Stihl 026 Pro VS 028 AV Super (The Differences You Need to Know)

In terms of quality, both the 026 Pro and the 028 AV Super chainsaws from Stihl are outstanding. But you can’t pick both, can you? If you’re uncertain which product to pick, simply consider their differences to find the one that best meets your needs.

Regarding the differences between 026 Pro and 028 AV Super, their weight, power, RPM, and starting mechanism are the most significant. Furthermore, the 026 comes at a lower price too.

In the article, I will describe the features of both products and then compare them. It will guide you in choosing the right chainsaw.

Let’s begin!

stihl 026 pro vs 028 av super

Comparison Table with Specs for Stihl 028 AV Super and Stihl 026 Pro

Key Factor Stihl 026 Pro Stihl 028 AV Super
Engine Capacity 48.6 cc of displacement 51.5 cc of displacement
Revolutions Per Minute 12,000 at its peak 13,000 at its peak
Weight 10.8 pounds 13.2 pounds
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.46 liter 0.5 liter
Oil Capacity 0.29 liter 0.3 liter

Features of Stihl 026 Pro Chainsaw

Features of Stihl 026 Pro

  1. Lightweight

The Stihl 026 Pro is an extremely lightweight saw that ensures superior comfort when in use. You can use it to cut almost any tree while carrying around half as much weight as other chainsaws.

Thanks to the lightweight, you won’t feel worn out after long work sessions.

  1. Easy Start-up

It is not unusual for chainsaws to malfunction during startup. Fortunately, you won’t run into this problem with the 026 saw. It has a highly effective ignition system that makes sure the machine starts every time without a hitch.

  1. Design and Durability

The design and build of the 026 chainsaw also do not disappoint. It has a user-friendly design and sturdy construction to provide long-term durability.

Features of Stihl 028 AV Super Chainsaw

Features of Stihl 028 AV Super

  1. Performance

Isn’t it upsetting when your chainsaw refuses to cut those stubborn trees due to a lack of power? Well, put an end to those days with the 028 chainsaw. It is powered by a 51.5 cc engine that cuts through anything that gets in its way.

  1. Capacity

A lot of folks place a high priority on fuel capacity when buying chainsaws. The 028 is an ideal choice for them because of its .5 liter of fuel tank. Moreover, it offers a spacious oil tank too.

  1. High Speed

There are chainsaws with an abundance of power, but their speed is mediocre. As a consequence, those saws are unable to make use of the high power completely.

Thankfully, the speed of this saw is quite fast. It can reach a maximum RPM of 13000, making it a perfect match for the 51.5 cc engine.

Stihl 026 Pro Vs 028 AV Super: Key Differences

It is time to determine how exactly the 026 and 028 chainsaws differ. So here it is.

Stihl 026 Pro Vs 028 AV Super_ Key Differences

  1. Weight

Weight is one of the key considerations to bear in mind when purchasing chainsaws. If you are involved with tree cutting all day, you need a chainsaw that is not too heavy. A lightweight one ensures comfort while working, allowing long hours of productivity.

Among these two products, the 026 is more lightweight at 10.8 pounds. On the other hand, you will be carrying 13.2 pounds around, provided you opt for the 028 model.

The 026 saw clearly wins this round for being more than 2 pounds lighter

Winner: Stihl 026 Pro

  1. Engine Power

The most accurate determinant to measure engine power is displacement. This figure indicates the volume of air that has been displaced between the two cylinders. With a high displacement, your chainsaw is bound to deliver a high level of performance.

The 026 chainsaw features an engine measuring 48.6 cc of displacement. Although it is not terrible, the power does not compare to the performance of the 028 chainsaw’s 51.5 cc engine.

Hence, 028 chainsaws are the way to go if you want more power.

Winner: Stihl 028 AV Super

  1. RPM Value

You should not rely solely on displacement to determine how powerful a chainsaw is. The RPM is another factor to take into account when it comes to performance. Simply put, it represents the speed of the saw.

Nevertheless, Stihl 028 continues to dominate regardless of displacement or speed. The chainsaw’s RPM is capable of reaching 13,000 at its maximum.

The 026 model follows closely behind its rival with a maximum speed of 12,000 RPM.

Winner: Stihl 028 AV Super

  1. Ignition Mechanisms

Both the chainsaws come with top-of-the-line ignition systems considered to be among the best in the industry. However, they are not the same.

The one on the 026 saw is electric and uses magneto ignition technology without a breaker. Meanwhile, the 028 unit has a transistor magneto ignition that is also breaker less.

Winner: Tie

  1. Oil and Fuel Capacity

If you do not want to bother refilling the fuel tank over and over again, you might want to pick a chainsaw that can hold plenty of fuel.

In that case, the 028 saw will serve you better since it boasts a .5 liters fuel tank. As for the 026, it has a smaller capacity of .46 liters.

Between these two products, there is very little difference in terms of oil capacity. The Stihl 028 holds .3 liters of oil, while the 026 holds .29 liters.

You should be aware that both of the chainsaws have similar carburetors with fuel pumps integrated into them.

Winner: Stihl 028 AV Super

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Which One Is the Better Chainsaw?

In case you are looking for a chainsaw that is remarkably lightweight, look no further than the 026 Pro chainsaw.

Apart from that, the 028 AV Super chainsaw ticks all the boxes as the best choice in this comparison. Besides high power and RPM, it also holds a large quantity of fuel. Is there anything more you could ask for?

Which one is the Better Chainsaw

To Sum Up

I hope this article has concisely explained the fundamental differences between the Stihl 026 Pro and 028 AV Super. Even though the 026 is less expensive as well as lighter, it can’t compete with the 028 in terms of performance, capacity, and some other aspects.

If you are interested in reading more comparisons of Stihl chainsaws, check out this article to learn how the 311 and 391 models differ.

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