All Chainsaw Chain Types Explained In A Nutshell

Chainsaw chains are usually applied for cutting wood. There are several chainsaw chain types that will meet your particular requirement in carving wood.

If you want to know all kinds of chainsaw chains in a nutshell, then this article is precisely for you.

Here, we will explain the various categories of chainsaw chains.

Let’s dig deeper into the article.

Cutter Chainsaw Chain Types (Tooth Design)

Chainsaw Chain Types

Full Chisel Cutter Chainsaw Chains

Full chisel chainsaw chain

The entire chisel cutters chainsaw chain works tremendously nice to cut hardwood trees more rapidly.

This kind of cutter comes with a square-shaped blade. Having this shape, the knife leaves a rough surface.

Therefore, if you don’t require sharp or plain covers, the total chisel cutters can be a handy choice.

The chainsaw chain is widely utilized in cutting rough wood. You have to perform regular sharpening and maintain the chain properly.

One important thing you should know about the cutter, it has speedy performance that can be very tough to control. That is to say. If you are a newbie, this is not a safe option.

Semi-Chisel Cutter Chainsaw Chains

semi chisel chainsaw chain

The semi-chisel cutter comes with a round-shaped edge. Therefore, the cutter is most suitable if you want to cut softwood at a comparatively lower speed.

Again, the chainsaw chain is incredible for chopping through dusty and messy grounds. You can use the Semi-Chisel cutter to cut different trees and wood types.

What’s more, the Semi-Chisel type is more long-lasting than the full-chisel chainsaw chain. Unlike the previous type, kickback doesn’t occur so often in the semi-chisel one.

This is because they have less speed. In this way, you can take a safer journey in wood cutting. And obviously, the Semi-Chisel cutter is a better beginner-friendly choice.

Low Profile Cutter Chainsaw Chains

Low Profile Chainsaw Chain

This is another type of chainsaw chain called Low profile cutters. Comparable with the previous type – semi-chisel, the low profile clusters come with round edges.

That is to say, you can use the cutters for chopping several kinds of softwood trees in raw or dusty atmospheres. Another important thing is that this cutter has been built to keep newbies in mind.

That means it is safe to use as a beginner. There is a great feature added in this type between every chain. It will protect kickbacks.

Thus, keeping all its speciality in mind, we can tell that,
Low Profile chainsaw chain cutter is the best beginner-friendly option out there.

Note: You have to perform regular maintenance and check whether it is sharp enough or not. If not, please sharpen the blade. However, this is the simplest and most widespread type of chainsaw chain.

Chain Arrangement (Sequences)

Full Component Chain Arrangement

This type of chain sequence comes with a 24-inches bar (or more) and fewer teeth compared to other chain arrangements. The complete component chain arrangement suits it perfectly for more giant saws as it has a more extensive bar size.

Though it comes with fewer teeth, this chain arrangement type is compelling for cutting wood quickly. This is because enough spaces are kept between the chain sequence’s teeth. These spaces will help you to remove timber from a tree rapidly and forcefully.

The teeth leave very rough exteriors. Therefore, this chain arrangement is most suitable for large timber that doesn’t need smooth surfaces to be chopped down. Specifically, it is better used for cutting firewood and wood.

Skip Chain Arrangement

A skip chain sequence has the most teeth variation of all chainsaw types. Meaning it will leave surfaces considerably softer than all other types. It Includes bars of 24″ height.

This chain cut wood slower as compared to others. If you want a flat finish on your wood, the skip chain arrangement is the best choice. For a smoother finish, the chain cutter is popular among builders. That is to say, and many builders love this chain for their projects.

Lastly, an important thing to remember is that this chain arrangement is famous as the standard arrangement.

Semi Skip Chain Arrangements

This is comparatively less popular than the two types described above.

A semi skip chain arrangement offers a flat finish on the wood.

This kind of chain arrangement is slow, and it is not preferable if there is a large amount of timber to cut rapidly.

Unique Types Of Chainsaw Chains

Square Ground Chainsaw Chains

This is mainly an entire chisel category of chains. However, if you want a bit more pro use, a square ground chainsaw can be a great choice. Plus, it has a more powerful cut than the round-edged cutters. In addition, the chainsaw is faster as well. That is to say, this type is best for use in high-volume and more experimental conditions.

Note: Perform regular maintenance and periodic sharpening for square ground chainsaws.

But, you have to utilize a particular type of pro tool like a bench grinder.* That means the sharpening and maintenance can be a bit tough.

Ripping Chainsaw Chains

Oregon Ripping Chain

The Ripping chainsaw chain combines the semi-chisel types, including an angled cutter. The saw is perfect for the workshops where you need to cut planks at large amounts very rapidly.

In addition, the angled cutter comes with just 10-degrees of length. So, the Ripping chainsaw chain is most suitable to get a soft finish.


As you are almost at the finishing touch of this article, now you have enough knowledge of the several chainsaw chain types. So, let’s check all the chainsaw chain categories to know which one meets your particular requirement best.

Best wishes for your wood-cutting project!

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