Stihl MS 180 Chain Oil Adjustment [Step By Step Guideline]

A Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is the best wood-cutting tool for the homeowner or mid-level user. With a warhead weight of 8.6 pounds, you can consider this gas-powered chainsaw as medium-sized chainsaw.

This chainsaw has a screw in the bottom part to adjust the oil. By turning it, you can adjust the required amount of oil to the chain. But sometimes a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw chain oil adjustment demands to do more to get the best performance.

stihl ms 180 chain oil adjustment step by step guideline

In this article, I will go through the complete step-by-step process of adjusting the oiler of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw properly. Even if you are a novice user, you can adjust the oiler of this chainsaw by following this text.

But at the beginning, it is necessary to have an idea about the common problems of the oil pump in this chainsaw.

What Are The Common Problems Of Stihl MS180 Oil Pump?

Not just the Stihl MS 180, oilers for any chainsaw model have a few common problems that develop over time. There are 3 problems your chainsaw can often encounter. I would like to discuss a little about them here.

common problems of stihl ms180 oil pump
Here Are the 3 Common Problems of Stihl MS180 Oil Pump

  1. Low Oil Supply To The Bar And Chain

You may often notice that the chainsaw’s oiler is supplying less oil than needed to the bar and chain. In most cases, the root cause of this type of problem is dirt.

Dirt builds up in various parts of the chainsaw, including the oil line connected to the oil pump, causing this type of problem. Once you clear the accumulated debris, the low oil supply problem is resolved and the chainsaw can resume normal operation again.

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  1. Bar and Chain Are Completely Dry

The bar or chain is completely dry, which means there is no oil supply coming through the oiler. Many reasons can cause this problem. One of which is the misalignment of the small hole in the chainsaw tanker and the oil hole in the oiler.

If you look at a chainsaw oiler, you see it has two holes on either side. This oiler has a groove next to the hole on one side and no groove on the other side. The hole in the side that does not have a groove should line up with the hole that connects to the oiler tank. You need to check if it is correct.

Another reason for no oil is the worm gear not working properly. Usually, the oiler will not work properly if the metal wire with the plastic base of the worm gear is loose. Here, you should change the worm gear if possible.

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  1. Bar Oil Leakage

Bar oil leakage is common in almost all other chainsaws, including the Stihl MS 180. Problems like oil leakage can occur because of two main reasons.

  1. If there is a crack in the oil line, this oil leakage can occur. Over time, the oil line becomes old. It can develop cracks and cause oil leakage.
  2. The o-ring of the plastic connector is damaged. MS 180 chainsaw includes a plastic connector for connecting the oil tube to the tank and the oiler. The connector has an O-shaped gasket called an O-ring. A damaged O-ring can cause oil leakage.

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How Does the Lubrication System of Stihl MS 180 Work?

The lubrication system of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw comprises several components. All parts work together and make the lubrication system keep active. The components of this system are:

  • An oil tank
  • Filter element
  • Oil line
  • Plastic connector
  • Oil pump (Oiler)
  • Worm gear
  • Chainsaw tire
how does the lubrication system of stihl ms 180 work
How Does Lubrication System Work On Stihl MS 180?

When you start the chainsaw, the worm gear rotates along with the clutch. The plastic part of the worm gear engages with the grooved gear of the oiler, causing the oiler to rotate.

The oil is further purified through the filter element in the oil tank and this purified oil reaches the oiler through a plastic connector. As the oiler rotates, it creates a unidirectional pressure on the oils.

This unidirectional pressure forces the oils to reach the end of the lubrication system through an oil line. At the end of the system, there is a small oil hole from which the oil falls onto the chainsaw tire and spreads to all the chains.

The oiler on the Stihl MS 180 model has oil adjustment facilities. That means you can set the level of oil supply as per your requirement. This prevents the wastage of excess oil.

Can You Adjust The Chain Oil Of Stihl MS 180 Yourself?

Yes, you can adjust the chain oil of your Stihl MS 180 easily. This chainsaw includes an adjustment screw that makes it possible to adjust the chain oil with no hassle.

can you adjust the chain oil of stihl ms 180 yourself
Adjust The Chain Oil Of Stihl MS 180 Yourself

However, if you want to clean the entire lubrication system and adjust the oil correctly, you need to have a basic understanding of the parts of a chainsaw.

Because you may need to get access to the oiler for doing the whole thing. It demands the opening of several parts of your chainsaw.

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How Do You Adjust Stihl MS 180 Chain Oil Correctly?

To properly adjust the Stihl MS 180 chain oil and get the best performance, you must first clean the entire lubrication system. Then adjust the oil level using the adjustment screw.

I will describe the entire process in 3 parts to facilitate your understanding. The task is simple. Through this, you can identify and solve any problem in the system as well.

