6 Common Stihl MS400 Problems You May Encounter

Many people know the Stihl MS 400 C chainsaw as the Stihl MS 400. It is an excellent tool for tree care and forestry professionals. The combination of the latest technology makes these chainsaws more efficient and convenient than others.

The chainsaw’s long guide bars and relatively lightweight give you the freedom to work comfortably. Although they offer convenience in many respects, you may also face some common problems while operating.

stihl ms400 problems

In this article, I will detail some common problems with the Stihl MS 400 C chainsaw model and how to fix them quickly. This article is for you if you are a beginner or a professional chainsaw user.

Stihl MS 400 Problems and Fixes: Quick Table

stihl ms 400 problems and fixes_quick table

If you are an experienced or even an intermediate-level operator, understanding the cause of the chainsaw’s problems can help you get it working again. The table below can help you with this regard.

Stihl MS 400 Problems Quick Fixes
Excessive oil consumption Adjust the oiler properly.
Leaking oil Replace the oil line and O-ring.
Bar and chains are not being lubricated Clean oil filter and oil line, replace the worm gear if necessary.
Not starting Clean or replace the spark plug. Also, clean the fuel line and fuel filter. Check the ignition module.
Vibrates excessively Tighten the engine mounts and the guide bar well. Adjust the chain if it is too tight.
Engine running at high and low rpm simultaneously Clean the air filter, fuel filter and fuel line. Use high-quality fuel and oil in the correct ratio.

6 Common Stihl MS 400 Chainsaw Problems & How To Fix

Here, I would like to discuss 6 common problems of Stihl MS 400C chainsaw and their solutions in detail. Not that you have to deal with these problems very often. Anyway, in most cases, these ‍are the common problems that occur with these models.

Problem 1: Excessive oil consumption

Although the MS 400 chainsaw model has advanced technology to prevent oil wastage, sometimes you may notice excess oil on the chain and guide bar. If, while operating the chainsaw, you notice that oil is leaking out or the cutting surface is wet with excess oil, then you need to take necessary action.

stihl ms400 excessive oil consumption problem


The inconsistency of the oiler causes excessive oil consumption.

How To Fix:

Adjust the oiler properly. The oiler has an adjustment screw on the bottom of the chainsaw. Turn it clockwise using a flathead screwdriver to reduce oil flow. To check if it’s done correctly, lay a piece of paper on the floor and run the chainsaw on it for a while.

Problem 2: Leaking Oil

Apart from the MS 400, many chainsaws suffer from problems such as oil leaking. You may have left the chainsaw overnight, only to find in the morning that the oil has leaked and soaked the surrounding area. This type of problem is common with older chainsaws.

stihl ms400 leaking oil problem


A cracked oil line is mainly to blame for this problem. Oil leakage can also occur due to damaged O-rings.

How To Fix:

Remove the oil line and examine for any leaks. If there is any leak, take the necessary action. Better if you replace the oil line. Also, replace the O-rings.

Problem 3: Bars And Chains Are Not Being Lubricated

There are many reasons the bar and chain may not be lubricated, and this is a common problem with any chainsaw. If the oil system is not working as required, you will face problems while cutting the logs, as well as the chain can wear out quickly.

stihl ms400 bars and chains are not being lubricated problem


There can be many reasons for bars and chains not being lubricated, the most common of which is dirt buildup in the oil filter and oil lines. Also, if the worm gear has a problem or is not working properly, the bar and chain will not be lubricated.

How To Fix:

There are several steps you need to take to resolve this issue. First, you need to clean the oil filter and oil lines thoroughly. Check whether the oil pump is working properly, and adjust it. If the worm gear does not work properly, replace it if necessary.

You can follow the procedure in the video below to check if the oiler works properly or not.

Problem 4: Not Starting

A chainsaw that won’t start not only ruins the interest of the job but is also a source of considerable annoyance. But sometimes this happens to us.

stihl ms400 not starting problem


There are many reasons a chainsaw won’t start, the main one being dirt build-up or wear on the spark plug. Also, if there is a problem with the ignition module, even if the fuel supply to the combustion chamber is not correct, starting can be problematic.

How To Fix:

To fix this problem, you need to clean the spark plugs first. Replace the spark plug if it is too old. Clean the fuel filter and fuel lines thoroughly. Monitor the ignition module, and replace it if problem.

Problem 5: Vibrates Excessively

Excessive vibration is a major hindrance to perfect performance. A chainsaw that produces too much vibration is difficult for the operator to operate.

stihl ms400 vibrates excessively problem


These models of chainsaws have essential features, like vibration control. Even then, if the engine mounts are loose, the guide bar is loose, or the chain is too tight, your MS400 chainsaw may cause excessive vibration.

How To Fix:

Tighten the engine mounts well. Tighten the guide bar if it is loose and adjust as necessary if the chain is too tight. Observe whether the oiler is working properly.

