Stihl 462 Problems and Solutions

It was pretty tricky for me to continue using the Stihl 462 chainsaw since it certainly has its fair share of problems (or a bit more than others).

From starting the saw to having issues with the oiler, I struggled with every challenge the 462 chainsaw presented to me. The good news is that I have found solutions to those problems during my bitter journey with the product.

stihl 462 problems and solutions

In the article, I compiled the top five most common problems Stihl 462 users face. I also outlined both quick and simple solutions as well as in-depth ones. Let’s go deep into it right away!

Stihl 462 Problems Table and Quick Solutions

Stihl 462 Problems Table and Quick Solutions

Don’t have time to go over each solution in detail? No worries, I have your back. I have created a table below to provide quick fixes for the most common problems Stihl 462 chainsaws encounter.

Stihl MS 462 Troubleshooting QUICK SOLUTION
Does not start or takes several attempts to start Remove the old plug and replace it with a new one
Inadequate tension in the chain The chain needs to be tightened correctly
Engine becomes less powerful with time Take the clutch out and replace it
Comes to a halt when cutting Get rid of dirt stuck to the air filter
Oiler on Stihl 462 is not working The oiler requires adjustment

Detailed Solutions to Stihl 462 Problems

If the quick fixes are not working, perhaps you should try the detailed solutions. Here I will demonstrate how to solve each problem effectively step by step.

Common Problem #1: Stihl 462 does not start or requires too many pulls to start

I have yet to meet a Stihl 462 user who has not faced issues starting their saw. It happens mainly because the spark plug on the chainsaw is not high-quality.

Stihl 462 does not start or requires too many pulls to start

The Solution

Replacing the plug could be a viable solution to the problem. Wondering how to go about it? Here is the process.

Needed Tools

Steps to Replace a Spark Plug

  • The first thing you need to do is take off the level housing as well as the air cleaner from the chainsaw.
  • Prior to removing the plug, make sure you remove its shield first.
  • Now check to see where the plug’s gapping exists.
  • The next step involves wiring all the spark plug connections.
  • It is now time to connect the housings and install the new plug.
  • Lastly, start the chainsaw to check if the replaced plug works.

Common Problem – 2: Stihl 462 lacks proper tension on the chain.

Based on statistics from the CDC, chainsaws cause approximately 36,000 injuries every year. Most of them occur as a result of chainsaws’ extreme vibrations.

And did you ever ask yourself why chainsaws vibrate so intensely? Having a loose chain is definitely one of the vital reasons for this.

Stihl 462 lacks proper tension on the chain

The Solution

To learn how to tighten the chain effectively, follow the steps below.

Needed Tools

Steps to Tighten up the Chain

  • Before you begin, put on the gloves and disengage the chain brake.
  • You should then locate the side access adjustment screw.
  • You can usually find the bar nuts along the side of the saw. Ensure you loosen them up.
  • Now use the screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise. As long as you do not get enough tightness, you should continue rotating the screw.
  • It is necessary to tighten the bar nuts in the same manner as in the previous step.
  • Turn on the chainsaw to test the chain tension.

Common Problem – 3: Stihl 462’s engine loses its power over time.

Some users have complained that their 462s seem to be losing power as time goes by. The clutch is responsible for the problem.

The more you use your chainsaw, the weaker the clutch becomes. As the clutch deteriorates, the engine fails to deliver its original power.

Stihl 462’s engine loses its power over time

The Solution

Changing the clutch should resolve the issue.

Needed Tools

Steps to Install a New Clutch

  • To begin, take off the clutch drums and sprocket.
  • Now is the time to make use of the clutch removal tools. Remove the existing clutch using them.
  • You then need to pull the clutch out of the chainsaw by turning it clockwise.
  • Ensure that no springs of the clutch are stuck in any slots.
  • Place the clutch shoes into the slots and secure them with springs.
  • Install the new clutch by screwing it into the housing anticlockwise.
  • The clutch may overheat initially in some cases. Engine grease can help prevent this.
  • Do not forget to install the clutch drum and sprocket again.
  • Verify if the issue has been fixed by operating the chainsaw.

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Common Problem – 4: Stihl 462 abruptly shuts off in the middle of cutting.

The most frustrating situation users have encountered with the Stihl 462 chainsaw is the machine dying in the middle of a cutting job. Regardless of how irritating the problem is, there is an easy fix for it.

abruptly shuts off in the middle of cutting

The Solution

It turns out that cleaning the air filter magically solves the problem.

Needed Tools

Steps to Clean the Filter

  • For the first step, you must switch off the saw as well as unplug everything from the electrical socket.
  • It would now be entirely safe to detach the air filter from the chainsaw.
  • Pour warm water along with soap into a bucket.
  • When the water has become soapy, use it to rinse the dirty air filter.
  • Once the filter is cleaned with soapy water, rewash it with clean water.
  • Let the air filter dry completely before moving on.
  • As soon as the filter has dried, you can then wipe it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Put the air filter back in to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Common Problem – 5: The oiler on Stihl 462 does not work as it should.

Last but not least, the oilers of 462s do not function properly. As a result, the chainsaw will not receive adequate bar oil.

The lack of oil can lead to an overheated engine and prevent the saw from running smoothly.

oiler on Stihl 462 does not work as it should

The Solution

The 462 model appears to be having some adjustment issues with the oiler. Therefore, adjusting the oiler should fix the problem.

Needed Tools

Steps to Make Oiler Adjustments

  • Switch the chainsaw off before proceeding with the adjustment. Let the saw rest for a while.
  • Pick the wrench up and use it to unscrew the nuts off the bar.
  • Put a flat-head screwdriver inside and scrape off any dry oil. There is also the possibility of dirt and dust building up inside. Be sure to remove them as well.
  • Screw the bar nuts with the wrench firmly after placing the chain back.
  • On the floor, spread a large piece of white paper and set the chainsaw on top.
  • Now you have to start the power tool and examine the paper to determine if it has any black sprinkles.
  • You are then all prepared to adjust the oiler by rotating the screw in the right-hand direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a Stihl 462 worth?

The Stihl 462 will cost you around $1300 with a 20-inch bar and chain. On the other hand, you can expect a $40 reduction in the price of the chainsaw without the bar.

2. What chain does Stihl 462 use?

Stihl 462 chainsaws feature the well-regarded Rapid Super 3 chain, designed for aggressive cutting and low kickback.

3. How do I reset my Stihl 462?

Start the saw and let it run on a cold start for a minimum of 90 seconds. Keep your hands off the throttle during this period. Once 90 seconds have passed, turn off the chainsaw, and it has been reset.

4. How big of a bar can you put on a Stihl 462?

Stihl, the manufacturer itself, states that the 462 chainsaw can accommodate a bar length of 28 inches at its maximum. Hence, using a larger bar will not be a good idea.

5. What causes a Stihl chainsaw not to start?

When a Stihl chainsaw does not start, there are two possible explanations.

The spark plug may be defective. In addition, a clogged carburetor may also prevent the chainsaw from starting.

To Sum Up

If you believe your Stihl 462’s problem is not serious and have little time on your hands, take a peek at the table for quick fixes.

However, I strongly recommend thoroughly reading the in-depth solutions and taking time with them. You have better chances of resolving your problem that way.

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