  1. Check And Clean The Worm Gear If It’s Working Properly

check and clean the worm gear if it’s working properly

The worm gear is an important part of the chain oiling system that is connected to the oiler. You need to check if it is clean and working properly.

Follow the steps below for this.

Step 1: Remove the Bar and Chain

First, remove the bar and chain from the chainsaw. For this, you need to remove the clutch cover. Usually, two nuts connect the clutch cover. Remove the clutch cover by loosening the nuts, then separate the bar and chain.

Step 2: Empty the Oil Tank

Keep the remaining oil in the oil tank in a separate container. You can use them later.

Step 3: Open the Clutch Drum

To open the clutch drum, first, remove the clip on top of it using a screwdriver. There is a round disc under the clip which helps the clutch drum to stick firmly. After separating it, you can easily separate the clutch drum. Then remove the small roller bearing on the shaft as well.

Step 4: Take the Clutch Off

You can use a 19mm socket to open the MS180’s clutch. Note that you have to rotate the socket clockwise to open the clutch. There is a plate under the clutch, remove it as well.

Step 5: Check and Clean the Worm Gear

After removing the bottom plate of the clutch cover, you will see the worm gear. Clean it well and check if it works.

Note: After opening every part of a used chainsaw, you will see dirt. So, after opening each part, clean that particular part and the attached area. Can use a screwdriver or knife tip to clean. But a blow-gun will give you the most effective results.

  1. Remove, Clean, and Install the Oiler Correctly

remove, clean, and install the oiler correctly

You can never expect a good oil supply from a faulty oiler or an oiler that is not in the right place. So removing and cleaning the oiler and reinstalling it in its proper place is an important part of adjusting the chain oil on the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. Follow the steps below to access the oiler.

Step 1: Remove the Handle

The handle of the chainsaw is attached to the main body with several screws. The company uses plastic covers over screws to keep them in good condition. You can use a flathead screwdriver to remove this plastic caps and unscrew the screws. A T27 torque screwdriver is helpful in loosening these screws.

Step 2: Open the Connector

MS 180 chainsaw has a plastic connector that allows the oil in the tank to reach the oiler. Open this connector and clean it. There is an o-ring on the connector. Check if it is in good condition. Replace if there is a problem.

Step 3: Remove the Oil Line

At this stage, you need to remove the oil line. Since the oil line is made of plastic, remove it carefully. A light pulls on the end of the line with pliers will release the oil line. Check the oil line for clogged dirt and clean it thoroughly.

Step 4: Remove the Oiler

In this step, you need to remove the oil pump or oiler. You don’t need to use any special tool for this. Attach a long M5 metric screw by turning it by hand with the oiler. Now pull out the screw and the oiler will also come out.

Step 5: Clean and Install the Oiler

After opening the oiler check if it is ok or not. Reinstall the oiler properly after cleaning thoroughly. Note that the hole in the oiler is aligned with the hole connected by the plastic connector.

  1. Adjust the Amount of Chain Oil by the Screw

adjust the amount of chain oil by the screw

You have cleaned the entire oil system by completing the first two parts. If there is any problem in the system, then you have also been able to identify it. That means the entire chain lubrication system is ready to work smoothly.

After reassembling all the parts, you will see a screw at the bottom of the chainsaw. Turn the screw clockwise to reduce the oil supply to the chain. Similarly, turn the screw counterclockwise to increase the oil supply to the chain. Use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the screw.

The Most Challenging Thing for Adjusting the Chain Oil of Stihl MS 180

Adjusting the oiling system of the Stihl MS 180 is not that difficult. But if you want to clean the entire system and adjust chain oil, you will need to remove many parts. Putting all these parts back together and fitting well can be the biggest challenge for a new user.

But to avoid problems fitting the parts again properly, keep them in order when disassembling. Keeping them this way will make it easier to put them back together.

Is a Stihl MS180 Oil Pump Replacement Process Complicated?

No, replacing a Stihl MS180 oil pump is not that complicated. You can replace the oil pump yourself if you wish, even if you are a new user. But for this, it is important to have a rough idea about the parts of your chainsaw.

I have described above how you can get access and remove this chainsaw’s oil pump. To replace the oiler of a Stihl MS 180, just follow that procedure. Remove the oiler and if you find the oiler is not working properly, replace it with another one of the same model or number.

Final Verdict

Knowing how a chainsaw’s oiling system works makes adjusting the chain oil much easier. The oiling system of most chainsaws works in much the same way. So if you know about one of them in detail, you can get a good idea about the others.

Stihl MS180 chain oil adjustment helps you to maintain smooth and uninterrupted work while also preventing excess oil wastage. Therefore, you need to know the chain oil adjusting procedure well to be a professional in the woodworking job. Hope this writing helps you.

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