How To Cut Wood Slices With Chainsaw

Cutting wood slices requires some form of expertise. That is partly because the chainsaw is not the best for this purpose. When I say so, it does not mean that it can’t cut these slices. However, it might not be your first pick for this kind of job!

In essence, it is not as easy to use the chainsaw for slicing wood as the other types of saws. In this article, I am going to take you through the various processes and procedures of cutting the slices with a chainsaw. For more information, please read through.

How To Cut Wood Slices With Chainsaw

Methods For Cutting The Slices

There is more than one way of achieving this target. They are:

  • The simple slice cutting method
  • The jig method

1. The simple slice cutting method

It is a simple method, and anyone can use it to cut the slices. You will not also require a lot of tools, but only a saw, support, and a piece of log. It also takes a short time to complete the task since it involves cutting from top to bottom.

The Material To Use

The Steps:

  • Position The Log

The log should be as stationary as possible and in the right position. Having it in this position will result in straight and better cuts. You should avoid having the log on the floor/ground where it can roll when it feels the impact of the saw. It is not, for example, easy to control it when it is on the floor. Place the log on a support, and this will prevent the blade from hitting the ground, hence avoiding damages.

  • Check The Logs

It is not easy to find a uniform log. It may not be the same all through. Most do have knots at different levels that can damage the saw blade. It can also cause injuries to the user! Get to know the knots in the log before turning on your saw. If possible, avoid cutting the sections of the trees that have knots.

  • Make The Measurements

Take the measurements of the logs before cutting it. Determine the size of the slices that you intend to cut. You can choose between one and five inches, depending on the usage of the wood slices. In most industries, however, the two and the five-inch ones are common.

Make some visible marks as you take the measurements. It will make your work easier.

  • Cut The Slices

Switch on the chainsaw and begin cutting the slices. Let the saw calibrate for a few minutes before cutting out the pieces of wood. As you embark on the procedure, hold it firmly with both hands. Bring the blade to the log as you squeeze the throttle. Cut through the markings if you want to achieve your goal. Do not apply maximum energy on the saw as it may lead to some mistakes. All you need is to push it with a little force.

  • The Finishing

Repeat the same procedure for all the slices that you want to have. Remember to follow the markings for all the wood slices that you want to cut out.

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2. The Jig Method

The method leads to the production of uniform wood slices. It is a more advanced procedure than the simple slice cut.

The Material To Use:

  • A chainsaw.
  • A visible marker.
  • The measuring tape.
  • Screws
  • The cutting board.

The Procedure:

  • Position The Log

Have it in the right position where it will be firm and stationary. Do not place it on the ground as you will not get uniform cuts, and you can also damage the blades. Lift it slightly higher above the knees for leaner cuts.

  • Check The Log

Inspect it for any irregularities such as a knot. They can damage the chainsaw blade or even cause injuries to the user because of kickbacks! Always check the log for three knots before cutting it.

  • Make The Jig

Measure the log that is due for cutting and convert it to 2×4. Cut out two pieces of that measurement. Next, cut out two other wood slices that are longer than the first one by four inches. That will give more space for creating the box. Join the pieces of wood to form one.

Slide it over the tree trunk to identify where you will nail the second piece. Attach the second one after doing the appropriate markings. Nail the remaining slice to the now U-shaped object. It will form a 2×4 box that will work as a jig.

  • Use The Jig

Place it on the tree trunk. Slide it down until you achieve the level of thickness that you desire. Move the jig at least one more inch. Attach it to the tree log using screws. Place them at opposite sides so that the jig can be more stable.

  • Take The Measurements

Use a visible marker to make the measurements of where you will cut. That will enhance the accuracy of your work.

  • Cut The Wood Slice

Since the log is now stable, start the chainsaw in preparation for cutting. Let it calibrate for a few minutes before cutting the slices. Press the throttle and slide the chainsaw blade across the jig. Do not put too much energy on the chainsaw. If you use a lot of force, you may damage your tool or even get injuries yourself! The blade should go through the wood smoothly.

  • Finishing

The slice will drop down once you finish cutting it. If you are to continue cutting more, then you should the above steps. First, begin by making a jig whereby you will place the log before cutting.


There is more than one way to cut wood slices using a chainsaw. In applying the simple method, the process is short and does not consume a lot of time as well. On the other hand, the second procedure is extensive and needs more experience. Before cutting out the slices, you first have to make some jigs to hold the log for cutting.

Do not place the wood on the ground, and it will not be stable and will not produce desirable results. You might also damage the blade of the saw if it strikes the floor many times!