Fix 7 Stihl MS 192 T Problems Like A Pro! [Ultimate Guide]

Stihl MS 192T is the best chainsaw for the perfect tree trimming. This chainsaw has a medium-power engine and is lightweight. Hence, it is the best choice of operators for climbing. However, the chainsaw is currently not in production.

Since this model is no longer in production, to use this effective chainsaw model, you must use an older one. Because of this, some common problems can occur in saws during use.

In this article, I will discuss some common Stihl MS 192T problems and their solutions. This can help you manage the work seamlessly avoiding complications.

Anyway, before discussing that particular point, I would like to discuss the exciting features and specifications of this chainsaw model. This will help us understand why an operator still wants to use this chainsaw model after so long. Let’s begin.

Common Stihl MS 192 T Chainsaw Problems & How To Fix

Specifications and Interesting Features Of Stihl MS 192 T

From the specifications of Stihl MS 192T, we get an idea about its performance. The features also give us an idea of what the chainsaw offers and why operators love it so much.

Key Specifications Of Stihl MS 192 T

Key Specifications:

  • Engine displacement: 30.10 cc
  • Engine power: 1.30 kW
  • Maximum power output: 1.7 hp
  • Idle speed: 3000 rpm
  • Weight: 3.0 kg
  • Fuel tank volume: 270 ml
  • Oil tank volume: 220 ml
  • Recommended bar size: 12 to 16-inch

Interesting Features

Interesting Features Of Stihl MS 192 T
  1. Inertia chain brake: There is a chance of injury when using a chainsaw, which is why Stihl uses many safety features in their chainsaws. This feature allows you to use the chainsaw in the safest way. It acts as a handguard and protects your hand from getting hurt while cleaning the stalks.
  2. Easy Start: Small 2-stroke engines in chainsaws often have difficulties starting. The Easy Start feature helps the engine start easily and saves you from awkward starting situations.
  3. Anti vibration handle: The MS 192 T chainsaw uses an anti-vibration technology that prevents the handle from vibrating. As a result, the operator can continue to work in a comfortable way for a long time.
  4. Top handle: The top handle of these chainsaws will help you operate with one hand when needed. Being compact and incredibly balanced makes the chainsaw more convenient to operate with one hand.
  5. Automatic oiler: These chainsaw models have automatic oilers that automatically supply oil to the bar and chain. Due to which the kickback problem is less and you can continue your work smoothly.

Stihl MS 192 T Problems And Fixes: Quick Table

Stihl MS 192 T Problems And Fixes_ Quick Table

An experienced chainsaw user, or even an intermediate, can often diagnose chainsaw problems. Here I would like to present a table that will help you repair the chainsaw quickly and get back you into working. Even a user with a basic understanding of chainsaws and their parts could take the necessary action.

Stihl MS 192 T Problems Quick Fixes
Bogging down Clean the air filter and the carburetor, replace them if necessary.
Not idling Adjust the carburetor.
On/Off Switch problem Replace the ignition module.
Carburetor issue Although cleaning the carburetor can solve the problem, replacement is the best solution.
Starting problem Check the spark plug and ignition module.
Running problem Use fuel and oil mixture according to the ratio recommended by the company. Also clean the air cleaner, carburetor, fuel filter, and fuel line well.
Require choke to start Check and clean the carburetor & fuel system and use the correct gas type.

7 Common Stihl MS 192 T Chainsaw Problems & How To Fix: [Detailed Guide]

Here I will discuss in detail the 7 common problems of Stihl MS 192T chainsaw and how to solve them. If you are new to using a chainsaw, this guide will be beneficial for you. I will explain the problems, causes, and solutions.

Problem 1: Bogging Down

You may have noticed that the chainsaw’s RPM drops occasionally while working. This type of problem is more common in old or unused chainsaws. Engine bogging slows down the work. A task that you could complete in 15 seconds may take 25 to 30 seconds.

Problem 1_ Bogging Down


Usually, if there is a problem with the carburetor, the engine is bogged down. Apart from this, dirty air cleaner and not using the right fuel is also one reason for this problem.

How To Fix:

To solve the engine bogging down problem, you need to clean and adjust the carburetor. Clean the air cleaner and use the company-recommended fuel and oil mixture. If the problem persists after this, replace the air cleaner and carburetor.

Problem 2: Not Idling

Have you ever encountered the problem of a chainsaw not idling? Many chainsaw users have experienced this type of problem. If the chainsaw is not idling or running at high rpm, it consumes extra fuel. This causes additional costs.

Problem 2_ Not Idling


This type of problem can occur if the carburetor is not properly adjusted.

How To Fix:

In this case, you need to adjust the carburetor well after cleaning the carburetor. You need to be especially careful when adjusting the low-speed screw.

Problem 3: On/Off Switch Problem

A problem with the on/off switch is not that common but does happen sometimes. Usually, the on/off switch does not work when this problem occurs. Even if you turn the switch off, the chainsaw stays on.

