3/8 Vs .325 Chainsaw Chain: Which Is Better?

3/8 and .325 both are chainsaws of different sizes. The chains are not similar, as you might think. When choosing a chainsaw creates even more problems.

I was confused before until I deep-dive and tirelessly researched it. But, you won’t have to worry about it as I will share what I learned.

So, which is better? 

3/8 chain cuts better than .325. In terms of power, cutting preciseness, links strength, speed and capacity, 3/8 chainsaw is far better than a .325 chainsaw. Nevertheless both the saw can cut well if it’s properly sharpened. 3/8 chainsaw requires higher horsepower thus widely used on the larger chainsaw. 

3 8 vs .325 chainsaw chain

However, which saw is better boils down to a simple thing which is which sized saw you are using on which type of chainsaw. This will ensure that both chains perform at their best and you can get the most from them.

Wondering how can you choose? Well, worry not! I have laid out everything regarding this so that you make a data-driven decision on it.

Come along with me or miss out on all those?

Comparison Table Of 3/8 Vs .325 Chainsaw Chain

Key Factor 3/8 Chainsaw Chain .325 Chainsaw Chain
Unit Pitch length Pitch length
Saw Tooth size Bigger Smaller
Speed Higher Lower
Capacity Higher Lower
Overall Performance Better Good

Understanding Chainsaw Measurement

I know there will be lots of people who are confused about chainsaw measurements and sizes. So, in this section, I’ll try to resolve this confusion. 

So, for this, you need to learn a thing known as “pitch length”. What the heck is pitch length? Pitch length is basically the distance between the two links and it denotes how close they are from each other.

There’s another way to deviate this length. So, the pitch length=the distance between two rivet/2.

Is 3/8 Chain Better Than .325?

is 38 chain better than .325

Yes, 3.8 chain is better than .325. From the size of the teeth, the distance between two teeth, the speed, production, cutting preciseness, 

On the other hand, a .325 chainsaw requires less horsepower, so it’s good for small saws. The rpm of ⅜ is higher which means the saw will rotate higher, cut faster and better.

When used correctly, either of the chainsaws can perform up to the mark. So, before anything make sure you know which chainsaw to use.

Pro Tip

What Chainsaw Chain Sharpener For .325?

what chainsaw chain sharpener for .325

Sharpening chainsaw is a pivotal part of chainsaw maintenance. Because over time saw teeth get dull and need sharpening.

Chainsaw sharpener are commonly known as file. And, you must if not should opt for file meant for your specific sized saw. To do this you will require pitch length of your chainsaw chain and once you have this, rest of things are easy.

There is size chart for file where you will get specific length of film based on the pitch length of specific model.

There’s a catch, however!

Each brand has their own chart for this since pitch length usually doesn’t matches with other brands.

Now, coming to the question, what chainsaw chain sharpener for .375? Well, .375” diameter length saw is basically Stihl’s. Upon researching, I found this file perfectly matches with .325 chainsaw and was recommended by Stihl.

What Is The Correct File Size For .325 Stihl Chain?

In the preceding section, I recommended a perfectly matched file for .325. However, haven’t shared the size.

So, what is the file size for .325” diameter chainsaw?

As I said, you will need a reference chart which you might be provided by the manufacturer.

I took a look at the reference chart and found that you will need a 4.5mm file for .325” chainsaw chain. This is Stihl’s reference chart.

What Pitch Is a .325 Chainsaw Chain?

Pitch length is a distinguishable number to measure figure out the matching file size.

Why it’s important?

Well, you know pitch length is the distance between two tooth of the saw. This information is greatly beneficial to choose a file for your chainsaw. Why and how that? I think that’s beyond the capacity of this article.

So, with that out of the way, let me share the pitch length of .325 chainsaw chain. The pitch length of .325 chainsaw is 6/32”.

Is There Any Advantages To A .325 Chain Over A 3/8?

is there any advantages to a .325 chain over a 3 8

I already covered which chainsaw is better for you however, in this section I will delve into which chainsaws are more advantageous than others.

A 3/8 inches chainsaw requires more horsepower than a .325” saw. Therefore chainsaw with 3/8” are large and used on the more heavy project.

You can cut down bigger trees and branches easily with 3/8″ saw. However, you can’t make use of .325 saw in this case.

However, there are some advantages to a .325 chain over a ⅜ chain. And, that’s exactly its size. This chain is more capable of cutting down small branches and bushes where you can’t make use of a 3/8 inches chainsaw.

.325 Faster Than 3/8?

No. 3/8″ is faster than .325. The RPM (Revolution per minute) of 3/8″ is higher than .325. So, the speed of 3/8” chainsaw chain is higher than .325 chain.

Can I Run A 3/8 Chain On A .325 Sprocket?

can i run a 3 8 chain on a .325 sprocket

You can, but you never should do that. Why? Because if you run a ⅜ chain on a .325 sprocket, the saw won’t perform that great. Generally, smaller chainsaws use .325 saws and have the low horsepower. 

So, if you run a 3/8″ chain on .325” sprocket, it can’t provide the required power for 3/8″ chain. This will make the chain inefficient and impractical for use. Not only will the saw rotate slowly, but it will also exhibit tremendous associated issues.

Final Verdict

3.8″ chainsaw is clearly the winner, however .325 is no less by any means anything. Understanding why chainsaw size matters, and how to choose it, will enable you to maximize the efficiency of a chainsaw.

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