6 Common Stihl MS 361 Problems: How To Fix Them Fast [2023]

Although the Stihl MS 361 chainsaws are highly effective and reliable chainsaws, they are currently out of production. As a result, you will not find new chainsaws of this model on the market. You may need to get a used one to use this chainsaw model.

Because of their age, you may experience minor problems while operating. If you own or plan to purchase this chainsaw model, you need to understand the Stihl MS 361 problems and solutions.

This article will discuss common problems with MS 361 model chainsaws and their quick solutions. Identifying these problems and knowing how to fix them fast will allow you to use your chainsaw relentlessly.

Before starting the principal topic, I would like to mention the specifications and interesting features of this model of chainsaws, due to which the chainsaws are so popular. Let’s get started.

Stihl MS 361 Problems And Fixes: Quick Table

Stihl MS 361 Problems And Fixes_ Quick Table

Here I would like to share a table that summarizes the common problems of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw and their solutions.

If you have even the slightest idea of chainsaw operating, this table should be enough to solve common problems with your chainsaw.

Stihl MS 361 Problems Quick Fixes
Poor running Replace the spark plug and the air filter. Clean and adjust the carburetor. It’s better to modify the muffler as well.
Dies after running for a few minutes Replace the fuel line and fuel filter. Clean and adjust the air filter, spark plug, and carburetor thoroughly.
Surging under full load Adjust the carburetor accurately.
Hard to start Clean the carburetor and use recommended ratio of fuel and oil mixture. Use the decompression valve to make starting easy.
Carburetor problem Clean the carburetor, or replace it if possible.
Takes time idling Clean and adjust the carburetor.

6 Common Stihl MS 361 Chainsaw Problems & How To Fix

To troubleshoot a chainsaw, it is important to identify the problem first. Here I’ll discuss the common 6 problems of Stihl MS 361 chainsaw and their solutions in detail.

Problem 1: Poor Running

Due to long-term use, various parts of the chainsaw accumulate dirt or decay, and the performance deteriorates. In this condition, you will not get the expected performance from your chainsaw.

You can feel it from the engine speed and sometimes the sound while driving.

Poor Running


This problem is caused by the air filter, carburetor or spark plug becoming clogged or old. You may experience poor running problems for the muffler or air exhaust problems.

How To Fix:

There are several steps you can take to restore the chainsaw’s performance by solving the pore running problem.

Clean the chainsaw, replaces old spark plugs and air filters on chainsaws, as well as clean fuel filters and fuel lines. Clean, reset and adjust the carburetor, or replace it if possible.

Problem 2: Dies After Running For A Few Minutes

It is not uncommon to have problems with a chainsaw that starts but does not run properly or stops suddenly after running for 3/4 minutes. This is an annoying problem and can seriously hamper ongoing work.

Dies After Running For A Few Minutes


The chainsaw starts but after running for a while, it stops, which means that the fuel supply to the engine is not correct. Or there is a problem with the air filter or carburetor. You may face such a problem even if there is a problem with the air inlet.

How To Fix:

Replace the fuel line and fuel filter to ensure an uninterrupted fuel supply. Clean the air filter and the spark plug. Adjust after cleaning the carburetor. Air inlet problems may require muffler modification.

Problem 3: Surging Under Full Load

It can happen when your chainsaw engine revs up and down while operating it at high rpm. You may notice this problem with an older Stihl MS 361 chainsaw. Especially for a chainsaw that has maintenance issues.

Surging Under Full Load


The carburetor not working properly is the root cause of this problem. In short, the real reason is that the fuel supply to the combustion chamber does not reach the required amount. Besides the carburetor, dirt buildup in the fuel filter and fuel lines can also cause this problem.

How To Fix:

Clean the fuel filter and fuel lines. Clean and adjust the carburetor, especially adjusting the high-speed screw well. Focus on regular maintenance. Watch the video below for proper carburetor adjustment.

Problem 4: Hard To Start

Pulling the starter rope repeatedly to start the chainsaw is not a fun experience. This type of problem has a negative impact on the operator at the beginning of the work.

Hard To Start


A dirty carburetor or a poor-quality fuel and oil mixture can be to blame for this problem. A dirty spark plug can also make the chainsaw difficult to start.

How To Fix:

First, you need to use standard fuel and oil mixtures as per the company-prescribed ratio. Also, clean the spark plug well. It is better if you can replace the spark plug.

Problem 5: Carburetor issue

Ever find that your chainsaw keeps stopping automatically or not running smoothly? Yes, these are caused by problems with the carburetor.

If you notice that the chainsaw is having trouble running at higher RPMs, throttle response is not good, or performance is not as expected, you may have an issue with your chainsaw’s carburetor.