Problem 6: Engine Running At High And Low RPM Simultaneously

You may notice at times that the engine is not running smoothly but running at high and low rpm simultaneously. In this situation, it is difficult to ensure smooth operation and the throttle response of the chainsaw is poor.

stihl ms400 engine running at high and low rpm simultaneously problem


You can face this kind of problem because of many reasons. Notable among these are the use of low-quality fuel and oil, not using fuel and oil according to the correct ratio, and dirty air filters.

How To Fix:

To solve this problem, clean the air filter of your MS 400 chainsaw thoroughly, and replace it if necessary. Use high-quality fuel and oil in the correct ratio. Above all, be attentive to chainsaw maintenance.

Key Specifications And Interesting Features Of Stihl MS 400

Various attractive features make the Stihl MS 400 chainsaw rich and user-friendly. Plus, its specifications reveal how powerful and effective the chainsaws are.

Key Specifications:

  • Engine displacement: 66.80 cc
  • Engine power: 4.0 kW
  • Maximum power output: 5.4 hp
  • Powerhead weight: 12.8 lbs
  • Fuel tank volume: 20.3 oz.
  • Oil tank volume: 11 oz.
  • Recommended bar size: 20 in.
key specificationsa and features of stihl ms 400

Interesting Features:

  1. M-Tronic intelligent engine: This technology eliminates the high-speed and low-speed screws from the carburetor and automatically adjusts the air and fuel mixture. As a result, the engine can efficiently save fuel and run smoothly.
  2. Magnesium alloy piston: For the first time, the company has used magnesium alloy pistons in this chainsaw model. This type of piston makes chainsaws lighter and capable of delivering up to 13% more engine power.
  3. ElastoStart ‍starter handle: This feature helps reduce the effort required when starting the chainsaw and provides built-in shock absorbers.
  4. Quickstop chain brake: Stops the chain in a fraction of a second under adverse conditions, preventing kickback or such untoward accidents.
  5. Ematic lubrication system: The MS 400C chainsaw model features an adjustable automatic oiler that automatically lubricates the guide bar and chain. In addition, the ematic lubrication system regulates the use of this oil and can reduce oil consumption by up to 50%.
  6. Anti-vibration system: The Company has used STIHL anti-vibration system technology in the MS 400 models. This technology prevents the vibration of the chainsaw and provides a more comfortable working experience for the operator.

Some Drawbacks Of Stihl MS 400 Chainsaw

drawbacks of stihl ms 400 chainsaw

There is no doubt that the Stihl MS 400C is an excellent chainsaw. But this chainsaw has some drawbacks, though they are not too serious. A good understanding of the problems will help us maintain these chainsaws.

  1. Handlebars and other plastic attachments: The plastic handlebars and other plastic attachments on chainsaws can be scratched by friction easily. Scratches make the chainsaw look unsightly.
  2. Extra Oil Consumption: Extra oil consumption can be a waste, especially if you choose to use a large guide bar (25 inches) and chain with this model of chainsaw.
  3. Price: Many people think that a Stihl MS 400C chainsaw is relatively expensive.

The video below may help you understand the drawbacks better.

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 400 Problems

Before choosing a product, we are always interested in hearing the opinion of a real user. User reviews provide a better understanding of the pros and cons of that product. I would like to submit here the feedback of two Stihl MS 400C users.

user feedback regarding stihl ms 400 problems

One user reported that he used a 25 eng guide bar on his MS400 and MS462 chainsaws. He noted that the MS 400 uses slightly more oil. However, he did not complain about the performance.

Another user said the Stihl MS 400 chainsaw is great. He used several models of chainsaws, like MS 391, and MS 462. But the MS 400 is much faster than these, has more instant torque, and can easily chew through a 30″+ log. He is very pleased with this model of the chainsaw.

Common Queries Regarding Stihl MS 400

What Is The Recommended Stihl MS 400 Bar And Chain Size?

The company-recommended guide bar size for a Stihl MS 400 chainsaw is 20 inches. However, you can also use other size chains and guide bars if needed.

Can I Use More Than A 20-inch Guide Bar In Stihl MS 400?

Yes, you can use guide bars larger than 20 inches on these model chainsaws. Many users report they have also used a 25-inch guide bar with this model of chainsaw, which works well.

How Much Does A Stihl MS 400 Cost?

Chainsaws of this model are a bit pricey and you will have to spend around $1,009.99 to buy a Stihl MS 400 C model chainsaw.

How Many CC Is A Stihl 400 C?

The Stihl MS 400C chainsaw has a powerful engine. This model of chainsaws has a 66.8 cc engine that can output a maximum power of 5.4 hp.

Final Thoughts

The company has developed Stihl MS 400 chainsaws for professional use using modern features. You will rarely notice problems with these model chainsaws. The problems commonly observed with this model are common to most models of chainsaws.

The issues I’ve detailed here are relatively minor and you can fix them with no hassle. However, in order to solve chainsaw problems, it is important to identify them first. You can then maintain your work continuity by repairing or replacing the specific part according to the problem.

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