Problem 3_ On_Off Switch Problem


You may face this type of problem if the ignition module is bad. This problem is more common in old or poorly stored chainsaws.

How To Fix:

The best solution to this problem is to replace the ignition module. The video below will help you more in this regard.

Problem 4: Carburetor Issue

When a chainsaw’s engine does not run smoothly or the throttle response is poor, you can assume it has carburetor problems. Also, if there is a problem with the carburetor, the engine automatically shuts down at idle.

Problem 4_ Carburetor Issue


You can face this type of problem if there is a dirt accumulation in the carburetor or if it is not properly adjusted. Even if the chainsaw is left unused for a long time, fuel and oil build-up in the carburetor can cause permanent damage.

How To Fix:

Clean and adjust the carburetor well. Also, clean the fuel line and fuel filter. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the carburetor.

Problem 5: Starting Problem

Many people find themselves in an embarrassing situation when starting old chainsaws. But not only old chainsaws but also those that are used regularly can have problems starting.

Problem 5_ Starting Problem


In most cases, starting problems can be caused by dirt deposits on the spark plugs or problems with the ignition module. Using low-quality fuel or oil can also be responsible for this problem.

How To Fix:

Clean the spark plugs if they are dirty. If the plug is too old, you should replace that. Check the ignition module, and take action if there is a problem. Use quality fuel and oil.

Problem 6: Running Problem

If the engine of the chainsaw does not run properly while working, it hampered the work. This causes the engine RPM to fluctuate, causing the chainsaw to shut off automatically, or causing problems with idling.

Problem 6_ Running Problem


There are many reasons for this type of problem, one of which is not using the correct ratio of fuel and oil mixture. It can also include air filter problems, fuel line and fuel filter problems, and even muffler problems. A malfunctioning carburetor is also a cause of engine misfiring.

How To Fix:

You need to take several steps to solve this problem. Clean and reassemble the air filter, spark plug, fuel line, and fuel filter. Clean and adjust the carburetor. Always use standard fuel and oil mixtures as per the correct ratio. Be aware of chainsaw maintenance to prevent running issues.

Problem 7: Require Choke to start

Many times, we use the Choke to start the chainsaw. But if we have to do this regularly, then it is a problem.

Require Choke to start


A faulty carburetor is usually to blame for this problem. You may face such problems due to fuel quality, ratio, or even fuel line issues.

How To Fix:

Clean and adjust the carburetor well. Replace it if necessary. Clean fuel line, and fuel filter. Use quality fuel and oil mixture in the correct ratio.

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User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 192 T Problems

To understand the quality of a product, we often want to know about the user experience. I’d like to share the experiences of two MS 192 T users here to give a better idea of the chainsaw’s problems.

A user reports that he is having trouble starting a Stihl 192 T chainsaw after purchasing it. He pressed the fuel valve over 5 times as per the user manual. He also sets the master control to the start position, hand guard lock, and choke.

Additionally, he replaced the old gas. After a few tries, although the chainsaw starts, after a few seconds, it shuts off again.

Another user reported that he had been using the MS192 T chainsaw for several years and it was running great. But suddenly there is a problem with his saw and it is running faster than usual. Although he tried to fix the problem by adjusting the carburetor, the chainsaw just didn’t work as well as before.

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 192 T Problems

Common Queries Regarding Stihl MS 192 T

Does Stihl MS 192 T Have An Automatic Bar And Chain Oiler?

Yes, this chainsaw model has an automatic bar and chain oiler. It automatically keeps the bar and chain lubricated by supplying the required amount of oil.

What Size Chain Is On A Stihl MS 192 T?

Chain size is usually what you need to determine based on the size of the guide bar. Typically, these chainsaws require you to use a 14-inch, 3/8″ low-profile pitch, 0.050″ gauge chain with 50 drive links for a 14-inch guide bar.

How Much Does A Stihl MS 192T Cost?

Since these chainsaws are no longer available in new condition, it is difficult to determine their value. The price will be determined based on the recent condition of the saws. However, nowadays you have to spend between $200 and $300 to buy a Stihl MS 192T chainsaw.

How Many CC Is A Stihl 192 T?

A Stihl MS 192 chainsaw has a 30.1 cc engine, capable of producing 1.7 bhp of power.

What Years Was The Stihl MS 192 T Manufactured?

Production of this chainsaw model first began in 2005. Until 2014, the company continued the production of this model of chainsaws.

To Wrap Things Up

A Stihl MS 192 T chainsaw is ideal for professional tree trimming or limb removal while climbing. The lightweight and outstanding features of these chainsaws make the saws the best for these jobs. Since you have to use an old and used saw to use this model of chainsaw, they can cause some problems.

If you use or want to buy a chainsaw of this model, this article will be helpful for you. I have discussed in detail the common problems you may encounter while using an MS 192 T and their solutions. Hope you can solve the problem quickly and keep your work uninterrupted.

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