What Size File For 3/8” Chainsaw Chain? (Exact Answer)

You’re at office and thinking, I’ll ace this weekend. Your mind is filled with a lot of ideas. It’s been a long while since you were thinking to cut that big tree in your yard. You are determined this weekend.

Weekend comes and you are up to cutting down the tree. Unfortunately, your chainsaw isn’t cutting anything. You are pondering why it’s happening! Upon checking, your chain’s saws turned out to be dull.

Now, you need a file to sharpen the edges of the chain. There’s a problem though! What’s that? You don’t know what size file would be perfect for a 3/8” chain.

Worried? (you shouldn’t!)

Okay, so what size file for 3/8” chain? Brands have different recommendations for file sizes. Aside from pitch lengths varying frequently, they don’t match either. Stihl makes 3/8″ pitch. According to them, you should use a 12-15″ diameter file for ⅜” saws. 13/64″ and 7/32″ also recommended.

That’s not all! If you don’t know how to choose the perfect file, the size won’t do everything.

what size file for 3 8 chain

File At A Glance

I know you should have been aware of file, however here’s a glimpse in case you don’t know.

A file is basically a bar or rod with many cutting edges that can sharpen dull metal edges. Everyone uses a file to sharpen a dull chainsaw chain.

What Is Pitch Length In Chain?

To fully understand the process of selecting file size you must understand what is pitch length. 

So, the pitch length is basically the distance between two pins.

Well. how can I measure it?

You can measure pitch length in two ways.

  1. By measurement
  2. By chain marking

Let me give you glimpse of either process.

The measurement method is a way to measure the distance of pitch length manually. Here you will have to measure the distance between the two pins.

While by chain marking method you’ll have found pitch length already there on chain links.

What Size File For 3/8 Lp Chain?

The 3/8 Lp chain saw is also known as the 3/8 P chain saw. It is necessary to use a file with a diameter of 5/32″ for 3/8″ Lp chain. This 2-in-1 chain sharpener is quick, accurate, and easy to use. It will help sharpen your saw chain cutters and depth gauges so that you can keep your saw in top condition.

Be careful selecting file for 3/8 inches file for Lp chain as there is a separate size for each sized chain. The file may not sharpen chain cutters and depth gauges properly if it is used otherwise.

In case, you’re seeking to find a good file for 3/8” chain I’ll recommend this file for 3/8″ Lp chain. 

What Size File For 3/8 .050 Chain?

Since the pitch length of this saw is higher than of the 3/8”, that means the length of the saw teeth will be longer. For 3/8 0.050 pitch chain generally you will require 7/32 ” file.

What Size File For .325?


You should get a 4.8mm diameter file size for a 6/32” pitch length. In other words, 4mm for .325 pitch length. This size fits the following Husqvarn models: 120 Mark II, 130 Mark II, 135 Mark II, 240, T525, T435, 439, T540XP, 535i, 540i, T535i, T540i.

Why does File Size Matter?

File size matters because depending on the pitch length file size varies. For example, round file only goes with round grind teeth. If you use the flat file with round grind teeth, then it won’t sharpen the edges as desired.

However, you can use any kind of file but in will eventually hurts the saw teeth in the long run.

But, keep in mind that if you use your chainsaw for a precise cut, never do this. The profile of the file really matters to determine the top plate blade angle.

How To Choose The Best File?

So, why so much talk about file size? Do they matter even?

The short and exact answer is yes. You obviously need to have it known before the pitch length to figure out the best matching file. Aside from the build quality of the file, its size matters.

So, the best advice in choosing the perfect file is to determine the pitch length precisely (which I’ve mentioned earlier) and according to the length figure out the suitable file size.

And, in terms of the actual build quality of the file pay attention to the material used in file. It is usually made of stainless steel or nickel titanium.

Final Words

File size matters and when it comes to precise cutting I can’t emphasise more its importance. It’s super easy to find out the right size file for your chainsaw and in this article, I break down the nuts and bolts.

If you so far followed along you should have a solid idea of the topic. Here is another article you might find helpful if this one helped.

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