Stihl 211 Vs 250: Confused Which Is Better?

So, you are here because confused about the two choices from brands Stihl 211 and 250.

211 is a prior model and 250 is comparatively more recent. But both are from the same MS series, so there are lots of similarities in the features.

And, that’s why you are confused about the choice but don’t you worry because by the end of the article, you will have a solid understanding of the features of each and afterwards you will have no doubts about this.

So, come along with me as I will break down all the features and pick the winner together.

stihl 211 vs 250

Technical Comparison

Key Factor Stihl MS 211 Stihl MS 250
Power source Gas Gas
Engine power 3.0 bhp 3.0 bhp
Fuel capacity 15.9 oz. 9.1 oz.
Chain oiler capacity 6.8 oz. 9.0 oz.
Guide bar length 18 in. 18 in.
Displacement 45.4 cc 35.2 cc

All the Features of Stihl 211 and 250

In this section, I will discuss all the features Stihl 211 and 250 offer and try to portray the nuances. This will help you in better decisions making. So, let’s begin.

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Stihl MS 211

  1. Anti-vibration system

In almost every model Stihl offers an anti-vibration system. It’s one of the signature features of Stihl and the anti-vibration the brand has developed is the best in quality.

The anti-vibration system helps minimize the vibration levels of handheld chainsaws. This drastically increases comfort and reduces operator fatigue and yearning for better productivity.

Yet, better this provides such a nice working experience as otherwise, you could have been overwhelmed by working on big cutting projects.

  1. Stihl Elastostart

Do you hear about the secret features of Stihl?

Well, Eleastostart could be something you are looking for! Elastostart is a feature that reduces the effort needed to pull the started cord and Stihl uniquely offers this feature.

The starter grip of the Elastostart substantially reduces the compression, normally felt during cranking.

It also smoothens the first compression that occurs at the grip after the first compression.

  1. Compensating carburetor

The IntelliCarb compensated carburetor maintains the engine’s correct RPM when the air filter is restricted or partially clogged by automatically adjusting the air/fuel ratio. 

In order to control the diaphragm and the flow of fuel, the carburetor uses air from the clean side of the air filter.

Whenever the air filter becomes dirty, the IntelliCarb system adjusts the fuel flow in order to compensate for the lack of air available to the carburetor. The air in the air box is usually obtained from the “dirty” side, which is not the case with carburetors.

  1. Side-access chain tensioner

It’s annoying to use a bar wrench to change the guide bar of the chain tensioner every time. But, that day has gone. You are no longer required to manually do it. 

Enters side-access chain tensioner. The tensioner turns the manual process into an automatic process and saves tremendous time and effort.

  1. Stihl Quickstop

Safety is the most important thing. It can’t be said when an emergency arrives, so I like the idea Stihl added something to avoid the risk of accidents.

Stihl Quickstop is a chain-stopping system that activates under unnatural jerking of the saw. Operators can even start it manually. The Quickstop brake stops the chain’s rotation once it gets activated.

This can save operators from accidents and emergencies.

  1. Lubrication system

Stihl MS 211 comes with an emetic lubrication system that ensures the proper lubrication of the guide bar. It also saves oil consumption.

As the lubrication system directs the oil through sliding faces of the bar, chain link, rivet, and driver holes, it facilitates consuming oil more efficiently thus reducing the oil usage by as much as 50%.

  1. Master control lever

As the name suggests, the master control lever is a central system that controls everything from starting the throttle lock, the on-off switch, and operating the choke.

You can activate the lever by pulling the throttle to the choke position.

Stihl MS 250

So, what are the features of MS 250?

Well, in this section I will break down all the features that Stihl MS 250 has to offer. Sit tight!

  1. Easy access air filter

All model doesn’t have an air filter let alone an easy-access air filter. But you see MS 250 offers these features.

Air filters restrict the entrance of dirt and debris into the engine and out of the carburetor. This ensures the proper functioning of the chainsaw. Although, you might periodically need to clean chainsaw.

  1. Rear hand guard

Chainsaw is no joke. The saw rotates so fast that if somehow your hand comes in contact with it, surely it will make catastrophe by severe wonder or even cutting your hand.

A rear hand guard will protect your hand from such types of accidents as it ensures the security of your hand.

  1. Master control lever

The master control lever is a central system that controls everything from starting the throttle lock, the on-off switch, and operating the choke.

You can activate the lever by pulling the throttle to the choke position.

  1. Side-access chain tensioner

If you think you want to adjust the chain saw with your bar wrench, guess what you have to do?

