Chainsaw Blade Direction Guide

A chainsaw is a mechanical saw which is used to cut materials. In a chainsaw, there is a set of teeth that are attached to a rotating chain, and the chain runs along a guide bar. It is used in various kinds of activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and harvesting of firewood. It is also used for cutting concrete during construction development and cutting ice.

A chainsaw blade is the cutting tooth that I mentioned above in the passage. Chainsaw blade is attached to every chainsaw chain. These chainsaw blades or the cutting teeth must be installed in every chainsaw in a correct way, or we can say that the chainsaw blade direction must be right. Otherwise, the efficiency of the tool will be reduced.

The right position of the blades is on top of the chain. These blades are very sharp and used for cutting woods or other materials. So without blades, a chain saw is useless. These blades and chains can only be mounted in one specific way to be installed correctly and to get efficient benefits. So we need to put our attention to whether the direction of the blade of the chain saw is right or wrong. If it is wrong, it will be unable to cut our required material and also cause severe accidents, which can cause great physical damage to the user or damage of property.

Chainsaw Blade Direction:

Before starting the tool, we have to ensure that the chain and the blades are placed in their covetable position. In this fact, the blades are used in a chainsaw usually have two edges; one is dull, and the other is sharp, which is also known as cutting edges. If it is placed in the right direction, then the sharp part of the blade should face the clockwise direction. So before using the tool, it would be better if we check the chainsaw blade direction.

Top view

If we check the chainsaw blade from the top, we can see the chainsaw has a chain, and the chain has different blades. These blades always whirl from a clockwise direction. If the sharp edges of the blades are facing towards the opposite direction of the chainsaw body or motor, then you can be sure that the blade direction of the chainsaw is right.

Bottom view

Logically, the bottom view will be the opposite of the view that you noticed from the top before. If the chainsaw blade direction is right, you will be able to see that the blades are facing towards the body or the engine, and the sharp edges of the blades are spinning from the clockwise direction.

Front and side view

As the blades of the saw run in the right direction, or we can say it clockwise direction, you can see the chainsaw blades at your right side and the chainsaw engine at your left side if you check from the side of the machine. Additionally, from the front side, you can see the movement of the whirling blade from upside to the downside. If it is moving from downside to upside, then it is placed incorrectly, so you have to place it correctly after noticing.

Erroneous chainsaw blade direction can never bring good things to its users. The wrong position of the blade may cause waste of bar oil. Also, the guide bar of the chainsaw may face huge stress. If that happens, then there will be a lot of problems, and any kind of cut will not be possible, and the guide bar will be damaged as well. It would also cause the clutch to burn. Backward whirling will also cause damage to the chain link, which is a very important part of the saw. So if it happens, the chainsaw will stop working effectively from the next moment. Gradually the condition of the engine of the saw will be starting to collapse. So you need to place the blade and the chain to the right place. To do so, you have to follow three steps that are given below:

  • At first, you have to reattach the chain bar to the chainsaw body very carefully to its apt place. Then you have to put on the chain on the bar, which should be loose.
  • After attaching the bar, you have to check the chainsaw chain direction and confirm that the chain is properly mounted. Then, the saw will be skilled to work without any disruption.
  • Last part of the procedure is to tighten up the saw’s blade so that the chainsaw can run efficaciously without any disturbance. But you need to be careful about the fact that the blade shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it could cause problems while working through the chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this article, we would like to say that you must be aware of the chainsaw blade direction if you want to work with it without any disturbance and to achieve your desired result. And if it doesn’t work properly, it will turn out to be one of the most annoying works.

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