer fast speed while cutting. Also, their construction is beyond the average level. Therefore you got an assurance of durable and quality items.

Besides, this manual contains the buyer’s guide. It highlights all the key aspects you should regard while purchasing a chainsaw.

Follow all the highlighted principles to get a handy tool. A step further, there is a section of the frequently asked questions. All the quizzes have well-researched answers. Thus, you can have confidence in them.

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