You need a side-access chain tensioner that will allow you to adjust your chainsaw without having to tweak the guide bar adjustment screw.

Stihl MS 250 comes with a side chain tensioner.

  1. Seasonal shutter

The seasonal shutter is a fascinating feature that allows for keeping carburetor temperature in check. 

This especially helps for winter countries where you might have to work under 50 F.

Stihl 211 Vs Stihl 250: Which Is Better?

So, here’s the ultimate battle: Stihl MS 211 Vs Stihl MS 250: which one to choose?

To start first know that both of the models are a part of the same series so it’s a difficult question to say one is better than the other clearly. But, for the obvious reason, you must want to pick one from either.

So, upon discussing the features, a number of unique features, costs, and benefits I will try to figure out the best model for you. So, keep your eye open until the end of the section.

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If the engine power is low it won’t be able to cut big trees and the cut won’t be precise either. The higher the power of the engine will be the higher the revolution of the saw will result in the increased cutting capacity.

Thankfully both of the models come with the same 3.0 Bhp.

Winner: Tie


Usually, lightweight is considered the best for operating. The heavier the chainsaw would be hard it would be to operate. It also hinders portability. So generally, higher weigh chainsaws are not pleasant if it has no special features.

The powerhead weight of MS 211 is less than the weight of 250. So, if you want to opt for lightweight Stihl 211 would be your best bet!

Winner: Stihl MS 211

Air filter

Your chainsaw accumulates dirt, dust, and wooden debris while cutting. So, having an air filter is such a fantastic feature. You should always opt for chainsaws with air filters.

Here Stihl MS 250 checkmates 211. The model comes with an advanced and easy-access air filter.

Winner: Stihl MS 250

Fuel capacity

Everybody hates repeating the same task, and if that is refueling in a close interval, that’s more annoying.

So, you can understand the importance.

The fuel capacity of MS 250 is 15.8 whereas it’s only 9.1 oz. for 211.

That said, MS 250 is clearly far ahead of 211.

Winner: Stihl MS 250

Chain oiler capacity

The same goes for chain oil tankers. In the event of oiling on the chain saw manually is not a relaxed idea, right?

In the case of chain oiler, the capacity is quite the opposite. With an 89.0 oz. chain oiler capacity MS 211 is ahead of 250 where 250 can carry only 6.8 oz.

In the latest model probably the change has been adopted based on the data that this capacity is sufficient. However, I can’t deny that the winner here is Stihl MS 211.

Winner: Stihl MS 211.

Guide bar length

The standard guide bar length is 16-22 inches; for professional purposes, this could be higher than 22 inches. But, for your household usage, a 16-22 inches guide bar is well enough.

Both 211 and 250 come with an 18 inches long guide bar which falls under the standard size. So, with this length guide bar, you can easily handle medium size tree felling and firewood cutting.

Winner: Tie


Displacement is another measurement of power. So, the higher the displacement will the better.

Stihl MS 250 offers a higher displacement with a capacity of 45.4 ccs.

Winner: Stihl MS 250


Safety should be the foremost feature you should opt for while choosing a chainsaw.

Stihl MS 250 comes with a hand guard to protect your hand from accidents while MS 211 offers a chain stopper. 

So, it’s apparent that both models offer safety features. But, 250 comes with a more advanced protection system. Hence, I keep 250 ahead.

Winner: MS 250

Advanced features/Total features

How many features a chainsaw offers can be a great quantitive measurement to compare.

Stihl MS 211 comes with 7 features while 250 offers 6 features. But, the latest model MS 250 boast some of the advanced features that the prior model lacks.

So, if I divide advanced features by feature, Stihl MS 250 will outstrip the old model 211.

Winner: Stihl MS 250


If you can’t carry it and take heavy teeing up for cutting this tool might not help you, right?

So, you need to choose a chain saw which is not big enough in size and weight so that you carry it anywhere with ease.

Stihl MS 250 weigh more than 211, so here the winner would be 211.

Winner: MS 211.

So, you see there are tough competition between them and it’s even tougher to comment on which one is better.

But, without any bias considering features, benefits, and advanced features, my bet is Stihl MS 250.

Final Winner: Stihl MS 250

So What Are You Going to Do?

I showed you everything you need to evaluate both products by compiling all the features side by side.

For those who can’t make time to dig into the product themselves, I came up with a comparative analysis and picked the winner you can get without a second thought.

In such event go and get Stihl MS 250.

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