Chainsaw Chain Direction

There are various power tools used worldwide that are convenient to use. However, power tools are hazardous, so it requires proper maintenance.

If it is not used or maintained correctly, the tool can cause many dangers. So chainsaw chain direction must be correct to avoid untoward risk.

Therefore, chain direction on a chainsaw is essential for running a chainsaw effectively and safely. A chainsaw cannot cut right with a backward chain. If the chainsaw chain is set backwards, it will cause great danger.

When the chainsaw bar is positioned left on the engine, the chain should rotate counter-clockwise; the cutting edges must be facing away from the engine.

Chainsaw Chain Direction

Problems of Putting The Chain On The Chainsaw In The Wrong Direction

To get effective results from the chainsaw, you need to pay great attention to the chainsaw chain direction. Several problems may occur if the chain direction on the chainsaw runs in the wrong direction.

  • If the chainsaw is placed on the wrong side, it will cause a lot of waste of the bar oil, which may cause harm to the chainsaw.
  • It will also cause damage to the chain drive link, which is an essential part of the chainsaw.
  • It may cause damage to the guide bar. Without a guide bar, cutting wood cannot be possible.
  • The lifetime of the tool’s motor will gradually decrease if the chainsaw chain direction is wrong.
  • It could cause the clutch to burn if the chainsaw does not run perfectly. After that, the chainsaw won’t be able to work.
  • It will cause danger for both its user and its own body.

Awareness of Chainsaw Right Direction

Check From The Top View

From the top view, you can see that the top of the chain has different blades. These blades have two edges; one edge is sharp, facing in the clockwise direction, and the other edge is dull, like a knife. From the top, you can see the proper position of the blade.

Check From The Side And Front View

If you check the blade from the side, you can find the blade on the right side and the chainsaw engine on the left side.

The correct direction of the blade should be left to right, which is a clockwise direction. If the movement of the blade is proper to go, which means it is running in the wrong direction, you should replace it in the right way to get an effective cut.

Check From The Bottom View

From the bottom, the view of the moving blade will be the opposite of the view from the top. If the chain direction on the chainsaw is correct, you will see the blade facing towards the machine’s body or the engine.

Besides, you should check the drive link, pointing forward. You can also check the cutter used for cutting wood, and it should also be pointing forward. Finally, the guide can be checked, which purpose is to control the amount of wood.

How To Get Right Chainsaw Chain Direction?

While checking, if you find that the chainsaw chain direction is not right, we can reset it easily. But, first, let’s see some processes to put the chain on a chainsaw.

Fix The Bar

It is the first step to set a chainsaw. The bar of the saw should be perfect in length according to chain fitting requirements, then attach it carefully to the exact place and take care of the bar adjustment.

After that, you should put on the chain on the bar ideally. The fitting of the chain shouldn’t be tight but loose.

Check Chainsaw Chain Direction

It is the central part of replacing chainsaws. If the blade direction is faulty, you need to reset the chainsaw chain. So you need to pay more attention and mount the chain properly.

Thus, the tool will run in a regular direction without any disruption. After climbing the chain, you need to check the chain blade direction and make sure that the movement of the running blade is perfect.

Tighten The Blade

Bar attaching is the first step. Next, chain mounting and checking chain blade direction are central. After completing these procedures, you have to follow another approach, which is the last part of resetting the chainsaw to tighten up the chain.

After completing the step, the tool should frequently run without any disturbance. In this process, you must pay attention and be careful enough.

The chain should not be too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it will hamper working the chainsaw properly. If you want to get the correct cut from the tool, you need to be careful during these procedures.

Accurate Replacement Chain For Chainsaw

Every power tool requires frequent replacement or maintenance of the different parts of the body after some time. For example, we need to find a suitable replacement chain for the saw to get the correct chainsaw chain direction.

Drive Link Cut

On your chain, there are drive links which are needed to be counted. These drive links help you know the length of the chain. Without accurate measurement, accurate replacement can’t be possible. So you need to measure the chain correctly by counting the chain’s drive links.

The Pitch

The pitch of a chainsaw is the distance between any two repeated chain links, which is the average distance between two following chain links. Therefore, before purchasing a new chain, you need to be sure about the chain’s pitch.


The chainsaw gauge is the measurement of the depth of the notch. The indicator also refers to the thickness of drive links. Therefore, you need to select the correct size gauge that fits in your chainsaw.

This information will help you find an ideally measured chain for the replacement.


Using the techniques mentioned above, one should be able to get the right chainsaw chain direction. Besides, if needed, one can replace parts of the tool and get the right chain direction on the chainsaw again.

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