Echo CS 490 Review – Professional Grade Chainsaw

When looking for the best chainsaws, Echo is one of the most famous brands. Not just for its colorful and flashy designs, but they are also associated with a model variety and good value.

There are lots of manufacturer chainsaws in the lineup. But, in today’s echo cs 490 review, we will show you the logic and reasons to pick up our outlined one. If you require a chainsaw that is dependable and perfect for use, let’s jump on this article.

Echo CS 490 Short Review


DRY WEIGHT (LB/KG):110.6 / 5.08

Features Of ECHO CS-490 Chainsaw

Echo CS 490 Chainsaw

First of all, the Echo 490 chainsaw is the biggest in the 400 series category. Besides, they are the lightest weight but facilitates the powerful engine. Therefore, this professional saw is the best choice for any heavy timber user. While using easily, it brings simplicity to heavy cutting tasks.

However, this 50.2 cc engine will handle a 20-inch bar. This means it can perfectly make the big work to be done in one cut. Additionally, a double chain brake handle with rubber wrap in the grip handle will allow you to cut efficiently.

A less effort starter, G-Force enriched cleaner, colored plated cylinders are providing smooth handling. Nevertheless, this saw is easy to maintain tool-free things. Thus, it makes the entire cutting job more efficient.


Structure of these echo chainsaw facilities with an extremely bright orange color. If you look at this chainsaw, you will not be able to figure out different changes. Even it may seem to you like a normal chainsaw.

But, if you look closely, you will notice all of the incredible features. This is one of the reasons for its praises of it. The Magnesium Crankcase works like a double-barrel gun. One barrel will help to increase durability.

While the other barrel makes it lightweight. Furthermore, oil consumption decreases because the adjustable grip that drove the oiler. And this chainsaw can do it as they provide oil while the chain is shifting.


An engine is a special machine that is designed for converting one type of energy into mechanical energy. Now we will discuss the engine, which is often called the body of the power tool. The engine is responsible for handling the cutting experience.

If the engine of the tool is not powerful enough, then you have to face a devastating cutting experience. The chainsaw facilities with 50.2 cc power. So, the value is speaking for itself. Plus, you will enjoy this wonderful engine for a long time.

Because a Chrome-plated cylinder increases the life span of the entire engine. This durable air filter enables higher air filtration. It will also play a vital role in increasing the lifespan of the engine and the chainsaw.


Indeed, safety is one of the most important priorities of a chainsaw. Undoubtedly, Echo CS 490 chainsaw is facilitated with all the proper features of safety. Whereas time changes, challenges between the companies have increased. But, one important thing still is remaining certain. And that is the danger.

Chainsaws are a very dangerous tool if not handled properly. However, a chainsaw should always have the main safety features for keeping the users away from danger. But, this chainsaw has a very special offering in terms of safety. Moreover, safety begins with you. As users, we have to wear goggles, helmets, and protective earplugs.

Also, boots, trousers and even gloves with the saw protection. And finally, try your best to avoid any material from touching the bounce zone.

Chain And Brake

A chainsaw is not complete without a proper chain. And, a chain can never be completed without a perfect blade. They both rely on each other for making a difference in the excellency of a chainsaw.

Most amazingly, the chainsaw’s chain is very strong. It can easily handle the toughest wood and won’t loosen up simply without a fight. Nevertheless, the chain is very smooth. This will enable you to enjoy an easy cutting experience. As a user,  you can easily cut wood like cutting butter.

Apart from this, the blades are very impressive too. The blade’s size may not impress you but the cutting ability is too impressive. But, to enjoy the perfect cutting experience while using this, you should sharpen up the blades.


Finally, we will discuss this review about weight. It is a very important thing for any power tool, particularly for chainsaws. Because, during cutting the woods, a lightweight tool is very important.

As you have to move this a lot. The weight of the chainsaw is only 18.7, it may seem heavy compared to other chainsaws. Hence, it can level as the perfect lightweight chainsaw available in the market.

This unheavy chainsaw will help you in various ways. You can work for many long hours without feeling the hardness. Therefore, it will be easy to handle in an emergency. Moreover, it will reduce the injury chances.

Points To Consider For Buying An ECHO 490 CHAINSAW

Just like other product buying experiences, it will be overwhelming to purchase a new product especially if it is a chainsaw. Indeed, we may face many choices. Before ending the ECHO CS 490 chainsaw review some important things to keep in mind:

  • Bigger or larger is not always better.
  • Pursue your comfort by using knowledge.
  • For a periodic job, you may consider a saw easy to maintain.
  • Electric saws require little maintenance and less storage.
  • They are strong like the smaller sized gas engines.
  • Chainsaws are dangerous tools. So, caution is mandatory.

The Bottom Line

This echo cs 490 review has discussed many good features of the chainsaw. We hope this post will help you out in an amazing way to select the right one. Undoubtedly, chainsaws are a very important tool for any short or long-term project. Herein, picking the ECHO brand will be the value for money. Happy sawing!

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