Carburetor issue


You may face these types of problems if dirt build-up damaged the carburetor permanently. Using low-quality fuel can also cause carburetor issues.

How To Fix:

You can try cleaning the carburetor and adjusting it. But in such situations, the best solution is to replace the carburetor of the chainsaw.

Problem 6: Takes Time Idling

If the chainsaw takes too long to idle, it can be a cause of waste. Sometimes you may notice that your chainsaw is running at a high RPM even at idle or that it is taking longer to idle.

Takes Time Idling


Such problems can occur if the carburetor is not adjusted in the proper manner.

How To Fix:

Adjust the carburetor well. Be careful, especially when adjusting the low-speed screw, and try to make the adjustment perfectly.

Stihl MS 361 Features & Specifications

The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw has a powerful engine, as well as many attractive features. These features actually make the chainsaw more useful and awesome. Let’s know more about them.

Technical Specifications of Stihl MS 361

Technical Specifications

  • Engine displacement: 59 cc
  • Engine power: 3.4 kW
  • Maximum power output: 4.6 bhp at 9,500 rpm
  • Idle speed: 2800 rpm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Fuel tank volume: 690 ml
  • Oil tank volume: 330 ml
  • Recommended bar size: 16 – 20-inch
Attractive Features of Stihl MS 361

Attractive Features

  • ElastoStart: Helps to start the engine smoothly.
  • Controlled-delivery oil pump: Prevents wastage by delivering oil as per requirement.
  • Anti-vibration system: Helps chainsaw run perfectly and smoothly by controlling vibration.
  • Ematic ‍system: Works to get every drop of chain lubricant oil to the right place. Due to this, oil consumption can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Single-lever master control: This feature lets you operate all important functions like start, stop, throttle, and choke with a single lever.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning: This feature works to make chain tensioning easier and safer.
  • Decompression valve: Decompression valve plays an important role in making the chainsaw starting process much easier.

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 361 Problems

Most Stihl chainsaw users are satisfied with their chainsaw’s performance and have no significant complaints. Here I would like to mention the feedback of two MS 361 users. This will help you understand the type of problem with the chainsaw they are using.

One user reported he bought and rebuilt a retired Stihl MS361 from old bits. It starts well, runs smoothly, and provides an excellent cutting experience. But the problem is that the chainsaw dies after running for 3/4 minutes.

User Feedback Regarding Stihl MS 361 Problems

He replaced the carburetor on the chainsaw with another old carburetor and used a new diaphragm kit. But he could not solve the problem in any way. As a result, he is quite upset with his chainsaw.

Another user reported that he was having some problems with his 2007 MS 361 chainsaw. The chainsaw takes longer to idle, about 15 to 40 seconds. Also, it takes 2 to 3 pulls to start without choke and it doesn’t bog.

He initially thought it was a fuel problem and replaced the fuel. Also, he had checked and serviced his chainsaw regularly by an Expert. Anyway, the problem remains ‍still now with his chainsaw. I note here that he hasn’t used his chainsaw much in the past 4 years.

Common Queries Regarding Stihl MS 361

Many people have a very common question about the Stihl MS 361 Chainsaw. I am answering some such questions here.

How Many CC Is a Stihl MS 361?

This chainsaw has a 59 cc engine with a power of 3.4 kW. The engine of the MS 361 outputs a maximum power of 4.6 bhp at 9,500 rpm.

Are Stihl MS 361 starting problems Common?

No, starting problems are not at all common with the Stihl MS 361. Instead, the company uses special features to make the starting process easier. However, this problem has been reported with a few older chainsaws of this model.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Stihl Chainsaw?

The company states no specific lifespan of the MS 361. Like these other chainsaws, its lifespan depends a lot on usage. But according to the information available online, the saw can run for about 2000 hours.

Is the Stihl MS 361 A Pro Chainsaw?

Yes, the Stihl MS 361 is a pro chainsaw you can use for any professional job. It is a reliable chainsaw model and will let you work for long periods of time.

What Years Was The Stihl MS 361 Manufactured?

The Stihl MS 361 chainsaw model was first manufactured in 2004. Later, this model was manufactured till 2010.

Last Words Regarding Stihl MS 361 Problems

Production of the Stihl MS 361 chainsaw models has been discontinued quite some time ago. The chainsaws you find in the market now or the ones you have are ancient. As a result, minor problems may arise while using them.

The problems I’ve mentioned here are the most common problems with this chainsaw model. Apart from these, more problems may arise which do not occur very often. If you also experience any problems with Stihl MS 361, don’t forget to let us know.

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