Echo CS 310 Review – Powerful Gas Powered Chainsaw

If you are searching for a brand with a fine reputation of chainsaws, then Echo is the perfect answer. Their chainsaws are popular for their professional ability and quality. But you may think about the price tag. If you are concerned about affordability, let us tell you great news.

The CS-310 model has good pricing in terms of all the features and functions. This tool is the right choice for any novice user who requires a seasonal tool. So, among different options, we have come across a great option for you. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the Echo CS 310 review.

Echo CS 310 Short Review

Echo CS 310 Review
avarage :
  1. It is easy to carry
  2. Provides a great power
  3. Good for tough sawing
  4. Beginners can handle it easily
  1. Chains need adjustment

Key Features:

  • It facilitates with the powerful 32.6 cc engine.
  • Comfortable and convenient 14-inch bar is a great help for cutting.
  • Certified with the best EPA engine in the rating of durability.
  • It features the G-Force Engine Air Precleaner.

Features In Details Of The Echo CS 310 Review:

Echo CS 310 Chainsaw


Echo CS 310 chainsaw provides a structure with a bright orange colour. If you see this chainsaw, you may not be able to find out the distinctive patterns. Although it seems to you like ordinary equipment. But, if you observe closely, you will figure out all of the wonderful features.

The Magnesium Crankcase acts similar to a double-barrel gun. One barrel side helps in increasing durability. While the other barrel will make the products lightweight. Besides, oil consumption reduces for the adjustable grip drove oiler. Along with the best structure, you will get all other amazing opportunities. Only if you buy the chainsaw!


Now, we will discuss this echo cs 310 chainsaw review about the weight. It is a very key point for any powered equipment, especially for chainsaws. Because, while cutting the woods or anything, you need a lightweight tool.

Most interestingly, the weight of the chainsaw is only 6.4 pounds. So, it is not that bulky compared with other chainsaws. Hence, we can level it as the best lightweight chainsaw available in the market.

This unheavy chainsaw can help you in any kind of project. You can easily work for a long duration without feeling exhausted. Plus, having less weight, this power saw will enable more portability.


An engine is a machine which is specially designed to convert one kind of energy into mechanical energy. It is responsible for handling the proper cutting experience. If the tool engine is not powerful enough, then it will not give any good cutting experience.

As we mentioned earlier on the specification chart, the chainsaw facilities with 30.5 cc power. So, you can enjoy this nice engine for a long time. Apart from this, a Chrome-plated cylinder elevates the life span of this engine.

Additionally, the durable air filter provides higher air filtration. Indeed, we can describe the Echo CS 310 chainsaw as a great powerful tool for any project.


When you want to buy any power equipment, the first thing that comes to your mind is safety. It is one of the most vital priorities of any chainsaw. Undeniably, Echo CS 310 chainsaw is facilitated with all the best features of safety. We all know, chainsaws are dangerous equipment if not handled correctly.

Moreover, a chainsaw should have the basic safety features to prevent any danger. And, this chainsaw is a very good tool in terms of safety. Nevertheless, safety initiates with you. As a user, you should always wear helmets, goggles and protective earplugs. Also, boots, trousers and gloves should be used as well.


If you are concerned about the maintenance, good news is for you. This chainsaw doesn’t require any extra maintenance. You only have to go with the ordinary maintenance needed for the model.

Firstly, you should read the user’s manual properly. Always keep the chainsaw sterile and away from sawdust. Try to put chain oil whenever necessary.

Besides, inspect the chain to ensure the proper tension and sharpness. Be careful while sharpening the chain. Moreover, these are the basic criteria for the safety of the chainsaw. And, these are the main information on maintenance you should imply. Apart from this, there is no actual procedure or method to follow.

Why Should You Buy This Chainsaw?

There are some points you should consider before buying a chainsaw. These are:

  • Buy a chainsaw that offers the best performance and quality.
  • Choose a heavy-duty cutting edge for performing the task.
  • Know what type of saw you need.
  • If you are a heavy user, then select a power saw.

Some Bonus Information


If you purchase the Echo CS 310 chainsaw for ordinary use, then you’ll get a consumer warranty of 5 years. And, in case of commercial uses, the warranty is valid for 1 year. Plus, the rental warranty is about 90 days. The warranty represents the trustworthiness of the model.

Conclusion Remarks

So, this is all about Echo CS 310 review. This equipment is lightweight and starts quickly. Moreover, it is a suitable chainsaw for power tool lovers, rural homeowners and professionals.

Besides, as a gas-powered chainsaw, it is easy to maintain. The 14-inch bar is powerful enough to cut anything. Whereas, the bar is small enough for storing in a garage. The 30.5 cc engine is light but has sufficient muscle for ripping through wood. Additionally, it maintains fuel efficiency.

Reversely, the chain requires frequent adjustment to avoid jumping. Nevertheless, the chainsaw is a great tool for you. Let’s have a great work time with this garden beast!

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